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Easy Paleo Snack/Meal – Store-bought Hot Smoked Salmon

Louise Hendon | September 6
store bought hot smoked salmon

Here’s a fantastic easy Paleo snack/meal you can buy in stores (I’ve only seen these sold in supermarkets and specialty stores in the UK so far, but please leave a comment if you’ve seen these sold other places). These hot smoked salmon filets are ready-to-eat, very nutritious, and only contain 2 ingredients (salmon and salt).


What Is Hot Smoked Salmon

You might have seen cold smoked salmon before and thought it looked a bit like raw fish or sashimi. This is what you get when the salmon is smoked at a low temp (approx. 37C or 99F) for a long time (around 8 hours). This method of cooking was popular in Europe during the 19th century as a way of preserving salmon back in the days when refrigeration was limited. And cold smoked salmon is still really popular today (I like eating cold smoked salmon in this salad).

Hot smoked salmon is slightly different in that the salmon is in the kiln for less time and at a higher temperature. This cooks the salmon so that it’s flakier and lighter in color (it looks a bit like grilled salmon but is a lot moister).

hot smoked salmon easy paleo snack

Great Paleo Snack or Meal

If you’re in a hurry and need a quick snack or meal, then this is fantastic. All you have to do is peel back the packaging and eat. You can spice it up with a bit of mustard or flake it and add it to a quick salad. Or just eat it by itself.

I’ve found hot smoked salmon prepackaged in Tesco for £4 per 180g (6oz) pack, which I think is plenty for a meal as it’s pretty filling (I can barely finish that much in one go). I’ve also seen hot smoked salmon is some specialty food stores like The House of Bruar in Blair Atholl, Scotland.

tesco hot smoked salmon easy paleo snack

If you’ve seen hot smoked salmon in a store, please write a comment below and let everyone know where they can find it!

Update – one reader let us know about Burren Smokehouse as a place to buy both cold and hot smoked salmon and they’ll even ship to Europe, US, and Canada.