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Everyday Grain-Free Baking – Book Review

Louise | January 2
Everyday Grain-Free Baking

Book Title:

Everyday Grain-Free Baking
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Book Author(s):

Kelly Smith

Overview of Book:

Everyday Grain-Free Baking is a collection of more than 100 recipes for everything from bread and biscuits to breakfast treats and desserts. Where many cookbooks focus on main dishes, starters and sides, this book fills in the gaps and answers many of the ‘but what do I do about’ questions. It takes the user from breads and biscuits to muffins, cookies and bars, throws in cakes and pies and wraps up with a list that includes icing, yogurt and glazes.

Who This Book is For:

This book is for anyone who feels they have the main and side dishes covered and wants resources, ideas and inspiration for everything else. Everyday Grain-Free is a wonderful tool and resource for any kitchen and can round-out even the most complete cookbook collection. For anyone who has ever said they could not imagine going grain free because they would miss….. this book provides recipes and options to make sure you don’t miss those favorite staples and treats.

Favorite Chapter:

My favorite chapter is Chapter 1: The Grain-Free Kitchen. Understanding that grain-free eating is new to many people and the more help, information and advice the better, I like the way this chapter explains the whys of grain-free eating, pantry essentials, and includes strategies for success because this is a little something we all need at one time or another. I like that the list of ingredients also comes with information about what they are and tips for how they should be used. Understanding that some of these ingredients are unusual for people new to this style of eating, some of these tips are really important.

Top 3 Recipes:

My first recipe pick is Ultimate Banana Bread. Banana bread has always been a family favorite, based on a recipe my grandmother handed down. This one is as moist and flavorful as anything I’ve ever made before, and anything else I’ve ever tried.

For my sister-in-law – the chocolate addict – I might even add in a few homemade chocolate chips for a bit of extra kick. This is a bread you could easily take to a brunch or have on hand regularly for a quick afternoon snack. Sandwich Rounds are my next pick. The hardest thing about Paleo eating for my teens is not eating lunches that are ‘normal’ and like what their friends have. They complain of not being able to enjoy a burger with an actual ‘bun.’ This recipe satisfies my kids’ need to belong and my need to ensure they are eating healthier. Tried and tested staples like this are a joy to find in recipe books.

My third recipe pick is Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. The cookies on their own are a sweet treat and can stand alone easily. The addition though of a delicious, creamy probiotic-rich ice cream makes them one of those good-for-you and good-to-eat combinations. This one could easily become a summer favorite, a party staple, or a treat for any special occasion.

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About Heather Seftel-Kirk: Not a physician or nutritionist, Heather came to her understanding of food and health through parenting three children, now teens, who seemed not to fit the ‘norms’ of health and through questions…so many questions.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free for review purposes. I received no other compensation, and this review is based on my own opinion. Note that some links on this page (and throughout this website) are affiliate links.

Kelly @ The Nourishing Home - January 3

What an honor to receive such a glowing review from a leading resource that I respect greatly. It’s such a special joy to hear how my new cookbook is helping you personally, and so many other precious families, to rediscover the joys of baking and sharing familiar favorites together! Thank you, Louise, for your kind, thoughtful words!

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