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2-Ingredient Paleo Pancake

Louise | March 24
2 Ingredient Pancake Recipe

I sadly have yet to discover any Paleo crepes (super thin versions of pancakes), but I have made several different versions of Paleo pancakes now. And this 2-ingredient one has to be the easiest ever!


All you do is take 1 banana (it’s sweeter if it’s ripe) and 1 egg and blend it together well.

Paleo Pancakes

It’s really easy to burn these pancakes, so here are some IMPORTANT TIPS:

    • For each pancake, use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. This will ensure the pancake won’t stick to the pan.
    • Pour in the batter in a spiral so that a thin pancake is created – don’t just pour the batter all into the center as this will create a thick pancake that won’t cook easily.

Paleo Pancakes

  • Leave the pancake to cook for 10 minutes on a very low heat for 10 minutes. Then flip it using a wide spatula or flip it in the pan using your pancake flipping techniques 🙂
  • Let the other side cook undisturbed for 10 minutes and serve.

2-INGREDIENT Pancake recipe


2-Ingredient Paleo Pancake

  • Prep Time: 2 minutes
  • Cook Time: 20 minutes
  • Total Time: 22 minutes
  • Category: Breakfast
  • Cuisine: American


  • 1 banana, peeled
  • 1 egg


  1. Blend the egg and the banana in a blender to form a batter.
  2. Place 1 tablespoon of coconut oil into a frying pan and pour in the batter in a spiral to create a thin pancake.
  3. Let the pancake cook for around 10 minutes before flipping it.
  4. After flipping it, let the other side cook for around 10 minutes.
kim - March 29

Just use eggs to make crepes.

    glace - July 19

    Wouldn’t they just be omelettes then? 🙂

    btw Do these have a strong banana flavor?

      Louise - July 19

      They definitely have a strong banana flavor – and the ripe banana provides the sweetness too.

Mamaof5 - July 15

10 min per pancake!!!!!
I woke up thinking this would be great for breakfast!
Right now my 5 kids are eating in 10min shifts.
Something I thought would be quick and easy has turned into a 60min whine fest as those watch the others eat….
Yummy tho!
3 down 30 min to go then I can finally eat too.
Breakfast should never take an hour!

    Louise - July 15

    Sorry it’s taking so long to make them 🙁 They do take a bit of time (around 20 minutes for me) to prevent them from burning, but if you have a large pan (or multiple pans), you can cook 2 or 3 at the same time.

    Jerad - September 17

    I make mini ones and use an electric skillet so I can do more at one time.

      Kim - January 21

      What a great idea!!

Crystal - November 7

I have question, how much batter do you use to make one pancake? I am planning on trying this recipe this weekend.

    Louise - November 9

    1 egg and 1 banana is sufficient batter for 1 pancake. You can mix more together at the same time and then divide the batter.

Jamie - November 22

Wow, these are yummy! Husband and I just went Paleo last month and it’s been a constant “Uhhh…. so what can we eat?”-vibe around here since then. This is the first of your recipes we’ve tried. We made them for dessert tonight, tosed a few cut up strawberries on top, and it was just delicious. We can’t wait to try out your coconut pancakes, as well as so many of the other recipes on your site. We finally realized it’s not just cutting out the unhealthy foods in our diets while only eating the Paleo-approved foods we’re used to, but really relearning how to cook with a whole different set of ingredients. Thank you so much for this amazing resource! You’re the best!

    Louise - November 22

    Thanks Jamie! So glad you liked the pancakes. Paleo cooking definitely takes a bit of time getting used to 🙂

Paula - December 19

These sound awesome! Will try them soon 🙂 Thank you for the recipe, cooking Paleo takes a little bit of time to think up, but cooking with two ingredients couldn’t get any easier!

Kristen - January 4

I have been making a similar pancake to this for months now and its fast easy tasty and a hit!
I recommend 2 eggs per banana and using ripened bananas if available. I beat my eggs with a pinch of salt in one bowl, mash my banana with lots of cinnamon in another, thoroughly mix! Add about a tsp-tbsp of almond flour and maybe done chocolate chips or thawed and drained blueberries! In a hot pan, use a fair amount of coconut oil or butter (to cover pan thinly) and use a table gravy ladle (i think its like 3tbsp) to portion fritter size! In approx 2-3 min when starting to set on top, flip an cook for 2-3 min more. Just go by a nice brown colour! Enjoy!!

