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Does the Blood-Type Diet Work?

Jeremy Hendon | May 28
Does the Blood-Type Diet Work?

You might have heard of the Blood-Type diet.

After all, the book on which it is based, Eat Right for Your Type, was a New York Times bestseller and has been translated into over 50 languages.

Surely, there must be a lot of good reasons that it’s such a popular diet, right?

Not Really.

The Blood-Type Diet Has Zero Scientific Backing

There’s never been any evidence, controlled or otherwise, to prove that the Blood-Type diet works or even theoretically should work.

But that’s not proof that it doesn’t work.  Science sometimes takes a long time to prove that things work.

blood type dietIn this case, it just took a little while to really prove that it doesn’t work:

Theory Behind Popular Blood-Type Diet Debunked

Researchers at the University of Toronto put 1,455 people onto a Blood-Type diet according to their blood type.  The researchers found that the results people achieved were entirely independent of their blood type.

In other words, the results you get depend on the quality of your diet, and not whether or not it matches your blood-type.

This isn’t really surprising at all.  All humans, regardless of blood-type, have nearly identical digestive systems and nearly identical requirements for nutrients.

Moreover, a 2013 review of studies on the Blood-Type diet found absolutely no scientific support.

And Yet, You Should Probably Do What Works

All of that said, if you’ve tried the diet and it’s working for you, then I imagine you’ll probably want to stick to it.  And it’s hard for anybody to argue with whatever works for you.

But if you haven’t tried, and you’re looking for a new solution, the answer most likely lies elsewhere.

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