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How Much Sleep Do I Need to Get Every Night?

Jeremy Hendon | June 11
How Much Sleep Do I Need to Get Every Night?

This must be a question as old as…

Well, probably just the light bulb. After all, staying up in the dark really isn’t that tempting.

But with Netflix, Hulu, Instagram, Snapchat, and everything else at our fingertips, it’s quite tempting to get less and less sleep.

How Much Sleep Do You Need Every Night?

Nobody has an exact answer.

paleo sleepAnd an exact answer probably doesn’t even exist.

How much sleep you need depends on a variety of things, such as how old you are and how active you are during the day.

However, despite some claims to the contrary, everybody needs at least 7 hours of sleep, and most people need more.

Some claims are made that only 5-6 hours of sleep are necessary, but the great majority of research indicates that our bodies – particularly our hormones – can’t function properly without at least 7 hours of sleep.

Sleep is critical for our brains, the repair of our body, for balancing our hormones, and for optimizing pretty much everything. If you’re trying to determine how much sleep you need so that you can try to get as little as possible, then you’re not making it a high enough priority.

Get the sleep you need, and then ask yourself what else you’re capable of once you’re sleeping enough.

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