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12 Ridiculously Addictive Coconut Butter Recipes

Louise | August 25
coconut butter

If you don’t know what Coconut Butter is, then that photo above and the rest of this article are going to change your life.

Maybe you think that you eat some pretty delicious and healthy foods right now. Maybe you grew up eating and loving peanut butter.

And maybe you’re about to find out why Coconut Butter is way healthier, way more delicious, and just way better

I realize that coconut butter is not a common food for many people, so I’ll try to answer some common questions in this article.

Table Of Contents – All About Coconut Butter

So What is Coconut Butter?

I really didn’t know the answer to this question until I discovered coconut butter at the Weston A. Price conference last year.

I’ve been in love ever since!

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It’s confusing because coconut butter is often called by several different names. The common name is coconut butter, but it can also be called coconut manna, coconut meat puree, coconut cream concentrate, or whole coconut flesh puree.

It is NOT Coconut Oil!

Basically, it’s pure coconut flesh placed into a really good food processor or blender and pureed really, really well so that it’s like peanut or almond butter.

Paleo Coconut Butter

As you can see in the image above, coconut butter is pretty solid and crumbly when it’s cold.

As an aside, did you know that a coconut is a fruit, a nut, AND a seed? (I found this handy fact from the Library of Congress.) But, even if you have tree nut allergies, it is “very rare” for coconuts to trigger those allergies.

Is Coconut Butter Healthy?

Oh yes…

Coconut Tree

Coconut is truly a superfood. According to, “one third of the world’s population depends on coconut to some degree for their food and their economy.” Coconut meat, which is what coconut butter is made from, has a low glycemic index (due to its high fiber content) and around 3g of protein per cup, and a good healthy portion of fat, which among various other good things will keep you full. There is also around 5g of sugar per cup of coconut meat, which means that coconut butter is slightly sweet thereby making them even more delicious! (See here for the nutritional breakdown).

Coconut butter also contains lauric acid, which has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties and acts to boost your immune system.

12 Ridiculously Addictive Coconut Butter Recipes

This is what you’ve been waiting for.

Before I tell you the best ways to eat coconut butter, though, you need to To prepare the jar:

At room temperature, coconut butter is typically solid (there may be a layer of coconut oil on the top as the coconut flesh and the oil can separate). You need to start by heating up the jar of coconut butter in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time (remember to take off any metal lids!) on medium to soften it. Stir it (or attempt to stir it) after each 30 second microwave session until it forms a nice gooey paste. It takes a few minutes (depending on what temperature you’ve been storing it at). If you prefer not to use the microwave, then you can place the jar in some hot water for a bit instead to soften it.

An alternative method of softening a glass jar of coconut butter is to place the jar in a pot of hot water and to wait for it to soften to the desired gooey-ness.

Paleo Coconut Butter

You can also use an apple corer to remove cylinders of the coconut butter even when it’s solid and not heated.

Once you’ve got it softened, you’re ready. Are You Excited?

Here are 12 Amazing Ways to Eat Coconut Butter:

  1. Straight from the jar. When I asked the stall assistant how I was supposed to eat coconut butter, that was her response – just get a spoon and eat it straight from the jar…it’s like “nutella.” I think she sold me when she said “nutella!” Warning: this is so easy and delicious that you’ll be unable to stop… Just saying…
  2. Bake with it as a nut-free butter. You can use this instead of almond butter (or any other nut butter) in a recipe. I tried this with my Banana Bread recipe to make a nut-free version for a friend who was allergic to tree nuts. It turned out great – I couldn’t even tell a difference! Here’s a photo of the banana bread:
    Paleo Coconut Butter
  3. Spread it on bread. I’m not talking about wheat or other grain-based breads (of course!). Both the Banana Bread and the Microwave Paleo Bread are made from grain-free ingredients, and both taste great with coconut butter spread on them. Here’s the coconut butter spread on a slice of banana bread:
    Paleo Coconut Butter
  4. Spread it on Dark Chocolate. This is a personal favorite of mine, because both the chocolate and the coconut will melt in your mouth and then it really does taste like nutella!
    Paleo Coconut Butter

