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25 Amazing Paleo Lasagna Recipes

Jeremy Hendon | September 4
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Like lasagna? Missing pasta and cheese? No worries! There are myriad ways to make non-dairy, non-gluten, pro-vegetarian and/or meaty lasagna that is still delicious and above all, Paleo-friendly! We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best Paleo lasagna recipes out there. Here’s our definitive list.

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25 Amazing Paleo Lasagna Recipes

Wholesome Cook Lasagna Recipe

1. Pasta-less Vegetable and Beef Lasagna

This lasagna from Martyna is just spectacular. Take a look at the photos and tell me that they don’t make your mouth water just a little bit (thanks to Martyna for letting us reproduce one from her blog). She actually uses 3 different veggies to create the layers (carrots, zucchini, and eggplant), rather than the typical one vegetable. Also, the arrabiata sauce gives the sauce a very distinct, slightly spicy, and appealing flavor. If you try just one recipe off this list, start with this one. (To make it fully Paleo-compliant, simply leave out the corn kernels.)

2. Mighty Meat…Lasagna

A zucchini-based lasagna, you’ll definitely love the taste that’s imparted from all the fresh ingredients. I’d heed the note, also, to leave in the refrigerator overnight, in order to allow the flavors to disperse throughout the dish. This was a Christmas tradition for her, but it’s certainly good enough to use outside of holiday time as well.

3. Paleo Slow Cooker Garden Lasagna

If you’ve read many of my articles, you know that I believe a slow cooker is one of the most valuable kitchen appliances you can own. It’s relatively inexpensive, but it’s foolproof for many dishes, and the time it will save you is immense. So you can guess why I love this lasagna recipe, which is made primarily in a slow cooker. If you’re OK with dairy, note the parentheses at the bottom of the post which suggests sprinkling a little bit of mozzarella on the lasagna if you can handle it.

4. Cauliflower Lasagne

Most Paleo lasagna recipes simply replace the noodles with an array of vegetables (usually eggplant, which is easiest). However, Ciara (the author of this recipe), really went above and beyond, and I think you’ll appreciate it. Her secret is that she actually recreates noodles from cauliflower that is steamed, then mashed, then baked. It’s a little more work, but if you want layers that actually approximate wheat noodles without the grains, you won’t get much closer.

5. Latin Lasagna with Beef and Plantains

I haven’t tried this one yet, but it’s next on my list. Inspired by both Ingrid Hoffmann and Emeril Lagasse, this Paleo lasagna recipe has a distinctly Latin flair. Instead of noodles – or even veggies – it’s all plantains. And really, what recipe isn’t made just a little bit better by the inclusion of plantains? In addition, I always love the combination of pork and beef in a lasagna dish. (Just note that the recipe does call for a topping of cheese, which can be easily omitted.)

6. Zucchini Noodle Lasagna

Inspired by the book Make it Paleo, this recipe is incredibly simple and easy to make, requiring many fewer ingredients and much less prep time than many other recipes. And while I occasionally like complex recipes, it’s the simple ones like this that I tend to make over and over again.

7. Lasagna Courgette

Here’s another deceptively simple recipe that turns out very well. The mushrooms in particular add texture, as well as a bit of flavor and nuttiness, depending on which types of mushrooms you use.

8. Butternut Squash Lasagna

If one theme comes through in the lasagna recipes that I really love, it’s that I personally tend to like noodle replacements that are a bit more flavorful than just zucchini or eggplant. Those 2 ingredients are easy and good, but Paleo lasagna recipes like this one really tempt me. In place of the noodles, this recipe calls for sliced butternut squash, which I absolutely adore. Plus, it gives the entire dish a hint of sweetness that is often lacking.

9. Zucchini and Mushroom Lasagna

Taylor, the author of this recipe, is incredibly knowledgeable and excited about health and food. And it shows. In this recipe, she worries less about whether it looks amazing by taking the same form as traditional lasagna and more about whether it’s delicious. Definitely a plus in my book.

10. Detox Lasagna

As you can probably guess a million times over, I’m not vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a well-made vegetarian dish. And this detox lasagna recipe falls directly into that category. With only 5 ingredients, it doesn’t get much easier.

11. Raw Lasagna Rolls

I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this. First of all, the entire lasagna is raw. I don’t normally go for raw dishes (just not my thing), but this one is delicious (and brilliant). Made with macadamia nuts and sundried tomatoes, she actually created small rolls instead of a traditional lasagna loaf, but you could just as easily do either. Well worth a try.

