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Exercising On Paleo If Crossfit Isn’t Your Thing!

Louise Hendon | June 17
Exercising On Paleo if Crossfit isn't your thing

Kimberly is an Idaho native who loves pursuing her fitness endeavors in the great outdoors at every opportunity. She is a fishing and hunting enthusiast, and you can follow her on Instagram (@mrskimberlylandon, Twitter (@kimmylandon), or find her on Facebook–she’d love to hear from you!

A lot of people adopt a Paleo lifestyle at the same time as starting CrossFit, and this combination works great for many people in terms of losing fat and gaining more muscle.

But, what if, CrossFit just isn’t for you? *Gasp* That’s right, I said it.

What if you just can’t when it comes to WOD’s and snatches? Or what if the mere suggestion of working out in front of other people is enough to make you want to grab your snuggie, flip on Netflix, and let Parks and Rec calm your nerves for a few hours? Fear (nor hibernate) not— there are, in fact, a variety of exercises will boost the effects of Paleo living!

1. For the solitary exerciser

Thanks to modern technology, you never need to work on your fitness in front of another human being ever again.


Unless you count carrying your groceries out of the store without a cart (and I do), because who needs to waste time on a cart!? Not my go-go gadget arms!

Anyhow, from DVD’s to fitness apps, solitary sweat-session options abound.

DVD sets like Pure Barre or P90 (no, I didn’t forget the “X”) offer you a chance to get all of the benefits of an instructor led workout without the group setting. Finding a style that works the best with you and your schedule may take some trial and error, but that’ll be part of the fun! I highly recommend getting a variety of sessions from different trainers, just so you can mix things up when you hit the inevitable fitness-rut.

The internet is home to some of the best free workout routines available in a variety of platforms. Fitness-based blogs are a fantastic source of health-motivation and free workouts (like these here). YouTube hosts hundreds of fitness channels, which means that instead of spending time a half an hour on Facebook, you can use your computer (or your phone) to stream a half an hour workout instead. No pressure.

exercise dvds

Speaking of phones, check out any health and fitness app that tickles your fancy. Some are free, some aren’t, but the odds are pretty good you can find one that is your swolemate. The bonus to these apps is that they often track metrics such as calories consumed/burned and steps per day.

2. For the everything-is-better-together exerciser

These aren’t Richard Simmons’ workout classes (though let’s be honest, the man did pave the way); long gone are the days of monotonous routines and ho-hum muscle exertion. Modern group workouts can include anything from Zumba to bicycle teams.

Studio-based classes are especially convenient when the weather is less than accommodating, or if you live in a big city with limited outdoor space. Yoga, Pilates, and CrossFit (should you want to try it) classes are available nationwide, and strive to offer a strong sense of community for members.

People at the gym

If you travel frequently for work (or for fun…lucky…) consider using the Mindbody Connect app. You can find, book, and pay for a variety of classes based on your current location. Or, take the chance to combine sight-seeing with a sweat-session, and rent a bike to cruise through Central Park or down Huntington Beach. Hit this opportunity up with your fellow co-workers, or consider a group-led tour if you prefer not to venture out alone.

Adult sports/city leagues are one of the most underutilized outlets for recreational activity. From soccer to softball, there are women’s, men’s, and co-ed teams divided into various levels of competitiveness (basically from “playing for fun” to “playing for blood”). Check out your local offerings and dive in!

3. When time is not on your side

What if you have no time to yourself? Even sleep can’t save you from a crying baby/emergency work calls/homework for your master’s degree/etc. Devoting even a fraction of your non-existent time to working out will help bolster the benefits of the Paleo lifestyle (and it will be so worth it, I promise).

If you can find 20 minutes, you can exercise. Take a portion of your lunch time, get up 20 minutes earlier, or workout while the kids nap. Regimens like these are ideal for the time-pressed, and (generally) focus on one body part/section at a time (arms, legs, chest, abs, etc.). Now, this is not an ideal routine to adopt for life — however, it will work when needed.

Consider splitting your workout routine in half (if you can) to help boost your metabolism a couple times a day. 15 minutes of brisk walking, jogging, or biking twice a day will add up quickly to your body. If you’re a numbers person, invest in a pedometer and aim for hitting 10,000 steps/day. Every little bit counts!

Woman with a pedometer

Schedule your work outs like they are important meetings; non-negotiable slots of time that require your full attention (even if it’s just for 15-20 minutes). Bring on the DVD’s, the workout-of-the-day apps, the YouTube workouts, a quick jog around the block—basically anything that helps you maximize this time that’s just for you and your body.

The Paleo lifestyle is a great way to help boost your health and energy. Incorporating exercise into your routine (and making it a key part of your life) will help you maximize the benefits of being Paleo. Do you have a favorite way to sneak a workout into your day? Share it in the comments below!

* As always, consult your physician before beginning any new diet and/or fitness routine.

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