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Raw Milk Got a Bad Rap

Jeremy Hendon | January 9
Raw Milk Got a Bad Rap

For this bit of science, I’m going to link to the Wall Street Journal article, because there are actually three different studies about raw milk that have been published.

Raw Milk Is a Low-Risk Food

New Studies Confirm: Raw Milk A Low-Risk Food

All 3 studies did what is called a “Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment.”

That’s fancy science-speak for using the absolute best testing methods we have in order to determine the risk of illness due to pathogens in the milk.

What they found is that raw milk is a “low-risk food,” meaning that it poses very little risk of illness due to pathogens.

I think a lot of us have suspected as much for a very long time, both from the lack of evidence against raw milk and also from anecdotal evidence.

Now these studies are the proverbial gold-standard.

If you were previously uncomfortable drinking raw milk, then this should put you much more at ease.  If you were drinking raw milk already, then consider yourself vindicated.

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