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Meta-Study on Heart Disease and Low-Fat Diets is Shocking.

Jeremy Hendon | May 21
Meta-Study on Heart Disease and Low-Fat Diets is Shocking.

For the most part, conspiracies are 5% reality and 95% myth.

They’re fun to listen to and talk about, but real conspiracies are few and far between, if only because they’re so hard to carry out and keep secret.

And that’s the case for health information.  Drug companies and governments may try to push a certain agenda, but you can only hide so much information.

Low-Fat Diets Are One of the Biggest Cons Ever

However, when it comes to recommendations for low-fat diets to reduce the incidence of heart disease, the mainstream health community (and the government) has somehow kept the myth going for over 50 years that low-fat diets reduce the likelihood of heart disease.

Researchers in Germany recently conducted a meta-analysis of long-term, randomized controlled trials on low-fat versus high-fat diets. Here it is:

paleo heart diseaseComparison of Effects of Long-Term Low-Fat vs High-Fat Diets on Blood Lipid Levels in Overweight or Obese Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

You can guess by now what they found?

Zero Correlation.

In their own words, “Including only hypocaloric diets, the effects of low-fat vs high-fat diets on total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels were abolished.”

Over many, many long-term studies, there was absolutely no evidence that low-fat diets improve blood markers.

The reason this is shocking is not because it’s hard to believe, but rather because it’s hard to believe that so many people could have believed otherwise for so long without any prove.

Next time anybody talks at all about evidence in favor of low-fat diets, let it go.  It’s clear that there is no evidence, and it’s time to move on.

In the meantime, eat some fatty fish and organ meats.

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