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  5. Put it on curry. Ok, this suggestion is from Mark Sisson – he says “[a] big dollop of coconut butter can really finish off a curry nicely.” I haven’t tried this yet, but it sounds good!
  6. Stuff in dates. This makes a great dessert in no time at all! (I saw this idea posted on Artisana’s facebook page, and I made it the other night.) Paleo Dates stuffed with Coconut Butter
  7. Drizzle it on top of cold foods. The coconut butter will basically solidify (or freeze) once it hits the cold food and form a waxy-looking pretty glaze. For photos of this, visit Kath Eats. She calls this the “magic shell effect.”
  8. Toss with Fruits. Nicole on Sarah Wilson’s blog says she had this for breakfast: “blueberries tossed in 1tsp melted coconut butter, topped with full fat natural yoghurt and pepitas” (pepitas = pumpkin seeds).
  9. As the topping for roasted squash. Diane Sanfilippo has this simple recipe for roasted winter squash with coconut butter.
  10. Add to your smoothie or shake. Add a tablespoon to your smoothie or shake to make it creamier.
  11. Make dairy-free ice cream! I haven’t tried this but it sounds like a great idea – you can blend coconut butter with some fruit and then freeze it.
  12. Cook with it. It’s not coconut oil so you can’t use it to fry things, but it can be added to soups to make them creamier.

Paleo Chocolate Coffee Coconut Truffles desserts

Bonus Recipe: Chocolate Coffee Coconut Truffles.

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Paleo Coconut Butter Balls Dipped In Dark Chocolate

Bonus Recipe: Coconut Butter Balls Dipped In Dark Chocolate.

Paleo Carrot Cake with Coconut Butter FrostingBonus Recipe: Paleo Carrot Cake with Coconut Butter Frosting

How do you Make Coconut Butter?

How to Make Coconut Butter
If you don’t want to spend the money buying coconut butter, you can make it yourself at home. You just need some coconut flakes and a blender for this.

I’ve got a whole post here on how to do this.

Where can you Buy Coconut Butter?

Paleo Coconut Butter
Many healthy stores in the US sell it, and Whole Foods carries a few different brands (I’ve seen both the Artisana and the Nutiva brands there). You can also buy them on This is the link to the Artisana one, this is the link to the Nutiva brand, and here is the link to the Kevala brand (this is the cheapest).

Is there a difference between the brands? I think there are slight differences based on how well they ground up the coconut butter. For example, reviews on Amazon for the Kevala brand suggests that it’s “gritty.” I also found the Nutiva brand harder to soften, and prefer the Artisana brand (although they are the most expensive!).

What Are Your Favorite Ways to Eat Coconut Butter??

I know that I’m not the only one who has fallen in love with coconut butter. What are your favorite ways to eat it? Let me know in the comments! Most creative suggestion wins! (There’s not really anything to win right now, but I’ll love you forever if you give me new ways of eating coconut butter!)

hamilton courtney - January 18

Mhmmmm coconut butter. a delicious recipe, for a delicious food.

your food photography is stunning too 🙂 x

    Louise - January 18

    Thanks, Hamilton!

Marge - February 16

If I buy coconut butter from a store how can I be sure it is te correct deal? Are there any words to look for or?
I recently started using coconut butter but it doen’t look anything like on your pics…

Love your blog 🙂

    Louise - February 17

    Thanks 🙂 Most stores are cold in temperature, so the coconut butter might be more solid and separated (the top layer is coconut oil). However, after heating it a bit and stirring it, it will turn liquidy like the photos on my site. If you stick to Nutiva or Artisana brands, they should both be fine. Make sure coconut is the only ingredient.

Marge - February 18

Hi Louise thank you for the answer 🙂
I only have like chunk of fat in the jar… no separation. I know if I hold it too close to hot stove and it goes a little softer but it never looks like yours. It says on a jar cold-pressed coconut oil (100%, virgin). I hope it a real deal since the three choices I had this seemed the best – in my opinion. The sales-person was frustratingly unaware of the products and didn’t know the difference in them.

    Louise - February 19

    Marge, coconut oil is different to coconut butter. You can use coconut oil to cook with (as an alternative to vegetable oils like canola and sunflower oil). Coconut butter actually has some coconut oil in it along with coconut flesh (the ingredients list should have coconut flesh as the ingredient rather than coconut oil). Hope you’re able to find coconut butter!

Aurora - April 16

Great post! I just tried Kevala and loved it, I think I read somewhere that they changed their mixing method or something and mine was totally creamy!

