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28 Delicious Paleo Chicken Soup Recipes

Louise | December 27
Paleo Chicken Soup Recipes - 27 Delicious Chicken Soup Recipes

Post by Lucha: World traveler, culinary student and Media Director at Paleo Flourish Magazine. Lucha will try most food but prefers Indian, Thai and Mexican food above all else. She is currently either cooking, eating, grocery shopping, or browsing recipes on Pinterest.

My mother always called it Jewish penicillin, but the truth is that chicken soup is a traditional cold and flu remedy in many cultures around the world. It’s great for making use of leftover chicken and veggies, and for warming you up on a cold winter afternoon, but lets face it. The nostalgia of being taken care of by mom on a sick day is what keeps you coming back for more!

If you’re suffering from a cold, or trying to prevent one, the liquid broth and nutrients in the soup are what really help give your immune system a boost. And even if you’re not sick, the truth is that it just makes you feel good. So here is a great list of recipes of our favorite winter comfort food. From some of the best Paleo bloggers on the net, here are 28 great Paleo chicken soup recipes!

Top 4 Paleo Chicken Soup Recipes

1. Cari Coco Instant Chicken Soup

Curry Coco Chicken Soup from The Healthy Foodie Sonia doesn’t say it explicitly, but this amazing creation is somewhat a Thai/Indian-fusion soup. And it looks divine! It’s recommended for times when you already have cooked chicken ready in the fridge. The chicken gets infused with coconut milk and Indian spices first, then the rest of the veggies get added at the last minute. Cilantro and green onion pack a punch and I’m curious to discover the unique texture given by the Brazil nuts. This is first on my list to try!! (Photo credit to Sonia, The Healthy Foodie. Thanks!)

2. Chicken Vegetable Soup

Paleo Chicken Vegetable Soup from Paleo On a Budget This hearty chicken and vegetable soup with carrot, zucchini, butternut squash and mushrooms may look complicated but the truth is that blogger Liz just provides a lot of detailed instructions. It’s a simple recipe to follow and she doesn’t leave any room for confusion so if you are new to the chicken (I mean, kitchen!), start here. (Thanks to Liz from Paleo On a Budget for letting us use her photo!)

3. Creamy Chicken Soup

Creamy Chicken Soup from Health Starts in the Kitchen I love this creamy chicken soup because, as opposed to getting its creaminess from coconut cream, you actually blend the broth with zucchini and cauliflower early on before adding the other veggies whole! So ingenious – and healthy! This is also great for picky kids who are grossed out by strange vegetable textures. I was one of them but my mom never thought of doing this! (Photo reproduced with permission from Hayley of Health Starts in the Kitchen!)

4. Authentic Tom Kha Gai Recipe

Tom Kha Gai Soup from Small Footprint Family This is probably my favorite soup in the world (and one of my Top 5 favorite Thai dishes). It’s a classic starter in any Thai restaurant I’ve ever been to and I was so happy when I finally learned to make it at home! The recipe here is the typical one that I learned in Thai cooking class (so try not to leave out any ingredients as they are all key). I love to add the ingredients one by one and share spoonfuls with whomever I’m cooking for to show how each component affects, alters and enriches the flavor of the broth. Try it! (Dawn from the Small Footprint Family kindly allowed us to reproduce her photo.)

Great Paleo Chicken Soup Recipes from Ancestral Chef

Here are some excellent Paleo chicken soup recipes from our own site!

Slow Cooker Paleo Chicken Broth

Paleo Chicken Broth from Paleo Flourish Magazine

Homemade Thai Chicken Soup

Paleo Thai Chicken Soup from Paleo Flourish Magazine

More Delicious Paleo Chicken Soup Recipes

1. The Best Paleo Mexican Chicken Soup

Tina adapted this recipe from another blog, Paleo Leap, filling it with Mexican flavors like avocado, lime juice and cilantro. I also love the hearty sweet potatoes, but to take it up a notch, I might add a dash of cumin as well.

2. Easy Thai Coconut Chicken

Another adapted recipe, this one featured on Simone’s ZenBelly blog is featured from The Frugal Paleo Cookbook (written by Ciarra of the Popular Paleo blog). Green curry paste, red chilis and coconut milk give this soup a Thai flavor, and the mushrooms, carrot and zucchini will certainly soak up that great broth…. Perhaps it’s wise to save some for leftovers and see just how much the flavors intensify the next day!

3. Classic Chicken Vegetable Soup

Coming back from our soups-around-the-world tour, here’s the more classic variety that I was raised on. Onion, carrots, celery and garlic (and of course chicken) are the classic broth ingredients and thyme is a nice herb for a little boost to change it up a bit. If you don’t have thyme on hand, rosemary would work very well here too.

