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Eating Out Paleo: Honey Salt, Las Vegas, NV

Louise Hendon | February 23
honey salt restaurant review las vegas paleo

Meeting up with Ben Morgan (from is always fun, and so we couldn’t leave Las Vegas without catching up over dinner. Ben picked this fantastic place off the Las Vegas strip (Honey Salt).

honey salt las vegas paleo restaurant

The Food

There were a ton of great looking options on the menu (here), and I definitely had to think about what to order for a while.


We started with the Grilled Octopus (I’m always a sucker for octopus salads!).
Grilled Octopus Salad honey salt las vegas paleo restaurant

And also the Big-eye Tuna Tartar.
BIG-EYE TUNA TARTAR honey salt las vegas restaurant paleo


This is what I ordered – My Wife’s Favorite Salad with duck confit, arugula, frisée, pine nuts, pomegranate, sunny-side-up egg. Many of the other options looked tempting too, but I just love duck confit! This one was fantastic, and I think Ben ended up ordering this too!
MY WIFE’S FAVORITE SALAD Honey Salt Las Vegas Restaurant

Jeremy ordered the Braised Beef Short Ribs, which he polished off really fast (so I guess it was good!).
braised beef short ribs honey salt restaurant las vegas

And Ben’s friend ordered the caramelized sea scallops.
caramelized sea scallops paleo restaurant honey salt las vegas

ActuallyGlutenFree - March 2

Did you eat the tuna tartar? Honey Salt serves their tuna tartar with lavash. Lavash is the thin bread in the picture of your tuna tartar. I point this out to you because your bio lists you as ‘ “beyond gluten-free,” grain-free…’ Those of us with Celiac Disease eat gluten-free because it gluten acts as a poison in our system, not because it is a choice. However, restaurants like Honey Salt have not taken the time to educate themselves or their staff about what it truly means to prepare a gluten free meal – or what gluten is… I know this because today at Honey Salt I was served a “roasted vegetable salad” that contained bulgar wheat. This key ingredient was not on the menu, nor did the waitress know about it when I asked which menu option would be best for me and my special dietary needs. Unfortunately, that means I am at home now with a fever, covered in hives, and running to the bathroom quite often. Thankfully, I only ate one bite of that salad. I feel bad for anyone unfortunate enough not to know what bulgar wheat looks or tastes like. That being said, it seems odd that you would promote this restaurant as Paleo and show pictures of food with bread in them… I will not be headed back to Honey Salt for a while. This was my third time at the restaurant and it was the first time that I have had a problem, but isn’t once enough when my body treats gluten as poison?

    Louise Hendon - March 2

    Hi – I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick after eating there. I don’t eat the bread, crackers, or other things that come with tuna tartar, but I am also not celiac, and so I do not need to be 100% careful with what I eat when I go out. If I am concerned at a restaurant, I always tell them that I am gluten-free and dairy-free to avoid issues.

ActuallyGlutenFree - March 2

Thanks. I am too. I wish that they were a little better informed. I spoke with the waitress for quite a while about my dietary concerns and we did discuss the best gluten-free options for me. She suggested what I ordered and the menu did not show anything that raised suspicion…
I just found your blog though and you have some very interesting reviews on other recipes that I am enjoying. Thanks again. 🙂

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