    Louise - April 16

    Good to know – I’ll have to try that brand next time!

Hold the Office - July 23

I have never heard of coconut butter and appreciate this post. My sister has had to switch to a paleo diet for health reasons and I am trying to find something sweet for her birthday. The dates might be just the thing!

Hold the Office

Zia - August 27

I love coconut butter on grilled corn. It makes the corn taste like dessert.

Susan Stearns - December 17

My favorite way to use coconut butter is to make a stir fry of my favorite veggies & meat and as the last step drop in some curry paste, a blob or two of coconut butter, and 1/4 to 1/2 cup water, It makes a wonderful coconut curry this way!

Brooke - December 18

I know it’s really unhealthy unless you have access to corn syrup free version, but mix coconut butter with maraschino cherries in a food processor until you get a thick, pink, mousse

Cheryl - February 2

I love dates and figs so I found a recipe for fig date “jam”. Just the 2 blended with a little warm water. I just tried it mixed with coconut butter-yum-my!

    Louise - February 2

    Sounds great!

Amber - February 12

I just discovered coconut manna. I heat a couple of tablespoons in the microwave until it softens; mix in unsweetened cocoa powder, a little raw honey, and a few drops of peppermint oil – shape this into a cookie, put it on some wax paper & pop it into the freezer for a minute. It hardens and makes the most awesome dessert that tastes just like a girl scout thin-mint!

    Cynthia - August 28

    Mmmm, now this sounds good. I’ll have to try this.

    della - November 24

    OK, that is just evil. Even though I did find it by searching for “coconut manna” and “cocoa powder.” 🙂

Amber - February 12

Oh – forgot to mention – I add some coconut flakes to my no-bake “cookie” – raw cocoa nibs would be excellent too…

    Louise - February 12

    Wow – what a fantastic idea! Sounds amazing!

Ena - February 16

Can coconut cream be made into coconut butter..
I have just purchased Coconut cream due to the calorie intake for my husband who has cancer we are looking for something to add the calories…regular coconut milk has less calories…would love to know if this is something I can put in recipes as coconut butter or use it as a thickener
Thanks Ena

    Louise - February 17

    Coconut cream is great as a thickener for soups, stews, curries. I don’t think you can make it into coconut butter. However, you can use But you can follow the instructions here to make your own coconut butter from shredded coconuts:

Judy - April 12

My favorite way is to put a spoon in the jar, pull it out heaping with coconut butter, and slowly eat it. Sooooo good. Just recently discovered Coconut Butter and it is heavenly!

    Louise - April 12

    Haha! Delicious 🙂

AnneB - July 3

#13 – In your coffee!

I wanted to try bullet proof coffee but hadn’t found my Kerrygold yet. I thought I’d give my jar of coconut cream a try. Oh.My.Goodness!! The only problem is that it may settle into a little sludge at the bottom of your mug. But, it’s a sweet, coconut-coffee-mocha sludge! 😉


    Cynthia - August 28

    For bullet proof coffee you usually use Coconut Oil not Coconut Butter.

      Louise Hendon - August 30

      Hi Cynthia – thanks for point this out as there’s a lot of confusion about coconut butter. It is typical to use MCT oil or coconut oil to make bulletproof coffee.

    sandy davis - November 6

    That sounds incredible. I am always looking for something to sweeten my coffee slightly & make it creamy. Ummm????

Danielle - July 21

I love to use coconut butter in a stir fry with shrimp. It makes the shrimp “toasty” and coconut flavor of course. ..and a little himalayan salt…then put over cooked spagetti sqaush. Yummy.

Michelle - August 31

Great info. I made coconut butter by dehydrating coconut meat and then putting it through my masticating juicer. I’m always looking for new ways to use it. Thanks.

Kari - December 5

I just ordered some coconut butter after finding your site and reading obsessively, It arrived in the mail today and it is literally separated down the middle of the jar vertically the creamier stuff on one side and the oil on the other (the jar was on its side). Completely separated! Can I just heat it up and blend it all together? Or will it combine better if I blend it with a blender? Thanks!

    Louise Hendon - December 6

    Hi Kari – yes you can definitely warm it up and stir it around (you can even microwave it for a short time if it’s a glass jar – just remove the lid first).

    It probably got warm (above 80F) when it was being transported and the box containing it was put on its side and so it solidified that way.

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