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Are Peanuts Paleo?

Jeremy | August 15
Are Peanuts Paleo?

You might at first glance think that peanuts are like other nuts and are therefore Paleo.

However, peanuts are not nuts…

So, what are peanuts?

Peanuts are legumes (just like beans).

They are definitely NOT nuts!

This means that they contain many of the problematic substances that other legumes contain (hence why beans are not recommended in Paleo either).

For a really in-depth treatment of why legumes are so problematic for us, check out this article on Legumes.

What’s wrong with peanuts?

paleo dietThere are 2 substances in peanuts that are especially problematic for us to consume:

1.Peanuts contain Peanut Agglutinin, which is one of the most problematic lectins.  This causes a variety of digestive, inflammatory, and immune problems. And roasting peanuts doesn’t help either – peanut agglutinin doesn’t get broken down much by heat.

2.Peanuts (unless, perhaps you’re eating them within 10 minutes of picking them from the farm) usually contain Aflatoxins, which have been definitively linked to increased risks of cancer.

Are peanuts Paleo?

Definitely NOT.

What should you eat instead of peanuts?

All other actual nuts and seeds are generally great to eat as snacks. If you’re addicted to peanut butter, then try almond butter or coconut butter as alternatives.

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