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Are Cheese and Yogurt Paleo?

Jeremy | November 10
Are Cheese and Yogurt Paleo?

Cheese is Paleo if it’s made from raw milk, and yogurt is Paleo so long as it is full fat, actually fermented, and has no added sugar or other problem ingredients.

During a period 10-15 years ago, no dairy was considered Paleo. However, that view has changed. Generally, dairy is very full of nutrients, and is not really very toxic for humans.

With all that in mind, it’s still best to remove all dairy from your diet when you first go Paleo. And it’s best to keep it out for 2-3 months.

Many people are lactose-intolerant without knowing it, and many people are sensitive to casein (a protein group in dairy). Once dairy has been removed for a while, I encourage adding back raw and/or fermented dairy, but pay close attention to how you feel. If you feel bloated, if your joints feel stiff or achy, or if you notice signs of inflammation like acne, then dairy probably isn’t something you want to continue eating.

Pasteurized dairy is most certainly not Paleo because all of the good bacteria and enzymes in it have been destroyed, making it much less nutritious and harder to digest. Unfortunately, there are many “Paleo” recipes out there that don’t differentiate.

Personally, I handle dairy very well and have been drinking a fair amount of raw milk. Hugely nutritious (relatively high in Vitamin K2), and it’s something I’ve always loved and have access to in California.

Here are some primal recipes with cheese as an ingredient:

1. Mini Cauliflower Crust Pizza Bites

2. Grain Free Chicken Dippers with Buffalo Ranch Dipping Sauce

3. Eggplant Tomato Bake

4. Pesto Chicken Pizza

Here’s a primal recipe using yogurt:

1. Homemade French Onion Dip

Images (in order): roboppy and Chiot’s Run.

jefferson @seedebtrun - December 13

i admit that the biggest struggle that i have had in going Paleo is giving up on my fruity overly-sweet Greek Yogurt.

    jmhendon - December 15

    Thanks for the comment!

    I didn’t give up processed dairy for years. I used to love cheese of all sorts. Fortunately for me, I’ve figured out that I handle raw cheese well now and still eat it from time to time.

    I have lots of friends who practically live on sugary yogurt even though I keep trying to get them to give it up for 60 days or so to see how they do.

Rosemarie46 - March 8

Is no sugar Almond Milk allowed on Paleo?

    jmhendon - March 21

    Absolutely. We try to find ones without Guar Gum, but most people don’t react that badly to Guar Gum.

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