4. Chicken Zoodle Soup

What’s a zoodle, you ask? Well a zucchini noodle of course! Noodles are a common addition to chicken soup and in true Paleo fashion, Kendra makes zucchini noodles for a healthier alternative that still makes for the great texture that noodles would provide. She also uses a 21-Seasoning (!!!) spice blend from Trader Joe’s, but if you can’t get your hands on that, just grab all our favorite spices in the pantry and go nuts.

5. Paleo Chicken Soup

Another version of the “classic” chicken soup (with onions, garlic, celery and carrots). They not only make for a great flavor but also a nice presentation as well.

6. Mom’s Chicken Soup

Young Paleo blogger Josh usually makes his own creations but for a nostalgia-inducing soup, he turns to his mom for this warming, crowd-pleasing classic.

7. Punjabi Style Chicken Soup

An Indian style soup from the Punjab region, this chicken soup with cabbage has all the spices and fixings to satisfy your curry craving! It’s a classic Indian chicken and cabbage curry that transforms into a soup thanks to copious amounts of broth.

9. Chicken Soup

This is similar to some of the previous “classic” chicken soup recipes, but it calls my attention because of the very short list of ingredients and instructions. It’s a good last-minute option or suitable when time is not on your side. Spiralized zucchini noodles are a recommended optional add-on.

10. Paleo Chicken Soup Recipe Slow Cooker

Here’s a soup recipe for the slow cooker (and we know how easy Paleo crock pot recipes can be)! Pearl onions are nice, but if you find it difficult to track them down, regular onions will do. The key here is the convenience so take advantage if you’re a busy bee!

12. Healing Chicken Soup with Greens, Lemongrass and Ginger

Hints of Asian flavors (especially soothing lemongrass and ginger) make this apt for your cold or fever cure, as well as just a bit of comfort on a cold day. Plus, I love Asian style anything and this is sort of a Chinese-Thai fusion. Don’t mind if I do!

13. Moroccan Paleo Chicken Noodle Soup

Here’s a good opportunity to discover the Moroccon spice mix Ras El Hanout. You can purchase it through the link or look up the recipe and make the mix yourself if you have the whole spices at home! The soup resembles and Asian creation but the distinct flavor of the Ras El Hanout contributes something totally unique and different which you are sure to love.

14. Chicken Mulligatawny

Mulligatawny is a curry-flavored Anglo-indian soup (don’t worry, I didn’t know either until I looked it up on Wikipedia), which explains why there are just so many darn ingredients in this recipe! But if you do any Indian cooking, you – and your cupboard – must be used to that by now, and you know that if you are missing one or two things (as long as it’s not the chicken and the salt) it’s bound to be yummy.

15. Fall Harvest Chicken Soup

Fall might be a distant memory but the winter crops still take the center stage here and this chicken soup recipe includes three of my all-time favorites: kale, butternut squash and sweet potato. Leave out the optional recommended cheese unless you follow the Primal diet.

16. Chicken Zucchini Noodle Soup

Skip the regular gluten-filled noodles and try this version of chicken noodle soup with easy zucchini noodles instead!

17. Creamy Coconut Green Chili Chicken Soup (Gluten and Dairy Free)

This creamy soup uses coconut milk as a base and interestingly includes coconut flour as a thickener. I’ll assume this ingredient would be a good thickener in other soups on the list and I might use it as a thickener in my own creations as well. Good tip!

18. Soup-er Simple Chicken Veggie Soup For One

Being a big fan of puns, I fell for this recipe before I even knew what was in it. Then I read the recipe and realized it is SO SIMPLE! And I loved it even more. Only 8 ingredients (including the salt and pepper) and yet the final result is incredibly tasty anyway. The Paleo Princess is bringing it back to basics…

19. Fast East Chicken Soup

Two things stand out here: the 5-minute prep time and the wide variety of aromatic herbs. Bay leaf, thyme, tarragon and parsley make quite a wonderful flavor combination.

20. Thai Chicken Pumpkin Soup

This is a simple Thai-inspired soup of pumpkin, chicken, and coconut milk. If you don’t like it too spicy, you can hold the curry paste. The other ingredients are more than enough for a well-rounded flavor.

21. Chicken Sausage Soup Vegetables

Another straightforward classic chicken soup recipe, this one uses yummy chicken sausage to change it up. Step-by-step photos provided by blogger Everyday Maven makes this recipe impossible to get wrong!

22. Chicken Zoodle Soup

The folks at Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers give a great explanation for making zoodles (zucchini noodles) so you can include them in this classic chicken soup recipe.

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