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1 Easy Trick to Get Fewer Wrinkles. This Really Shouldn’t Surprise You.

Jeremy Hendon | December 31
1 Easy Trick to Get Fewer Wrinkles. This Really Shouldn’t Surprise You.

Turns out that getting “beauty” sleep may not be such a myth after all.

Recently, a group of researchers from Cleveland released this paper:

Effects of Sleep Quality on Skin Aging and Function

The paper is about exactly what you would think it’s about.

In their study, they looked at a number of things, but the one that’s gotten the most attention is the effect that not getting enough sleep has on your skin.

In particular, women in their study who were chronically sleep deprived (not getting enough sleep for several days in a row) showed many more signs of aging.

Uneven pigmentation, wrinkling, and sagging skin were almost twice as bad from just 3 days of too little sleep.

The study can’t tell us exactly how sleep leads to these signs of aging, but the researchers guess that it’s at least partially due to the inability to regenerate your skin and protect it against external stressors.

You Know What To Do. Lights Off.

Sleeping beauty had it right.

If you want to slow at least the visible signs of aging, it all starts with getting in bed a little bit earlier and sleeping in.

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