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Beautiful Gourmet HNINA Paleo Chocolates

Louise Hendon | November 12
Beautiful Gourmet HNINA Paleo Chocolates

Most of you probably know that I LOVE chocolate! And I’m constantly looking for better low sugar, Paleo chocolates.

I’ve been snacking on Tcho 99 (100% dark chocolate) for a while, but I recently discovered HNINA.

Great Story behind the Chocolates

I love it when there’s a great story behind a food company, and HNINA has one.

Vanessa Morgenstern-Kenan, the founder of HNINA, made her first truffle when she was pregnant with her twins Carmel and Julia. She was worried about getting gestational diabetes since diabetes runs in her family but at the same time she was craving dark chocolate.

As we all know, there are not many chocolates in stores that are Paleo, low in sugar, and taste good! So, Vanessa created her own, and HNINA was also born.

Great Ingredients

Beautiful Gourmet HNINA Paleo Chocolates
The first thing I looked at when I first heard about HNINA was the ingredients. They only use raw Dominican Republic single-origin 95% cacao, unpasteurized sprouted nuts and seeds, unrefined raw honey, pure commercial grade maple syrup and Bourbon vanilla beans.

With these great ingredients, they sculpt beautiful chocolate pebbles, rocks, boulders, and bricks.

And you get to customize them – you can pick the size, how sweet you want it to be, and which flavor. It made buying them as a gift for a friend really fun!

Beautiful Gourmet HNINA Paleo Chocolates

Great Taste

One of the issues with chocolates with very little sugar in them is that they simply don’t taste that good. That’s why I love Tcho chocolates to snack on – they taste amazing despite being 100% chocolate. And that’s also the reason why I love HNINA now. The blend of nuts and seeds with the chocolate and the small amount of raw honey and maple syrup really allow you to savor everything. It’s great to be able to enjoy the pure raw flavors of the great ingredients rather than just be consuming sugar.

Beautiful Gourmet HNINA Paleo Chocolates

They Make Great Holiday Gifts

These make amazing gifts to yourself or to a chocolate lover – I just bought some for a friend and loved the whole choosing and buying process on HNINA! Just go to their website by clicking here.

Beautiful Gourmet HNINA Paleo Chocolates

Disclaimer: I received a box of HNINA chocolates for free for review purposes (but I ordered a box for a friend with my own money!). I received no other compensation, and this review is based on my own opinion. Note that some links on this page (and throughout this website) may be affiliate links.