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17 Yummy Paleo Fruit Cake Recipes

Louise | June 11
Paleo Fruit Cake Recipes - 19 Yummy Paleo Fruit Cake Recipes

Post by Lucha: World traveler, culinary student and Media Director at Paleo Flourish Magazine. Lucha will try most food but prefers Indian, Thai and Mexican food above all else. She is currently either cooking, eating, grocery shopping, or browsing recipes on Pinterest.

I have a sweet tooth that can sometimes get me into trouble. A cookie here, a brownie there, and before you know it, I’m overindulging like there’s no tomorrow!

But every now and again we really need these little indulgences, whether it’s to brighten up a cloudy day, celebrate a special occasion, or enjoy a perfect tea-time snack with your best friend.

Paleo fruit cakes need no excuse; they are naturally flavored with delicious fruit and other alternative, Paleo-friendly sweeteners. Whether you have an upcoming birthday or just the urge to bake, check out this great compilation of yummy Paleo fruit cake recipes now!

Top 10 Paleo Fruit Cake Recipes

1. Paleo Fruitcake

Paleo Fruit Cake from Cavegirl Cuisine
This reminds me more of a loaf, but no matter how you see it, it makes for a great holiday dessert that is chock full of delicious dried fruits and nuts. Crushed pineapple, orange extract, honey and dates all lend to its natural sweetness while coconut flour and pecan meal give it a hearty but healthy non-flour base. Michelle also recommends making it in a muffin tin for individual treats, although you’ll need to adjust your cooking time accordingly. (Photo credit: Michelle of Cavegirl Cuisine.)

2. Paleo Lemon Pound Cake

Paleo Fruitcake from A GIrl Worth Saving
This lemon pound cake is not only rich and moist on its own, but goes great with berries, Paleo-friendly coconut cream, or any other topping you can think of! The process is super simple as well; you just group up the ingredients as Kelly describes and process it all until mixed together…. 25 minutes baking in the oven and you’re good to go! (Photo credit: Kelly Bejelly of A Girl Worth Saving.)

3. Paleo Rainbow Cake

Paleo Rainbow Fruit Cake from A Girl Worth Saving
Another great cake from Kelly Bejelly, this beautiful rainbow cake is almost too cool to be believed. I’ve seen this in a non-Paleo version in one of those instant cake mix boxes and I thought it was weird and artificial, but Kelly makes these amazing colored layered with all-natural and all Paleo-friendly ingredients that shouldn’t be hard to find. While this is not the easiest recipe to pull off, and has many parts to it and steps to follow, the reaction you’ll get from whoever is lucky enough to see and taste this beauty will be worth your efforts. (Photo credit: Kelly Bejelly of A Girl Worth Saving.)

4. Paleo Chestnut Fruit Cake

Paleo Fruit Cake from The Healthy Foodie
Chestnut is not something I encounter often outside of holiday time, so it’s great that it’s the feature treat of this nutty, dried fruit-filled, elaborate cake. This will take a bit of time and a lot of ingredients, but it’s great for a special occasion or the star dessert at your next dinner party. Chock full of delicious wintry seasonings like cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg, it’s also quite a moist cake due to the chestnut puree, applesauce and coconut milk. Topped with a beautiful coconut glaze plus a fruit and nut garnish, this cake will win you over with both its appearance and flavor. (Photo credit: Sonia, The Healthy Foodie.)

5. Grain-Free Apple Cake

Paleo Fruit Cake from The Clothes Make the Girl
Here’s a simple apple cake that uses a mix of almond flour and coconut flour, plus a great combination of apples, walnuts, cinnamon and raisins. Melissa makes it in a bundt pan here, but if you want it to look more like an evening treat rather than a breakfast snack, you can shape it in a circular or square pan and serve slices with Melissa’s yummy whipped coconut cream, which follows the cake recipe and is super simple also. (Photo credit: Melissa from Well Fed.)

6. Watermelon Cake

Paleo Fruit Cake from Paleo Cupboard
This cake is incredibly cool (and surprisingly healthy for a cake!) because the inside is just a giant chunk of watermelon, cut in the perfect way to build around with frosting and toppings. I especially appreciate how clear this recipe is, detailing necessary equipment and easy-to-follow instructions for each part of the process. Making the coconut cream and toasting some almonds and coconuts are fairly easy tasks; the more challenging is assembling this whopping cake into the attractive picture you see above. Read the instructions carefully, follow the helpful infographic towards the bottom of the page and you should be on your way to enjoying this summertime dessert with your friends and loved ones! (Photo credit: Amy from Paleo Cupboard.)

7. Strawberry Cream Sponge Cake (Paleo and SCD)

Paleo Fruit Cake from An Aussie with Crohns
Even though I always found it hard to make cakes with frosting in an inside layer, if you have confidence in your baking skills or want to attempt greatness, go for this tasty strawberry sponge cake and delicious strawberry and coconut cream filling. If you and your family can manage not to eat it all in one go, it tastes even better the next day because the sponge cake will have absorbed the filling and it ends up even more infused with the yummy flavors. (Photo credit: Debbie from An Aussie with Crohns.)

8. Coconut Starfruit Upside Down Cake With Blueberry Explosion

Paleo Fruitcake from Feel Divine Foods

This gorgeous (!!!) and quite inventive upside down starfruit cake has got me running for my baker’s hat! I’ll admit, starfruit, aka carambola, is a more eccentric fruit and not one you can just find at the corner market. If you can’t manage to get your hands on some though, you can easily replace it with pineapple, which is part of the original recipe that inspired this one. Step-by-step photos are provided to help you figure out how to make this kooky creation, and if you’re turned off by the thought of stevia as a sweetener, you can always try with honey instead. (Photo credit: Angela from Feel Divine Food.)

9. Lemon Meringue Cake

This lemon cake with a meringue frosting is surprisingly simple, using few ingredients and with a base of coconut flour and coconut milk. The only tricky thing is letting your delicious lemon curd rest for a few hours before using it; if it were me I’d probably be ‘licking the bowl’ until there was none left for the cake! Note that the meringue part of the recipe will take a bit of elbow grease to pull off, unless of course you have a time-saving stand mixer, perfect for making meringues.

10. Paleo Gluten-Free Fruitcake or Fruit Bread

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