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67 Proven Uses for Coconut Oil

Louise | October 21
67 proven ways to use coconut oil

You might have seen coconut oil sold many places or mentioned on websites and wondered what the heck you should be using it for.

Well, I used to think coconut oil was just for cooking until my friend pointed out that her grandmother had used it as a hair product forever. Of course, from then on, I started encountering different uses for coconut oil everywhere – I even read about it being used as a sun-burn cream in one of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books (you know, the guy that wrote The Great Gatsby and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button).

So, to help you start using coconut oil, here are 67 of my favorite uses – and to prove I’m not making all this up, I’ve provided links to some excellent skin care recipes, food recipes, as well as scientific studies and testimonials.

Now, go get yourself a jar of coconut oil and start using it!

And if you’re looking for even more info – here’s 9 ‘Secrets’ Why You Should ALWAYS Eat Coconut Oil.

1. To cook with instead of vegetable or seed oils. Coconut oil naturally has a high smoking point, is highly stable due to its high saturated fat content, and imparts very little “coconut” flavor to your foods. I use it to cook pretty much everything – check my recipes if you don’t believe me!
2. In your coffee/tea instead of creamer. Yes – that’s right, use coconut oil, not coconut milk! In case you’re confused about this, here’s my video showing you exactly how to make it.
3. To wash your face with instead of soap. It sounds strange, but oil washes impurities out better than soap and it doesn’t dry your skin! It takes a week to get used to it – the skin on your face is so used to being dried out by soap and facial cleansers that it’s producing extra oil to counteract it. So, it’ll take a little bit of time for your skin to stop producing all that extra oil. Be patient – it’s worth it!
4. To brush your teeth with. Coconut oil has many antimicrobial properties which can make it good at killing off bacterial in your mouth. To make your own toothpaste, simply add 2 Tablespoons of coconut oil (melt it in the microwave very briefly so that it’s softened) to 2-3 Tablespoons of baking soda. Mix to form a paste and spread on your toothbrush. (The baking soda whitens your teeth.)

Here’s my video of a coconut and olive oil blend toothpaste recipe.

5. For oil pulling. This is similar to the previous use in that it helps with oral hygiene. Oil pulling has long been a popular practice in India and with Ayurvedic practitioners. It involves swishing oil around your mouth for 20 minutes before spitting it out. The idea behind the practice is to remove bacteria from your teeth and mouth, which can then alleviate various other illnesses (including arthritis and fatigue). This practice has enjoyed renewed attention in recent years due to Bruce Fife’s popular book, Pulling Therapy.
6. As a body moisturizer. Our skin absorbs whatever creams we put on it (think of all the topical pain relief medications that work because it gets absorbed through our skin). So, instead of pumping random chemicals from your moisturizers into your skin, many people (including myself) choose to use coconut oil instead. I like to use it at the end of my shower so that it’s more easily absorbed and before my skin has had a chance to dry out.
7. As a sun-screen. This is not a high SPF sunscreen, but a 2013 study found that coconut oil absorbs 20% in the UVB region (this equates to something under SPF 10 – there’s disagreement as to the exact number). So definitely use other forms of natural sun-protection when you’re out.
8.As a hair conditioner. I started using coconut oil as a hair conditioner a while ago, coupling it with diluted apple cider vinegar as the “shampoo.” Don’t use too much and just rub it on the ends of your hair so you don’t end up with oily hair!
9. As a supplement. It’s suggested that taking coconut oil as a supplement can help with weight loss and increase your “good” cholesterol. I think it’s just good in general – it’s not a magic pill!
10. As a massage oil. Coconut oil doesn’t get absorbed into your skin quickly, which ensures your skin stays slippery for longer thereby making it perfect for you to enjoin a long massage!
11. To reduce scars. I’ve never tried this myself – but some people seem to have had great success with it.
12. To treat lice. Apply it to your hair. There have been studies showing it is effective.

