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How I Lost 20lbs AND Kept It Off

Louise Hendon | June 22
Paleo weight loss success story #paleo #weightloss

This Paleo success story is from Kim Smyth – she lost 20 lbs on the Paleo diet 2 years ago and is still at that lower weight. In this post, she shares with us her inspiring story, including some of the delicious foods she still eats. You can find Kim at

About two years ago, I was about to go on my first cruise with a group of ladies from Sertoma, an organization I belonged to for 4 years. I was a little overweight and needed to tone up before I felt comfortable in a bathing suit and that’s what started my affair with the paleo lifestyle. Soon, though, I realized there was way more to it than that.

In the beginning, I was super strict and cut out almost all sugar, white bread and rice, no pasta at all and followed the “diet” to a T. I ate lots of salads with small amounts of meat, or a boiled egg and sunflower seeds for crunch. I switched to sweet potatoes and ate new kinds of fish, like tuna and salmon (wild caught, of course) and tons of chicken, and I learned how to make desserts like 2 minute cake in a cup, using approved flours like almond flour and/or coconut flour.

I also started walking more. At the mall, or around the block several times until I was up to 3 miles with little effort.

Within six months I had lost twenty pounds and felt great about the upcoming cruise, but by then, eating Paleo had become part of my life. I learnt how beneficial it was to eliminate sugar, and so I avoided it like the plague!

Eventually, I made the switch to approved sweeteners like Stevia, raw honey and 100% maple syrup, however, I used those sparingly.

I also started incorporating essential oils into my life, lemon and frankincense for energy and to sustain my weight loss, lavender for my skin and to aid in sleep and bergamot for well being and sense of self worth.

I never went hungry and even on the cruise, I stuck to this new way of eating and didn’t have to feel deprived or like I was missing out on anything. Yes, I drank some red wine and even a few cocktails but still maintained my weight.

Paleo weight loss success - how I lost 20 lbs and kept it off

Now it is just a part of my life and I enjoy making new recipes using vegetables I haven’t tried before and more fish than I ever thought I would eat. I simply eat a meat, a vegetable, and a salad for supper and/or lunch and sometimes I substitute a healthy smoothie for breakfast or lunch, using almond or coconut milk and fruit. I add in a spoonful of flax or chia seeds for fiber and energy and unsweetened shreds of coconut for a little texture and taste. I hardly use sweeteners anymore because I throw in a few pieces of frozen banana and blueberries or pineapple and they turn out plenty sweet for me. I enjoy bacon and eggs for breakfast sometimes and even the occasional waffle made with plantains and sweet potato.

Paleo waffles

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It can be done and I’m living proof that it is not a flash in the pan or fad diet. It’s a way of life, and once you get used to substituting good fats for bad ones and eliminating sugar from your life, the pounds come off and STAY off. Two years later and my weight is the same and I am way more healthy than when I started.

I have more energy, I sleep better, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

I started my journey on the advice from paleo gurus like Mark Sisson, who taught me about bulletproof coffee and the primal way of eating, over at and Jeremy and Louise here at Paleo Flourish Magazine with all their great recipes and tips for sustaining life the Paleo way.

Paleo weight-loss foods

You can do it too, it’s easy and delicious, and you will get your life back and learn to love your body again!

Gloria - June 24

Great article. I’m so proud of you.

Kim Smyth - June 24

Thanks Glo! I’m proud of you too! I’m moving my old blog to a new website btw, not up yet though. I started a new blog called Kimmy’s Patio so I’ll leave that web address, check it out and let me know what you think!

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