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Real Life Paleo – Book Review

Louise Hendon | November 10
Real Life Paleo

Book Title:

Real Life Paleo
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Book Author(s):

Stacy Toth & Matthew McCarry

Overview of Book:

Real Life Paleo is both a cookbook and a guide book for adopting a Paleo diet. Divided into three distinct sections: Swap, Remove and Heal, the book is designed to help readers transition from their current style of eating to one that is more healthful and more natural through easy to understand and follow steps. Beginning with identifying some of the most obvious and harmful foods and swapping them with gluten free and healthier options, readers will begin to slowly transition their eating and ways of thinking. The second phase is a next step to making a full change and in the final section, readers are encouraged to adopt a fully integrated healthy change, including suggestions for more exercise and more sleep.

Who This Book is For:

This book is for anyone who is following a Paleo diet – the recipes are fantastically simple and varied, anyone considering a Paleo diet, and anyone who has ever thought of or tried to change the way they eat but found they were overwhelmed thinking about how to begin. Information is presented in simple, non-medical terminology and lifestyle changes are taken step by step so as not to overwhelm or make anything seem impossible.

Favorite Chapter:

I love Phase 1: Swap because, even if someone is not ready or feels the change to a Paleo diet is too big a leap, this first chapter provides suggestions for eliminating some of the most addictive and potential damaging foods. Even starting small – getting rid of the gluten, sugar and processed foods can make a huge difference in changing the way people live and eat and once that step has been accomplished, the next becomes that much easier. Even if someone were to commit just to making these changes, there is the potential for a feel-better, stronger, healthier revelation that is life-changing.

Top 3 Recipes:

For a weekend breakfast treat I love the Apple Cinnamon Crumb Cake. If there are two brunch indulgences I miss from my pre-Paleo days they are my mom’s coffee cake with the cinnamon and brown sugar topping and cinnamon buns. This cake provides the best of both in a form that I don’t have to feel guilty about enjoying.

For a main dish, I recommend the Cauli-Gnocchi with Brussel Sprouts and Lemon Zest. Going back to pasta dishes that I once loved, gnocchi certainly tops the list, as much for the look and taste of it as for the flexibility and how it could be used. This recipe offers a viable solution to traditional gnocchi and provides one suggestion for serving it which has already inspired a few future variations in my mind.

Finally, for a sweet indulgence that actually isn’t, I pick the Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies. Who doesn’t love a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie? The opportunity to make an after-school, afternoon tea treat that is both healthy and easy to make is a double plus. Load up the cookie jar with these treats and everyone in the house will be dipping in.

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