12. Veronica’s Perfect Pastelon

This is actually a Pastelon, rather than a lasagna. So maybe it doesn’t belong on the list, but it’s too good to pass up, and it’s pretty close to lasagna in many ways. Like recipe #4 above, it makes use of plantains, as well as sofrito (a Puerto-Rican mixture of veggies and oil that is delicious). Looks a lot like lasagna and tastes even better. Try it now. Like a few others, cheese is optional in this one, so just omit it.

13. Low Carb Lasagna

I know that many of you are looking for lower-carb versions of Paleo recipes, and this Paleo lasagna recipe is focused on just that. Rather than using plantains, butternut squash, or even eggplant, this recipe uses spaghetti squash for the noodle recreation. It’s also a slightly lower-fat recipe, if that matters to you, since it uses turkey and egg whites.

14. The World’s Best Ever Magical Paleo Lasagna

If you want cheese without the cheese, this is as close as you’ll get. Using cashews and a few spices and herbs, this recipe actually creates a “cheese” to use with the lasagna, which itself is based on eggplant and zucchini. One of the best when it comes to recreating both the look and texture while remaining entirely Paleo.

15. Paleo Butternut Squash Lasagna With Cashew Cheese

This is a TRULY Italian recreation of Lasagna. And that’s an excellent thing. It’s a bit more complex, requiring more time and more ingredients, but if you’re looking for a recipe that will remind you most of traditional Italian lasagna, then this is the one you want to go with.

16. Eggplant Lasagna

This is another fairly simple and easy recipe. Again, though, the combination of sausage, beef, and sausage seasoning make this a winner.

17. Lasagna- Two Ways

Definitely the recipe to go with if you’re actively interested in adding more dairy to your dish. This recipe is actually two different recipes, and the second is loaded with cheese and yogurt, giving it a unique advantage if you’re good with dairy. Pure and Simple Lasagna Recipe

18. Vegetable Lasagna

Apart from how good the lasagna itself is (and it’s good), the pictures of this lasagna are spectacular. More importantly, though, the recipe itself is pretty much perfect. From the nutmeg, to the spinach, to the macadamia cheese, this recipe hits all the notes you’d want it to hit. Amy Jo (creator of this recipe) is masterful, and it really shows in this recipe. (Special thanks to Amy Jo for permission to use her image, reproduced from her blog.)

19. Zucchini Lasagna with Cauliflower Ricotta

If there’s one thing that really makes a difference in this recipe, it’s the coconut cream. It sounds like a small difference in a Paleo lasagna recipe, but the cream changes the texture from slightly gritty to lush and, well, creamy. And that’s an important change.

20. Sweet Potato Lasagna

There are 2 big things that are great about this recipe. First, it’s cooked largely in a slow cooker. Secondly, unlike any other Paleo lasagna recipe on this list, this recipe is based around sweet potatoes. And sweet potatoes are fantastic. Like butternut squash, the sweet potatoes add a bit of sweetness to the otherwise savory dish, giving it a huge advantage.

21. Paleo Eggplant Lasagna

Full of fresh veggies and baby bella mushrooms, this lasagna is an ode to fresh and beautiful ingredients (plus tomato paste and sauce). And because it’s gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free, it’s just about the healthiest and best lasagna you can eat.

22. Awesome Paleo Lasagna Recipe

Trina is another Paleo blogger who decided to re-create lasagna for a Christmas tradition. In this case, her grown boys were returning home for the holidays, and Trina whipped up this masterpiece. Very traditional and yet very new and delicious.

23. Eggplant & Summer Squash Lasagne

If you take a look at the pictures of the kids enjoying this Paleo lasagna, you’ll be hard-pressed to resist yourself. It’s got optional raw sheep’s milk cheese, which I love (and which is highly nutritious). Definitely worth a try.

24. Acorn Squash Paleo Lasagna

I haven’t tried this recipe, but I chose to include it, as it’s the only Paleo lasagna recipe I’ve seen that uses acorn squash. I love acorn squash in many other dishes (or simply by itself), so it’s a welcome addition to this dish.

25. Paleo Lasagna Recipe

Melissa runs a cupcake-themed site, but in the midst of a Whole-30, she needed a recipe to keep it interesting. What she came up is much more than just interesting. Yummy.

Ancestral Chef’s Lasagna Recipe

And don’t forget this delicious Paleo eggplant lasagna recipe from our site: Paleo Eggplant Lasagna by Ancestral Chef

Paleo Lasagna Recipe with Eggplants (Dairy-Free)

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