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Paleo Pop Tarts Recipe

Amy | October 9

Ever since I was a young child, I have loved pop tarts. Specifically, frosted pop tarts with fruit fillings. Those are absolutely the best, am I right?

So, after years of Paleo baking and missing my beloved pop tarts, I finally decided to make my own version.

And they are delicious! And healthier than the store-bought kind, which are full of iffy, hard-to-pronounce ingredients.

Even better, you can absolutely customize your pop tarts with any filling you want! 

Like I said, I adore fruit filling, but you can definitely use melted chocolate if you prefer. And, of course, you can use any flavor jam you like. 

Now, get out your rolling pin and a few easy-to-find ingredients and find out for yourself how delicious my pop tarts recipe is.

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Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl Recipe

Amy | October 7

Honestly, the best part of any egg roll is the filling, which is why egg roll in a bowl recipes are so popular.

So, I figured I would try it for myself, and I was glad I did! 

It’s a delicious and filling meal that will give you lots of protein and healthy vegetables, and you just have one pan to clean.

Plus, it’s really inexpensive to make and faster than most takeout meals. And much healthier, too, since you know exactly what’s in it.

Grab a pan as well as a few easy-to-find ingredients and try this recipe tonight!

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