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23 Divine Paleo Donut Recipes

Louise Hendon | May 23

Donuts have been one of my favorite comfort foods since I was a child. But when I gave up wheat flour as part of going paleo, I thought I would have to kiss my donut love goodbye. I was so wrong! To help out my fellow donut-lovers, I’ve put together a list of my favorite Paleo-friendly donut recipes, perfect for a sweet treat or occasional indulgence.

Thanks to ingredients like almond and coconut flour, these donut recipes are easy to make at home, no deep fryer required! From classic cake donuts to inventive holiday-inspired gingerbread donuts, there’s a donut for everyone on this list!

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Paleo Zucchini Fritters Recipe

Louise Hendon | May 21

Zucchini is one of those magic foods that’s cheap, healthy, and versatile. This recipe is the perfect introduction to a zucchini dish that’s a little outside of the box. If you’ve never had paleo zucchini fritters, you’re missing out!

Besides being the perfect ingredient in these fritters, zucchini is a surprisingly great source of minerals.

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29 Impeccable Paleo Italian Recipes

Louise Hendon | May 16

From crunchy bruschetta to creamy pasta, who doesn’t love Italian food? But how can you enjoy those flavors of Rome, Sicily, or Naples on a Paleo diet? Not to worry! We’ve put together a delicious list of 29 Paleo-friendly Italian recipes that will have you saying mamma mia!

Whether it’s smoky bruschetta with grilled eggplant or a dainty fennel vanilla panna cotta, you’ll be under the Tuscan sun in no time with these fantastic recipes. In the mood for pasta? No problem! This list also features more than five pasta recipes, including everything from a traditional Bolognese sauce to a delicate creamy pasta with salmon.

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35 Paleo Comfort Food Recipes to Nourish the Soul

Louise Hendon | May 9

From warming chili to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, comfort food can be the perfect way to relax after a stressful day. And going Paleo doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite foods!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite Paleo comfort food recipes. With just a few easy substitutions, you can enjoy these classic recipes dairy-free!

From a succulent brisket chili to creamy mac and cheese to homemade apple pie, these recipes are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. And, what’s more, each and every one of them is perfect for Paleo! Now that’s a real reason to smile.

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35 Hearty and Healthy Paleo Butternut Squash Recipes

Louise Hendon | May 2

Is there anything more comforting than roasted butternut squash? Although butternut squash is often considered a “winter squash”, there are so many ways to enjoy its rich buttery taste, no matter the season!

Full of fiber and vitamins, butternut squash is the perfect ingredient for Paleo. You can use it in hearty winter soups to quick breads to savory summer salads.

Need some inspiration? How about Squash Pancakes with Maple Fruit Sauce? Or Roasted Butternut, Pomegranate, and Arugula Salad? You can find these recipes plus over 30 more on our list of our favorite Paleo Butternut Squash recipes.

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Paleo Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Louise Hendon | April 30

Sometimes the hardest part of planning a meal is figuring out what to serve on the side. This handy paleo roasted vegetables recipe goes great with a steak.

The ingredients are straightforward, familiar, and easy to get your hands on. I think that rosemary tends to be an underappreciated herb.

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36 Sensational Paleo Spinach Recipes

Louise Hendon | April 25

Popeye may have realized it first, but spinach has to be the original superfood. Packed with iron and vitamins, it’s never a bad idea to add more spinach to your plate. And we’ve got your spinach needs covered with over 30 recipes for spinach-filled Paleo dishes guaranteed to make even Popeye jealous!

Need a little pop in your spinach salad? Try our strawberry and spinach salad, complete with strawberry dressing. Perfect for summer! Or what about a warming Sausage, Spinach, and Spaghetti Squash Bake? It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser! From burgers to pies to soups, we’ve got your Paleo spinach needs covered!
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23 Splendid Paleo Scones Recipes

Louise Hendon | April 4

Sometimes life just calls for a batch of scones to be made.

That’s why I’ve gathered this list of 23 delicious Paleo scones recipes here, just for you guys…I’ve got:

  • Paleo scones made with coconut flour,
  • Paleo scones made with coconut and almond flour,
  • Paleo scones made with just almond flour,
  • Paleo scones made a mix of Paleo flours, including tapioca flour.

These different Paleo flours yield different results when baking. For example, coconut flour can absorb a lot of moisture, so the baked goods can end up a little drier than if you were to use almond flour and so you’ll need to adjust by adding more eggs.

Baking with Paleo and gluten-free ingredients isn’t just a straight-forward swap from your regular flour to Paleo flours, and that’s why it’s useful to follow these Paleo scones recipes instead of creating your own.

And boy do we have some really yummy scones recipes in this list. From sweet pumpkin scones with cinnamon glaze to mango butter scones, there are scone recipes for every season.

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30 Paleo Ham Recipes to Help You Through the Week

Louise Hendon | March 28

Whether as a lunchtime staple or a classic family dinner, it’s hard to go wrong with ham! I love how ham works from morning til night; that’s why I’ve put together this list of great Paleo Ham recipes.

Sliced ham works great as a Paleo-friendly wrap. And who hasn’t enjoyed a delicious roast ham, fresh from the oven?

But there are so many other ways to incorporate ham into a meal! Think of elegant Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops. Or a hearty Smoked Ham and Mushroom Omelette Breakfast Bowl. These Paleo ham recipes will inspire you to make ham the star of the table!

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