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Indulge – Book Review

Louise Hendon | December 7
Indulge Grain-Free Desserts

Book Title:

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Book Author(s):

Carol Lovett

Overview of Book:

Indulge is a cookbook specifically geared towards desserts. It covers basics including switching ingredients, icings and how to’s. The 70 recipes featured take the reader all the way from pies to cakes and from bars to cookies. An introductory chapter shares information and tips about ingredients, baking and preparation and storing ingredients. A single page on switching ingredients provides a great tool for the ‘I want to make but don’t have any’ days that we all have.

Who This Book is For:

As the author says “This book is dedicated to anyone who has ever sat in a doctor’s office and heard the words, “ditch the wheat” uttered.” The second part of that sentence would be that Indulge is for anyone who heard those words and immediately could not imagine a life without wheat, and more importantly, without sweets. Indulge offers a ray of hope that life without wheat can still be filled with sweet, delicious and familiar treats.

Favorite Chapter:

I love the chapter Icings, Sauces and How-To’s primarily because it is a chapter to fuel the imagination. Many of us are bakers, or think we are, and we have recipes passed down through the generations, or perhaps at least from our mothers and grandmothers, that we simply cannot imagine going without. This chapter provides basic tips and general information that can help transform many traditional recipes into healthier options. Many of my old Christmas cookies and squares will be resurrected thanks to the basics in this chapter.

Top 3 Recipes:

My first recipe pick is Sunday Special Coffee Cake because it so closely replicates an old family –favorite coffee cake that my mother used to serve. The cake itself is moist, dense and filled with wonderful flavor like a good coffee cake should be. The topping is sweet, cinnamon-tasty and wonderful and can easily be adjusted for more or less depending on individual tastes.

My second pick are the Truffles. I love making candy, giving candy in Christmas tins to friends and family, and surprising new neighbors with a homemade welcome. These truffle recipes are the first I’ve found that I can share with people knowing they’ll enjoy them, and that my family can also eat which makes them a definite keeper. These can easily be made in large batches and stored in the freezer for when you need a little indulgence or as a treat to offer surprise guests.

My third pick is the Pie Crust Recipe, again as with the chapter on sauces and how-to’s, for its inspiration. Think of any kind of pie you have ever loved, any kind of fruit you adore, and with this pie crust recipe, you can ‘indulge’ as the book says in something sweet and warm and wonderful. Pie is just one of those staples you cannot do without, a memory that goes with Sunday dinner and lazy weekend afternoons. With this pie crust recipe in hand you have a lifetime of happy baking memories ahead.

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