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Eating Out Paleo – Serpas in Atlanta, GA

Louise Hendon | October 25
atlanta georgia paleo restaurant serpas

Set in a Brooklyn-esque industrial complex, I at first thought Serpas was going to a pretentious and not-all-that-great restaurant. My views quickly shifted as soon as the appetizers came!

atlanta paleo restaurant serpas


House Smoked Salmon Chips
I was against trying this at first. I thought it’d just be a ton of non-Paleo chips with a little bit of regular smoked salmon. Well, I’m glad that our friend insisted on getting this dish, because it was quite phenomenal.

atlanta paleo restaurant serpas house smoked salmon chips

atlanta paleo restaurant serpas house smoked salmon chips

The photos do not lie. The salmon dominated, and the potato chips were really just a carrier for all that amazing salmon.

Meat, etc. – Charcuterie
Their menu just calls it “Meat, etc.,” but it’s actually a large plate of serrano ham, ghost pepper salami, finocchiona, tete de cochon, house pickled vegetables, and toasted baguette (we omitted this part).

atlanta paleo restaurant serpas meat etc charcuterie

Georgia Peach Salad
With arugula, serrano ham, watermelon radish, and sherry vinaigrette. I couldn’t be in Atlanta without eating some peaches, right?
atlanta paleo restaurant serpas georgia peach salad

Grilled Octopus
This was excellent, but it wasn’t quite as amazing as the ones I’ve had in Greek restaurants in Astoria, NY (like 26 Corner Taverna).
atlanta paleo restaurants serpas grilled octopus


Bacon Wrapped Duck Breast on top of grilled Peaches
atlanta paleo restaurants serpas bacon wrapped duck breast with peaches

Everything about this dish was perfect. The bacon tasted amazing with the perfectly cooked tender duck breast, and the grilled peaches added that extra bit of sweetness that complements duck breast so well.

Veal Porterhouse
Another great dish – it’s so flavorful and so tender. I don’t know what they do to their meat, but they sure make it taste good!
atlanta paleo restaurants serpas veal porterhouse


Desserts in general are not very Paleo, but we went for some of the mango sorbet while our friends indulged in Serpas’ famous Beignets.

atlanta paleo restaurant serpas mango sorbet