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19 Easy Paleo Mayo Recipes

Louise Hendon | January 29
Paleo Mayo Recipes - 21 Easy Paleo Mayo Recipes

Post by Lucha: World traveler, culinary student and Media Director at Paleo Flourish Magazine. Lucha will try most food but prefers Indian, Thai and Mexican food above all else. She is currently either cooking, eating, grocery shopping, or browsing recipes on Pinterest.

I didn’t discover the joy of mayo until late in life. I was always a ketchup girl myself – ketchup on burgers, hash browns, sausage, etc. It was the perfect (yet unhealthy) sauce to sate my sweet tooth when eating meat and potatoes as I was growing up.

Mayo has a much more subtle flavor and goes well with such a greater variety of foods. Also, so many amazing sauce derivatives use it is as a base; I never realized how often I was eating it and just calling it something depending on one or two different ingredient from the standard.

And if you want just to buy a Paleo mayo, then this is the best one I’ve found, which you can buy from Thrive Market online or directly from Mark Sisson’s website.

Whether you like eating mayo as a sandwich spread, a dip or sauce for that special seafood or meaty dish, it doesn’t take much effort to make it at home. Also, considering how unhealthy the store bought kind can be (they often contain high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, or worse!), making it yourself suddenly sounds a lot more appealing. Here are 27 easy Paleo mayo recipes from our favorite Paleo bloggers on the web. Enjoy!

Top 3 Paleo Mayo Salad Recipes

1. Truffle Mayonnaise

Paleo Truffle Mayo from Strictly Paleoish Truffle mayo. Just the name sounds decadent. If you are hosting a formal dress party (or just want to emulate a life of luxury) go for this high-end mayo recipe. I say that because in addition to the usual egg yolk and Dijon mustard, this recipe includes white balsamic vinaigrette (because regular balsamic is so passé!) and walnut/macadamia/avocado oil. I think the author was intending that you choose one, but I might go thirds on all three just to be really over-the-top. Of course truffle oil is added at the end for that unmistakable, classy flavor. Just beware not to overdo it because, like with our fancy friend saffron, it’s easy to pass the limit with that one. A little goes a long way! (Photo credit to Peter at Strictly Paleoish.)

2. Avocado and Basil Mayonnaise

Avocado and Basil Paleo Mayo from Ricki Heller Here’s an amazing vegan recipe (egg-free mayo, it’s true!) that uses avocado and basil for a tasty green treat that will delight your sandwiches and anything else it touches. So flavorful and inventive, this creamy avocado mayo could not be easier to make. All you have to do is follow the order of operation (basil, garlic and salt get processed first) and you’re good to go. I’d recommend finding some very soft avocados and experiment to check out the differences between adding lemon and lime. Or go for both, your call. (Photo credit to Ricki of

Ancestral Chef’s Paleo Mayo Recipe

Paleo Coconut Mayo Recipe

Paleo Coconut Mayo Recipe from Ancestral Chef

Simple Paleo Mayo Recipe

Simple Paleo Mayo Recipe from Ancestral Chef

More Great Paleo Mayo Recipes

1. Homemade Paleo Olive Oil Mayo

Here’s a great mayo recipe using olive oil (but not extra virgin – too strong). Melissa even includes a how-to video!

2. Super Simple Paleo Mayo

This simple mayo recipe is spiced up with a pinch of cayenne pepper. Kendra recommends using an immersion blender – one of my favorite cooking tools in the kitchen!

3. Coconut Oil Mayonnaise

The Coconut Mama never fails to turn all things coconut-infused. If you’re as big a fan of the coconut oil as she is (and what Paleo person wouldn’t be?) then try this coconut oil mayo.

4. Homemade Mayonnaise

This is an easy 10-minute recipe using a bit of avocado oil in addition to the olive oil.

5. How To Make Mayonnaise

Everyday Maven thankfully includes helpful step-by-step photos and also has instructions on how to coddle an egg, in case you are uncomfortable using a raw one.

6. Garlic Mayo Recipe (Paleo, AIP)

This beautiful garlic mayo uses coconut concentrate (aka coconut butter) and is AIP-friendly!

7. How To Make Mayonnaise

Lisa makes her mayo the old fashion way, with a whisk! Her ingredient list is short but includes lemon juice, sea salt and dry mustard.

8. Easy 30 Second Homemade Mayonnaise

You can quickly make a big batch using these instructions from Kelly at Primally Inspired, who likes to include coconut oil and a combination of vinegar and lemon juice.

9. Paleo Mayonnaise

This Paleo mayo recipe is full of flavor thanks to a helping of herbs like rosemary and oregano! Nutrition facts are included.

10. Homemade Paleo Baconnaise Recipe

Here’s an interesting derivation from your traditional mayo recipe – baconnaise! Using half olive oil and half bacon fat, this one is surely amazing.

11. Best Homemade Mayo Recipe

As well as a tasty mayo recipe, Melissa also includes important info on why you need to avoid the store-bought kind and links to some of her favorite meal recipes to use your homemade mayo!

12. Coconut Ghee Mayo

This mayo recipe uses an interesting product I’m dying to try: coconut ghee (it’s a mix of coconut butter and ghee, aka clarified butter).

13. Duck Egg Mayonnaise

For a better flavor and texture, try duck egg instead of the normal chicken egg! This recipe also stays away from olive oil and suggests either macadamia nut oil or avocado oil instead.

14. Sardine Mayo

Moving closer to the caesar-salad dressing territory, this mayo includes sardine in the blend which then goes perfectly atop seafood or as a dip.

15. Homemade Mayonnaise

This blogger talks a bit about emulsions and how to get them right. She also includes a bit of honey or maple syrup in her mayo. Interesting!

Again, if you prefer not to make your own mayo and would like just to buy a Paleo mayo, then check out this one made with avocado oil sold at Thrive Market online or directly from Mark Sisson’s website.