paleo uses for coconut oil
13. To soften cracked heels.
14. As a hair serum. Use it to smooth away any frizz just like you would use hair serum for.
15. As a buttery spread. Because coconut oil is solid at room temperature, it’s usually at a perfect spread consistency when heated just a little. It’s perfect for spreading on some Paleo bread.
16. To treat fungal infections. It’s an easy and cheap cure for things like Athlete’s Foot.
17. As a glaze. When cold, coconut oil becomes solid very quickly. This gives it a white glaze appearance. Perfect to top onto chilled desserts!
18. To season cast iron pans. Instead of using rancid vegetable and seed oils, try using coconut oil.
19. To improve Parkinson’s disease.
20. To condition wooden cutting boards.
21. To bake with instead of butter. Coconut oil can be used as a replacement for butter in a lot of recipes.
22. As an easy way to make coconut butter. Here’s my recipe for coconut butter.
23. As an eye make-up remover. This is my personal favorite – why use chemicals in the delicate areas around your eyes when coconut oil works just as well!
24. As a natural remedy for diaper rash.
25. To add to your protein shake.
26. To relieve itching from bug bites.
27. To help lower high blood pressure. A study found that coconut oil reduced blood pressure in rats.
28. To lessen the damaging effects of dementia.
29. To heal wounds. A study on rats found extra virgin coconut oil to speed up the healing process (when compared to not using any oil).
30. To reduce puffiness around the eyes. Don’t forget that eating an anti-inflammatory diet will also help with this!
31. As a lip balm. And it tastes great too.
32. To enhance nutrient absorption. Many nutrients are fat-soluble, which means that your body cannot absorb them if there’s not enough fat in what you eat. Coconut oil has been shown to be better than several other oils at this for certain nutrients.
33. To improve osteoporosis.
34. To relieve sun-burn.
35. To improve your memory. A 2004 study found coconut oil to improve cognitive functions in Alzheimer patients.
36. To make lotion bars. One of my favorite lotion bars from a local honey producer contains just 3 ingredients: beeswax, coconut oil, and olive oil.
37. To make soap.
38. To make laundry detergent. Slightly different method to making soap.
39. To get hemorrhoid relief.
40. As a hair gel.
41. To remove stretch marks.
42. As a shaving cream. Moisturizes and acts as lubricant!
43. In a nourishing hair mask. Quick recipe here.
44. In an after-shave cream. Simple recipe here.
45. In a nourishing lotion for your skin. Simple recipe here.
46. As a salt scrub. Simple recipe here.
47. In a cough syrup. Simple recipe here.
48. In a sore throat cure. Recipe here.
49. In a homemade natural deodorant. Recipe here.
50. To help hair regrowth (baldness issues). Here’s a guide about it.
51. To make your own cuticle oil. Recipe here.
52. To stop nose bleeds. Cayenne mixed with a little bit of coconut oil has been suggested.

best uses for coconut oil

–>>Check Out 9 ‘Secrets’ Why You Should ALWAYS Eat Coconut Oil.

53. To prevent nose bleeds. Rub a little bit up your nose to stop it from drying out in the winter time when your heating is on.
54. To fuel your workouts. Yes, fat is a fuel, and a lot of your body runs on saturated fats (which is the main fat in coconut oil).
55. To build more muscle. Body builders have long used MCT oil (a component of coconut oil) to help them build muscle.
56. As a testosterone booster.
57. As first aid. It’s great to put on cuts and scrapes after washing the wound.
58. To kill off candida yeast growth.
59. To help cure Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth.
60. To decrease an insulin spike. It takes longer for your body to digest fats, and so any carbohydrates you eat with the fats will take longer to digest thereby lessening any spikes in your insulin.
61. To stimulate your thyroid.
62. To burn fat around your stomach. A 2009 study concluded that: “It appears that dietetic supplementation with coconut oil…seems to promote a reduction in abdominal obesity.”
63. To remove chewing gum from hair. I had no idea this was even a problem that could arise!
64. To clean and restore leather.
65. To season stoneware. Here’s how to do it with coconut oil.
66. To make good healthy mayo. Here’s my recipe with olive oil – you can substitute coconut oil instead.
67. In a natural vapor rub.

Where to Buy Coconut Oil?

You can find coconut oil in a lot of stores (including Costco, Walmart, and Whole Foods). You can also buy coconut oil on Amazon here.

And if you’re looking for even more info – here’s 9 ‘Secrets’ Why You Should ALWAYS Eat Coconut Oil.

Photo Attribution: belchonock, Mohammed Anwarul Kabir Choudhury, and Claudio Ventrella.

Michelle - May 14

Thank you! What an informative, well put together extensive list! Love that you even provided recipies and links with instructions. I appreciate your blog, recipies, layout and design of your “10 things list” and all the help and health you provide your readers with. Thank you so much for all the teaching tools.

    Louise - May 15

    Thanks Michelle 🙂

Jean - July 4

Tried to pin this list to Pinterest but came up with this error message:
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Just thought I’d let you know! I just came across your website today, and am enjoying browsing your recipes. Thanks for sharing!

    Jeremy Hendon - July 8

    Thanks! I think we’ve fixed it now, but it’s always a struggle to keep up with glitches!

Lori - September 7

I make it 65!

Number 16: to treat fungal infections.
Number 58: to kill off candida yeast growth
Are the same thing (candida is a fungi)

Number 11: Reduce scars
Number 41: Remove stretch marks
(Stretch marks are scars)

Joanne Havenga - January 21

Thank you for all the great info! I can’t wait to get my hands in/on some coconut oil to try out all your wonderful ideas 🙂 Are there no problems (molecular changes) when heating the oil?

    Louise Hendon - January 21

    Great question – coconut oil is very stable so heating it is fine!

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