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Paleo Hawaiian Chicken Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 16

Chicken does a lot of heavy lifting in my kitchen. On an average week, I cook two to four meals featuring chicken and with a little careful planning, they never feel boring. This Paleo Hawaiian chicken is a perfect example of an easy chicken dish that’s fun and packed with flavor. With sweet and sour pineapple and chopped red bell pepper for a pop of color and texture, this chicken looks as bright as it tastes. Don’t skip the extra step of pan-frying the drumsticks before baking. The crispy skin takes this dish to the next level! If you love tropical flavors, this dish will be a welcome addition to your chicken dinner rotation.

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Paleo Lemon Pepper Cod Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 15

Some people find cooking fish intimidating, but there’s no reason to be scared off. Well-cooked fish is a thing of beauty, and it needs only a few additional ingredients to shine! Case in point, our Paleo lemon pepper cod has only 5 ingredients, plus salt to taste. The simple combination of tart lemon and sharp black pepper elevates the tender fish from plain to wow! The dish couldn’t be easier to make at home but the flavor would be welcome on any restaurant menu. So dip your toes into the many Paleo fish dishes with this easy dinner. You won’t be disappointed with the flavor or the short ingredient list!

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Paleo Raspberry Tart Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 15

I love raspberries. Every year for my birthday, I always ask for a raspberry dessert. My search is over for this year because this Paleo raspberry tart is the perfect celebration dessert! Whether you are celebrating a birthday, having a party, or just looking to make something special, this tart is ready to impress your family and friends. Don’t let the two day prep and multiple components scare you off. Most of the prep time is hands off and none of the components are difficult to make. Plus, the finished product is well worth any extra work. It is pretty enough to be found at a bakery in Paris and it tastes great too!

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Paleo Lemon Popsicles Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 10

Lemonade is the unofficial drink of summer, but too often, it’s sickly sweet, more like sugar water than lemonade. If you’re getting tired of lemonade with no lemon flavor, look no further for a refreshing treat than our Paleo lemon popsicles. These four ingredient frozen treats are the antidote to overly sweet lemon desserts and drinks. They are packed full of lemony flavor, with both lemon juice and lemon zest. A little bit of honey provides the perfect counterpoint to tart lemon without the sickly sweetness of sugar. Make them in the evening, when it’s not too hot to turn the stove on. Then chill them overnight and watch them disappear the next day!

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Paleo Coconut Lime and Cilantro Ice Cream Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 8

Some restaurant-style recipes are way too complicated to try at home, but sometimes, the trick to making a restaurant worthy meal or dessert is as simple as adding a new or unexpected ingredient. That is definitely the case with this Paleo coconut lime cilantro ice cream! Adding the cilantro elevates this ice cream from simple dairy-free treat to something elegant. It might taste fancy but this ice cream is easy to make, with only four ingredients and an hour of hands on time, you don’t have to be a chef to love this fun tropical flavor combo. 

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Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 2

I love mug cakes because they are quick and easy to make. Plus, they are the perfect size. Rather than taking the time and dirtying a bunch of dishes making a full size cake that you’re tempted to eat way too much of, you can have a perfectly portioned cake in under ten minutes. There are hundreds of mug cake recipes out there but today, I would like to introduce you to a special one, our CoBionic Paleo chocolate mug cake. What makes this cake special isn’t that it’s grain free or that it’s packs a serious chocolate punch thanks to unsweetened cacao powder. What makes it special is the addition of CoBionic Indulgence, a collagen supplement with a delicious chocolate flavor. The collagen really takes this cake over the top from good to great!

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Paleo Coq au Vin Recipe

Louise Hendon | July 1

I love cooking with chicken because it is so versatile. From simple home cooking to fancy meals, perfect for date night or dinner parties, chicken can do it all. This Paleo coq au vin, falls somewhere between the two. It’s meaty and satisfying enough to serve to your family but fancy enough for a special occasion with red wine and smoky bacon. Don’t let the long ingredient list or the multi-step cooking process scare you away, this is a classic recipe and it isn’t hard to make. The flavor is well worth any extra steps and this dish will be on your table in under an hour, including prep. Not bad for a dinner party! So why not whip up a batch of cauli rice while you wait for your chicken to cook and set the table for a crowd.

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Paleo Pressure Cooker Beef and Broccoli Recipe

Louise Hendon | June 25

Ordering out can be a challenge when you’re Paleo. It seems like there are hidden ingredients everywhere from refined sugars to hidden grains. So what can you do about this problem? The solution is easy! If you can’t order take out, you’ll have to make it yourself. Don’t worry if that seems daunting at first. With quick and easy recipes like this Paleo pressure cooker beef and broccoli, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered to order from a restaurant. With succulent beef and tender broccoli, all in a savory asian-spiced sauce, this dish is the whole package. You can whip up the whole thing in under a half hour, and unlike picking up takeout, you can do the whole thing in your slippers!

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