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47 Great Paleo Drinks Recipes

Louise | December 11
Paleo Drinks Recipes - 50 Great Paleo Drinks Recipes

Post by Lucha: World traveler, culinary student and Media Director at Paleo Flourish Magazine. Lucha will try most food but prefers Indian, Thai and Mexican food above all else. She is currently either cooking, eating, grocery shopping or browsing recipes on Pinterest.

Whether it’s a refreshing cool-down or a winter warming up that you’re in need of, this list of Paleo drink recipes has it all: smoothies, coffees, cocoas, teas (including iced teas), infused waters, juices and more!!

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Giving up sodas and sugary store-bought juices can be hard for Paleo converts, but there are still myriad ways to take in the benefits of a fruit smoothie or whole fruit juice blend. And if you’re bundling up and needing something to sip while you sit by the fire this time of year, there are also several suitable Paleo friendly coffee and hot cocoa options as well. Check out our extensive list of awesome Paleo drink recipes below!

Paleo Drink Recipes – Coffees and Cocoas

Healthy Pumpkin Coconut Latte

Pumpkin Coconut Latte from The Endless Meal This Paleo latte is perfect for the holiday season with its use of thick pumpkin puree and delicious wintry spices like vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Maple syrup acts as a sweetener and the way Kristen makes a shredded coconut rim around the cup makes an amazing presentation! (Photo courtesy of Kristen from The Endless Meal.)

Peppermint Drinking Chocolate

Peppermint Drinking Chocolate from the Detoxinista This cocoa recipe sets itself apart because it uses almond milk (most of the others use coconut milk which, drinking an entire glass, seems a little heavy for me). I personally love all things peppermint but if it’s not to your liking you can use the other ingredients as a base and customize it with another extract or flavor enhancer! (Photo credit goes to Megan, The Detoxinista.)

Our Paleo Coffee Recipes

Here are some great Paleo coffee recipes from our own site!

Paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte

Paleo Latte from Ancestral Chef

The Ultimate Paleo Coffee

Paleo Coffee from Ancestral Chef

More Great Paleo Coffee and Hot Cocoas

1.Holiday Lattes

2.Japanese Coffee Jelly Drink

3. Paleo Hot Chocolate

Paleo Drink Recipes – Hot and Iced Teas

Cranberry Spice Tea

Cranberry Spice Detox Tea From Gourmande In The Kitchen This tea is AMAZING! The base is Rooibos, a popular red tea from South Africa – if you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend you do. Then, frozen cherries and goji berries are used to add some natural sweetness and tang. Cinnamon, lemon and ginger round out the healing properties of this amazing tea blend and a bit of honey is used as a sweetener but I might try it plain first as I usually like herbal and fruit teas just as they are. Instructions are provided for both stovetop and slow cooker preparation. (Thanks to Sylvie at Gourmande in the Kitchen for letting us use her photo!)

Iced Green Tea Mojito

Iced Green Tea Mojito from Primally Inspired-A-Digestive-Aid-and-Liver-Detox This ‘mocktail’ is not only refreshing and tasty, but is also touted as a great digestive aid and liver detox. Kelly breaks down the nutritional aspects and health benefits of each of the ingredients and also includes some links to find her favorite brands of green tea to use for the recipe. (Kelly from Primally Inspired kindly let us use the above image.)

Our Paleo Tea Recipes

Ginger Basil Tea

Ginger Basil Tea from Ancestral Chef

Apple Tea

Apple Tea from Ancestral Chef

Coconut Masala Chai Tea

Coconut Masala Chai Tea from Ancestral Chef

More Great Paleo Hot Tea and Iced Tea Recipes

1. Kim’s “Cold and Flu” Tea

2. Honey Citrus Tea Concentrate

3. Fresh Ginger Mint Iced Tea

Paleo Drink Recipes – Infused Waters and Spritzers

Sparkling Watermelon Cooler

Paleo Watermelon Spritzer from Holistically Engineered This spritzy infusion can be made to have more of a slushy texture if you opt to crush the ice. It sounds delicious even without the added sweetener, so try it first without and if you want it sweeter, remember to keep it Paleo with honey or maple syrup! (Karen granted permission to use the photo from Holistically Engineered.)

Homemade Sparkling Ginger-Peach Spritzer

Ginger-Peach Spritzers from Livin the Crunchy Life The honey and ginger remind me of a yummy herbal tea, but this is even better! It’s a sparkly peach drink with a dash of lime as well. Perfect for when peaches get back in season (how I miss them!). (Photo credit to Jacqueline from Livin’ the Crunchy Life. Thanks!)

Grapefruit Cucumber Parsley Vitamin water

If you’ve been swept up in the Vitamin Water craze, you need to check out this amazing homemade recipe! It is packed with vitamins and has amazing cleansing properties; not to mention that it is the perfect refresher for a hot day (or just a tired afternoon).

Our Paleo Infused Waters and Spritzers Recipes

Zingy Salted Lime Soda

Paleo Salted Lime Soda from Ancestral Chef

Cucumber Lime Water

cucumber lime water

Soda with Cucumber Basil Ice Cubes

Cucumber Basil Ice Cubes Image

More Paleo Infused Waters and Spritzers Recipes

1. Coconut Water Kefir

2. Orange & Vanilla Infused Water

3. Strawberry Spritzer

4. Cantaloupe Mint Agua Fresca

Top Paleo Juices and Juice Blends

Prickly Pear Limeade

Prickly Pear Limeade from The Fit Cookie I love this prickly pear because it was one of the first false cognates I learned when I studied Spanish. We learned that tuna is “atún” and “tuna” in Spanish really means this prickly pear! But I digress… If you can get your hands on this yummy and exotic cactus fruit, try this great limeade recipe (which I recommend testing first without the sweetener to see if it’s sweet enough for you.) Just don’t call it a tuna limeade! Ha! (Photo courtesy of Sarah Jane from The Fit Cookie.)

Paleo Drink Recipes – Juices and Juice Blends

1. Easy Detox Mocktail
2. Simple Tomato Juice
3. Oahu Frappe (“Pineapple Slush”)
4. Skin Smoothing Carrot Apple Ginger Juice
5. Red Raspberry Rhubarb Limeade
6. Cranberry Apple Detox Juice
7. Red Roots Detox and Orange Anti-Inflammatory Juices

Paleo Drink Recipes – Smoothies

Our Paleo Smoothie Recipes

Refreshing Cucumber Celery Lime Smoothie

Refreshing Cucumber Celery Lime Smoothie

Paleo Coconut Water Green Smoothie Recipe

Paleo Coconut Water Green Smoothie Recipe

Almond Butter Chocolate Shake

Almond Butter Chocolate Shake

Greek Yogurt Raspberry Paleo Smoothie (Contains Dairy – Primal Only)

Greek Yogurt Raspberry Paleo Smoothie

Chocolate Avocado Paleo Smoothie

Chocolate Avocado Paleo Smoothie

More Delicious Paleo Smoothies and Milkshakes

1. Drink Your Greens Smoothie

2. Creamy Orange Julius (Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free)

3. Kiwi + Matcha Green Smoothie

4. Kanji (Indian Probiotic Drink)

5. Green Pina Colada Smoothie

6. Salted Chocolate Smoothie

7. Super Green Apple Juice

8. Carrot Cake Shake

9. Chocolate Bacon Smoothie

Casey - December 11

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