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Is Club Soda Paleo?

Jeremy | June 6
Is Club Soda Paleo?

Club soda is absolutely, 100% Paleo.

Sodas are generally off-limits because they’re toxic in one way or another. Whether it’s chemicals, additives, or just the excess sugar, they wreak havoc on your body.

Club soda is simply water that has been carbonated.

And there is no research that I’m aware of showing that carbonation is toxic in any way to humans. (I imagine fish wouldn’t do so well…)

club sodaNote that tonic water is NOT the same as club soda (also called soda water). Tonic water has added sugar.

In the end, Paleo is all about maximizing the amount of nutrients you get and minimizing the number of toxins. Whether or not something existed a million years ago is just a starting point at best.

And club soda is a perfect example of this.

If you want to drink your water with bubbles, go for it.

Here are some refreshing Paleo drink recipes using club soda:

1. Zingy Salted Lime Soda

2. Party Sangria

3. For an easy paleo mocktail, check this out

4. For a quick review of Zevia, the stevia soda, read this

5. For several different alcoholic drinks

6. Sparkling Hibiscus Iced Tea

7. Apple Cider Soda

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