    Louise - January 7

    Thanks Kristen!

Carolyne O. - January 13

I just made my first one this morning. Easy and delicious!

    Louise - January 13

    Thanks Carolyne! Glad you enjoyed it!

caroyn - March 31

I need to watch my carbs/sugar and using a bananna does not work for me losing weught. What can be used in lieu of bananna?

Thank you,

Soula - April 5

Hi Louise!
I just made this 2 ingredient pancake…OMG!! It was DELICIOUS!! I had ripe frozen bananas in my freezer so I used one with one egg. Whipped into my blender. 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in the pan. Poured batter. lower heat and let it cook. Flipped it…let it cook. I ate it just like maple syrup..nothing. The sweetness of the banana was enough for me! It was REALLY good! Can you tell I enjoyed it?

    Louise - April 6

    Ahaha – so glad you enjoyed it Soula!

Nina - April 25

This is a good one to know about. Mine need a little work, but they were pretty good, and I will keep working on them! Thanks 🙂

brooke - June 1

I was put off by the 20mins per cake plus the effort of cleaning the blender so I just made banana scrambled eggs with a little coconut cream. I let it cook like the pancake at first to get some nice caramelisation. Was super quick and yummy but not as pretty as a pancake. Would be way easier to make larger quantities too.

    Louise - June 2

    Fantastic idea!

Sonia - July 9

Thank you so much. I made one this morning with a dash of maple syrup as my bananas were not fully ripe. I cooked for 6 minutes each side. Beautiful and filling. I’m going to follow your meal planner as it’s the best I’ve seen and it’s free. Thank you again
Sonia x

Christina - August 3

I am trying these as I type and they did NOT come out well for me 🙁 they burned really quickly even on a low-medium heat. They were really mushy too and were not very easy to flip 🙁 It definitely didn’t take 10 minutes to burn.

    Ancestral Chef - August 4

    Sorry to hear that Christina – it sounds like your heat is still too high. I would try using a very low heat (different stoves will be vary in their heat output unfortunately).

Becky - November 9

I used a banana that was very ripe when I froze it. I partially thawed it in the microwave and added a touch of vanilla extract to the batter. The batter turned out to be too runny and the amount that was supposed to make 1 pancake ended up making about six 3″-4″ crepes – mostly torn. Might have to try again with a non-frozen banana, or one that isn’t quite as ripe.

What turned out great was the addition of walnut bits sprinkled around the pancakes as they were cooking!

Linda - November 16

I tried the pancake. One egg, one banana (it was a large banana). I cooked very low 10 min but it was very big it covered the whole pan and was not set enough to flip. I waited a bit & tried to side it onto a plate since I couldn’t turn it but it fell apart. Any suggestions ?

Janet - November 24

I tried this I combined the ingredients in a blender tho and soon as i put the batter in a pan and they burnt … thinking i blended it to good maybe ?

Patricia - December 8

My first paleo meal! I cooked the banana pancake for breakfast. I am not a banana lover but this tasted great. Another time I will use a bigger pan and cook two smaller pancakes as mine broke apart when I turned it over. I’m not completely sure what I can or can’t eat yet but at least I cut out the bread for breakfast!

Chandni - January 11

Amazing Pancakes…I made these the other day and totally loved it…I was just wondering if you have any Bread or Muffins recipe that uses just Eggs & Bananas…I make these Pancakes using just Bananas & Eggs and was wondering what kind of baking ingredients I would have to add to make bake it as muffin…without having to add any nuts or flours…any ideas?

Chandni - January 12

Amazing Pancakes…I was just wondering if you have any Bread or Muffins recipe that uses just Eggs & Bananas…I was wondering what kind of baking ingredients I would have to add to make bake it as muffin…without having to add any nuts or flours…any ideas?

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