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2 Easy Paleo Tricks for Busy, Single Individuals

Jeremy Hendon | September 30
2 Easy Paleo Tricks for Busy, Single Individuals

Here are my best suggestions:

1. Buy frozen veggies. They’re more nutritious anyway (since they’re picked at their ripest and flash-frozen, rather than picked before being ripe and trucked in). That way, you can keep a lot in your freezer, and they thaw out very fast.

2. Learn to love your slow-cooker. (Or get one if you don’t have it already). They’re really cheap ($30-40) for a decent one, and you can throw a big piece of meat in there overnight and cook it. Louise and I then keep the meat in the fridge, and when we want to eat, we take some of it out and stir-fry it with some veggies. Get a big enough slow-cooker that you can put 4-5 pounds of meat in, and it will last for most of a week. Best of all, it requires maybe 10-15 minutes of work on your part to cook the meat, and then maybe 15 minutes each time you’re ready to eat.

Louise and I aren’t single, obviously, but we’ve always been very busy, and this is what we do all the time. Also, check out Louise’s 3-step system for never going hungry on Paleo.

We always have one or two large, cooked pieces of meat in our fridge, and we always have veggies (lately, we’ve been lucky and can go buy local veggies once a week or so, but we’ve often used frozen ones).

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