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Shocking Results of Eating More Meat! 300,000 Asians Can’t Be Wrong

Jeremy Hendon | August 27
is eating meat healthy

Scientists never seem to get tired of trying to figure out if meat (particularly of the red variety) is bad for humans.

And I never seem to get tired of making fun of them…

Here’s a paper where they tried again, this time with even more interesting results:

Meat intake and cause-specific mortality: a pooled analysis of Asian prospective cohort studies

300,000 Asians Can’t Be Wrong

This is a pooled analysis of a few different studies, along with United Nations data.  What the researchers did is analyze mortality, cancer, and heart disease risk among almost 300,000 Asian men and women, and they tried to find correlations with meat intake.

heart diseaseAnd they found some correlations:

  • Higher overall meat intake was correlated with lower overall mortality.
  • Higher intake of red meat was associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease among men.
  • Higher intake of red meat was associated with lower risk of cancer among women.

In other words, not a paper to establish any causality at all, but an epidemiological study that should theoretically be big enough to stop anyone from ever wondering if meat or red meat would cause cancer or cardiovascultr disease.

I doubt that it will put the issue to rest, however.

We Can’t Prove Anything

So is eating meat healthy??

Unfortunately, this type of study doesn’t really prove anything.  After all, it’s technically impossible to prove that one thing does NOT cause something else.  (That would require an infinite number of tests.)

However, studies like this make it extremely unlikely that the reverse of the findings could be true.  In this case, it’s almost impossible to believe that red meat would lead to more death, cancer, or cardiovascular disease.

And yet, some people will continue to believe just that.

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