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Chinese Beef Shin Slow Cooker Style!

Louise | November 17

Chinese Beef Shin (???) is a really traditional Chinese dish where the beef shin is slow cooked, refrigerated, sliced thin, and then eaten cold as an appetizer dipped into a sauce. And I have to thank my mum for the recipe.

So, what’s beef shin and why the heck should you eat it?


The short answer is: it’s delicious and it’s really easy to make.

What Is Beef Shin

Beef shin is a muscle (see this image for exactly where the meat is coming from) just like many of the other beef parts you’re used to eating. It’s often a bit tough, which is why slow cooking it and then slicing it thin is crucial to this dish.

Where Can You Buy Beef Shin?

I’ve only ever seen this in Asian supermarkets, but you could try asking your local butchers if they could get some in.

gyl - November 17

Love your recipes but you have the worst and most annoying website ever….tying to get your recipe for chinese beef shin and keep going around in circles ……

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