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Eating Out Paleo – Mums, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Louise | September 3
Eating Out Paleo - Mums, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Mums Restaurant in central Edinburgh, Scotland, was the first restaurant I went to after arriving in Edinburgh, and I loved the place so much, I went back a bunch more times during my 3-month stay in the city (in fact, I took all my friends who visited there too).

Paleo Restaurant – Edinburgh

Mums is not supposed to be a Paleo restaurant, but they just happen to cook amazing bangers and mash (i.e., sausages and mashed potatoes). What makes their bangers and mash even more amazing are the following 3 things:

  1. The sausages don’t have flour or other gluten-filled items. In fact, the sausages only have good quality meat plus herbs in them. If you are in the UK, then watch out for the sausages as most of them are not gluten free!
  2. The mashed potatoes are dairy-free (unless you choose one of the ones with cheese in it). (Most mashed potatoes in the US have milk or butter in them.)
  3. There’s a gluten free gravy option – Tomato & Thyme.

sausage and mash at mums edinburgh scotland uk paleo restaurant

My Favorite Sausages

They’ve got quite a lot of options for sausage flavors and mash flavors. I usually go for 3 sausages (all lamb and mint flavor, although you can pick and choose from their different flavors if you want variety – check the specials board for the sausages of the day as the lamb and mint is usually up there). The MUMS Traditional Herby Pork sausage is another favorite of mine.

And as for the mash, I love the kick from the horseradish flavor, although the Moroccan and the red onion and basil are also tasty (note that the flavors in the mash are pretty mild – definitely not overpowering).

sausage and mash at mums edinburgh scotland uk paleo restaurant

The Menu at Mums Great Comfort Food

They’ve also got a few other Paleo options on their menu like grilled fish and sirloin steak (but I always stick to the bangers and mash!).

Another reason why I really enjoy eating at Mums is because their waitresses are friendly and energetic. Plus Mums is conveniently located close to Edinburgh Fringe venues as well as Old Town. Their address is: 4a Forrest Road, Edinburgh, Scotland.

mums edinburgh scotland uk paleo restaurant menu

Have You Eaten at Mums or Do You Have a Favorite Paleo Restaurant in Edinburgh?

Let me know in the comments!