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Paleo Real Muffins

Louise Hendon | January 6

This is The Most Perfect Muffins Recipe EVER! You can’t tell it’s made from Zero Grains! I got so excited after making these that I decided to taste-test them on some non-Paleo friends and got a great reception from them. Two of them asked for the recipe (doing a little dance now).

Of course, there’s a secret ingredient to the recipe that makes the muffins so much fluffier and more like wheat-based muffins.
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Soy Lecithin and 3 Dumb Paleo Questions

Jeremy Hendon | January 3

is Soy Lecithin Paleo?Is Soy Lecithin Paleo?

This question – or the same question with a different food or ingredient inserted – is probably the most popular question asked in all of Paleo-land.

Lately, several bloggers have argued that we shouldn’t ask if a food is Paleo. They say we should just ask if it’s healthy.

I don’t agree.

Just asking if a food is healthy hasn’t really worked. Paleo works partially because it offers a simple explanation and framework for how to eat and live better.

And yet, asking if Soy Lecithin is Paleo is a DUMB question. (Sorry kids, despite what you were told in school, there are both dumb questions and dumb answers.)

I’m going to explain why it’s a dumb question (probably not what you think), but first…

What is Soy Lecithin?

In the simplest terms, soy lecithin a byproduct of soybean oil production.

It’s extracted either mechanically or using a chemical called hexane. It contains pretty much none of the soy proteins that we try to avoid, although it does contain many of the phyto-estrogens inherent to soy.

It’s used in a very wide variety of foods, including confectionery, doughs, and cooking sprays, and candy bars.

The main benefit of soy lecithin is that it acts as an emulsifier, which means that it stabilized foods like candy bars and makes them stick together instead of breaking apart.

There are many websites out there that will give you a lot more detail about what soy lecithin is (for example, see this article or this article).

This brings me to Dumb Question #1

1. Is Soy Lecithin Paleo?

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Burger Stir-fry

Louise Hendon | January 2

This is definitely a bit of an unusual dish, which was created after staring into the fridge for a long time! I wanted to marry Eastern and Western cuisines, and this is what I managed to come up with. It was so much more delicious than I had anticipated, and everything went really well together. And to top it off, it’s highly nutritious (with beef, veggies, and an egg) and easy to make.

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Coconut Oil Fried Plantain Chips

Louise Hendon | December 30

After trying Honest chips at the Weston A. Price conference, it got me thinking about chips (or what Brits call “crisps”)! The Honest chips were potato chips fried in coconut oil, so I figured plantain chips could be fried in coconut oil too.
I started with some green plantains, which I like to think of as a less sugary banana.

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Salami Wrapped Apple Cheese

Louise Hendon | December 27

The holiday season is always so busy and packed with things to do! I’m just taking it easy this year – no traveling, no entertaining, no hassle. But that doesn’t mean I can’t still eat well! So, this is my pretend party appetizer – apple and cheese (brie or blue cheese) wrapped in salami!

You start with some thinly sliced slices of salami (or use prosciutto instead), some soft cheeses (omit if you’re trying to be strictly paleo), and some apples (I like Honeycrisp apples). Specifically, I used both a brie and a blue cheese (raw and aged).

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Apple Pie (Paleo, Grain-Free, Gluten-Free)

Louise Hendon | December 25

I was actually planning to make mince pies this Christmas season but instead, apple pies popped out of my oven! Don’t worry, this wasn’t some freak accident, it was actually because I kept forgetting to go to the store to get brandy for the mince pies.

If you’re not British, then you’re probably a bit confused and maybe more than a little intrigued by mince pies and why they would have brandy in them. So let me reassure you quickly that a mince pie is most decidedly not a carnivorous dish! The mincemeat that forms the filling of these pies is predominantly made from dried fruits (like raisins) and the peel from oranges and lemons (and also a helping of brandy, of course).

Anyways, back to the apple pie…the difficult part of this was the pastry. It was difficult to get almond flour to exhibit that stretchy texture of gluten-filled pastry, so I added my secret ingredient…

Also, if you don’t want to make this fairly complicated apple pie recipe, try this much simpler and faster recipe instead: No Bake Apple Pies.

If you’re making this for the holidays, then also check out our Favorite Paleo Christmas Recipes and our Paleo Thanksgiving Recipes.

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Lectins – Are Your Food and Diet at Risk?

Jeremy Hendon | December 20

Are Lectins Destroying Your Diet and Health?Please raise your hand if you’ve got a passion for learning about lectins


Let’s be honest – lectins are not a particularly popular topic. We read a lot more about gluten, toxic metals, and genetically modified foods.

Many health experts, however, are ardently opposed to lectins.

Why, you ask?

Well, it’s not always clear. Mark Sisson put together a good article about lectins, but I thought I’d give a bit more thorough round-up of the literature on lectins.

So What are Lectins?

Lectins are a group of proteins.

In general, there are 12 major lectins, although there are actually quite a few more (about 119 known types total). I’ll talk about a few particular lectins below, but for the most part, it’s enough to know that lectins are a group of proteins.

Where Do Lectins Come From?

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Banana Bread

Louise Hendon | December 17

This is another of George’s wonderful creations! You can find the full recipe at How could I not make it when George kept telling me just how delicious this was, and rightfully so! I typically don’t buy bananas (they’re higher in sugar than most fruits), but I made an exception for this bread especially since there was no added sugar in it. I actually sent J out into the cold to buy some bananas just so I could make this recipe – totally worth the small effort!

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Sweet Potato Burgers

Louise Hendon | December 12

Yep, it’s sweet potatoes and grass-fed beef all combined into one giant yumminess, a best of all it’s really simple. This came out of a fortuitous experiment. I had some sweet potatoes and some grass-fed beef but not much else in the fridge, so what better idea than to combine them together, right? You can eat these burgers by themselves or sprinkle some salt on them. I didn’t take many photos since I didn’t actually expect this to work, but it did, and it tastes really good! I’ll have to post more photos after I make them again.

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A Vegetarian Paleo Meal

Louise Hendon | December 9

Vegetarian?!? I can almost hear the scorn in some of your voices! Yes, it was vegetarian without a meat dish in sight, although I had originally planned to make a liver pate (but the liver went into the chilli instead). Plus, I wanted to dispel the notion that I only eat steak – that’s just in my dreams!

Microwaved Paleo Bread

First, if you haven’t tried making this microwaved Paleo bread, then you should do it now! It takes around 5 minutes to mix all the ingredients together, and then 90 seconds in the microwave on high. It’s a touch dry, but hey for all of 6.5 minutes of work, it’s not bad (especially if you spread some Paleo jam or a bit of honey on it). It also works well toasted a little (because it’s a bit dry to begin with). The recipe for it is here.

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Rosemary Liver Burgers

Louise Hendon | December 4

Liver is so good for us, but the taste even gets me sometimes! So I sneak them into things, and burgers are great candidates. Then you add some great spices to cover it up even more. Of course, if you love the taste of liver, then there’s no need to do any of this!

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