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Instant Pot Paleo Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 30

Corned beef and cabbage is the classic Sunday dinner, the kind of thing Irish grandmothers make to feed a crowd. If it’s done right, it is hearty and satisfying. If it’s done wrong, it’s nothing but tough meat and mushy veggies. So if you have only had the latter, give the dish a second chance. Our Instant Pot Paleo corned beef and cabbage is a quicker, healthier take on the classic dish. We’ve used the pressure cooker to cut the cook-time dramatically, and replaced the empty carbs from white potatoes with tender sweet potatoes.

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Paleo British Scones Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 30

When sitting down with a nice cup of coffee or tea, a tender scone is the perfect accompaniment, not too sweet, not too savory, just right! But what if you are Paleo? Does that mean you have to give up scones forever? Of course not! You just need to find a new recipe, like our Paleo British scones, which use a combination of coconut and almond flours in place of all purpose flour.  A little vanilla and erythritol for sweetness is all the flavoring that these simple yet satisfying scones need!

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Paleo Coffee Popsicles Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 29

When the weather dishes up record-breaking heat, you may be forced to make an unthinkable decision: Coffee, or no coffee? 

The right answer, of course, is this Paleo coffee popsicles recipe, which gives you the energy you need in a cool package. 

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23 Healthy Paleo Avocado Smoothie Recipes [Includes AIP and Primal]

Louise Hendon | July 25

We love good smoothies, and these Paleo avocado smoothie recipes are amazing. Avocados are not only a great source of healthy fats, but they can add a ton of creaminess to your smoothie too. No need to use milk or cream for avocado smoothies (although if you are dairy-tolerant, then we do have some Primal avocado smoothie recipes below too).

If you’re on the Paleo autoimmune protocol (AIP), then we also have some great AIP avocado smoothie recipes below – just look for the [AIP] tag at the end of the recipe names.

Why do we love smoothies so much?
Paleo smoothies are fast and easy to make, so you can drink a nutritious breakfast in just 5 minutes. They’re also a simple way to eat more green leafy vegetables and healthy fats (like those in avocados). You just dump them into the blender and then drink.

Here are just a few of the Paleo Avocado Smoothie Recipes we’ve included:

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Paleo Bolognese Zoodles Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 24

Spaghetti Bolognese, it’s a classic, found on the menu of nearly any Italian restaurant across the country. But is it possible to give this old world classic a makeover? Our Paleo bolognese zoodles say yes! That’s right, traditional wheat pasta is out and zucchini is in. The tender veggie pasta pairs perfectly with the hearty bolognese sauce, that gets a beefy boost from the broth added to the tomatoes in the sauce. Clocking in at under an hour of prep and cook time, this satisfying meal is easy enough to make on a weeknight, not to mention the bolognese sauce would be a great addition to lunch the next day!

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Paleo Creamy Chicken and Mushrooms Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 23

Growing up, we had a lot of meals made with cream of mushroom soup. When in doubt, my mom just put cream of mushroom on it and called it a day. This recipe for Paleo creamy chicken and mushrooms reminds me of the meals I grew up with, but it’s a lot healthier! Cream of mushroom soup is loaded with sodium, dairy, and all kinds of additives. Yuck! Our mushroom sauce is lighter, dairy-free, and of course, made with whole ingredients only. The creamy sauce elevates ordinary chicken into something special and we can’t forget the cauli rice. After all, you need something to soak up all that extra sauce, so you can savor it down to the last drop!

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38 Irresistible Paleo Coffee and Tea Recipes

Louise Hendon | July 17

Did you know Finland consumes the most coffee in the world? Even if you’re not Finnish, I’m sure you also enjoy a steaming hot cup of joe every now and then.

And why wouldn’t you? Besides increasing your energy levels coffee may help you burn fat, lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and it is quite high in antioxidants.

If you’re not a coffee lover, don’t fret. This recipe collection is not just about coffee! I’ve included various paleo-friendly teas, as well.

And whether you like your drink hot or cold, you’ll find the perfect option on this list.

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