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26 Luscious Paleo Chocolate Recipes

Louise | February 5
Paleo Chocolate Recipes 27 Luscious Chocolate Recipes

Post by Lucha: World traveler, culinary student and Media Director at Paleo Flourish Magazine. Lucha will try most food but prefers Indian, Thai and Mexican food above all else. She is currently either cooking, eating, grocery shopping, or browsing recipes on Pinterest.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and whether you are totally against it or enjoy getting in the mood to go all lovey-dovey with your special someone, nobody can deny a good excuse to make chocolate treats.

Even if it’s just to share at the office or for the afternoon party at your kids’ school, any of these treats would be appreciated as special, homemade goodies that are a healthier alternative to the store-bought junk. And long after February 14, they would also be great for a birthday party, a pot luck, or a rainy Sunday spent baking at home. Check ‘em out! Here are 32 luscious Paleo chocolate recipes for Valentine’s Day or any occasion!

Top 10 Paleo Chocolate Recipes

1. 3-Ingredient Salted Chocolate Almond Haystacks

Chocolate Almond Haystacks from Cook Eat Paleo These little chocolate almond bites are almost TOO easy to make. Using almonds, chocolate and a dash of salt (flake salt is best!) you can easy make these with a bit of oven toasting (for the almonds) and a frozen finish. Ready in less than 20 minutes and easy to make a large batch, this is perfect for your office or school Valentine’s Day party contribution! This dairy-free dessert will easily win over the crowds. My only advice is to be careful when toasting the almonds- there’s a point of no return where they could get burned if you’re not totally familiar with the power of your oven! (Photo credit: Lisa from Cook Eat Paleo).

2. Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups With Smoked Sea Salt

Almond Butter Cups from Slim Palate Josh took a childhood favorite – peanut butter cups – and created a healthy and Paleo-friendly option for those of us who grew up on the yummy candy. With clean and natural ingredients, he makes an even tastier variety of nut butter cups using high-quality chocolate and delicious almond butter! Stevia or honey are the sweeteners he opts for and he also uses coconut flour and arrowroot powder in this creation. I was equally a fan of peanut butter cups as a kid, so I’m really pleased to have stumbled upon this amazing creation!! (Photo credit: Josh from Slim Palate.)

3. Extra Dark Paleo Chocolate Pudding

Dark Chocolate Pudding from The Healthy Foodie I was intrigued by the title of the Healthy Foodie’s post “Darker than the Darkest of Secrets Paleo Chocolate Pudding.” She cracks me up! Not to mention, she makes a mean chocolate pudding. Sonia likes her chocolate VERY dark; she says that even 70% is too sweet for her! If you don’t find 70% too bitter this might be a good pudding for you. If not, you always can customize it with your choice of sweetener. I would advise reading the post’s preamble for information on how to customize this pudding just the way you like it. Sonia has several great ideas to accommodate all pudding fans! (Photo credit: Sonia, the Healthy Foodie.)

4. Chocolate Covered Cherries

Chocolate Covered Cherries from A Girl Worth Saving One of my favorite things about summer is fresh cherries. Luckily, during the off-season we can settle for frozen cherries, which, until the weather warms up, will be necessary for this amazing recipe. You don’t necessarily need the hexagon shaped ice tray the Kelly uses, although it does make for a lovely shape. She swears by Ghirardelli chocolate for ease of handling, coating these cherries covered in a Paleo-friendly syrup, specially sweetened with honey, cinnamon and vanilla. For any cherry fan – and who isn’t? – this a must-have recipe of a beautiful chocolate delicacy. (Photo credit: Kelly from A Girl Worth Saving.)

5. Mexican Hot Chocolate Balls

Mexican Chocolate Balls from Taylor Made it Paleo Ever since the first time I tried Ibarra (a Mexican hot chocolate blend) I had a special appreciation for Mexican-style sweets. With the help of coconut flour and coconut sugar this recipe keeps an otherwise indulgent treat healthy. Make a large batch to pass around or keep them in the fridge for an easy after-dinner sweet-tooth fix. That is, if you can stop at just one! If you can handle spicy hot, I definitely recommend Taylor’s optional chili powder for the coating. (Photo credit: Taylor from Simply Taylor.)

6. Chocolate Covered Thin Mint Fudge Brownies

Paleo Chocolate Thin Mint Fudge Brownies from Living Healthy with Chocolate I’m a huge fan of mint chocolate and I find the combination of rich and refreshing absolutely perfect for a sweet treat. If you agree with me, then you’ve got to see this amazing mint-tinged fudge brownie recipe that Adriana has created. Moist and delicious, these brownies contain almond flour, coconut milk and coconut sugar on the inside with mint extract and melted chocolate chip coating the outside. The instructions are straightforward but if you don’t have a double boiler to melt the chocolate, you’ll need to microwave the chocolate chips. Be careful not to burn them, so check on them and give a stir about every 10 seconds until they’re ready. (Photo credit: Adriana from Living Healthy with Chocolate.)

7. Autumn Chocolate Bites

Autumn Chocolate Bites from Primally Inspired These beautiful chocolate bites are perfect for the gift of a homemade box of chocolates and are highly customizable with your (or your giftee’s) favorite nuts and dried fruit. You could also make a variety pack with different toppings on each piece! The chocolate base part of the recipe is incredibly simple, with only four ingredients, and takes hardly any time at all. Also, try her very own pumpkin spice recipe (the link to that recipe is included) for a delicious topping to sprinkle over these bites. (Photo credit: Kelly from Primally Inspired.)

8. Devilish Angel Food Mini Cakes

Angel Food Mini Cakes from Beauty and the Foodie While I’ve only heard of angel food cake and never of devil’s food cake, I’m very intrigued by this fusion concept. Stacy includes thorough instructions and some photos of the more complicated steps of this recipe to help you create these fluffy, chocolate bites of heaven. If you don’t have a mini Bundt pan you can use any cupcake or muffin mold, or make it as a cake. Stacy includes a butter alternative (mashed avocado) as well as a low-carb alternative option for this delicious recipe. (Photo credit from Stacey at Beauty and the Foodie.)

9. Chocolate Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes from An Aussie with Crohns As long as you have a muffin tray, these Paleo cupcakes from Deb are really easy to make! Using only seven ingredients in the batter (including coconut flour, cacao powder and cacao butter), you also can make her recommended cupcake topping or create your own based on what you like. I especially like the idea of her homemade jam. The recipe for her jam is linked and you can make your own quite easily as well. (Photo credit: Deb from An Aussie with Chrohns.)

10. Flourless Chocolate Torte

Paleo Chocolate Torte from Zen Belly Blog If you don’t know the difference between a tart and a torte, and consider yourself more of a chef than a baker, Simone can relate! In trying to create a tart, she failed miserably, but ended up with this beautiful flourless chocolate torte instead! (Winning!) Her secret is the highest-quality chocolate she could find, as well as eggs, butter and a small amount of coconut palm sugar. How could something so easy turn out so rich and delicious?! I don’t fancy myself much of a baker either, so I’m eager to try something that is geared more towards the rest of us simple chefs. (Photo credit: Simone at ZenBelly blog.)

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