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My Top 10 Paleo Snacks For Air Travel

Louise | June 7
10 paleo snacks for air travel

I fly a lot, and I know from experience that being hungry at the airport or on a flight is definitely a recipe for disaster!

Options are often limited at airports to fast food chains and premade sandwiches along with candy and potato chips. And it’s even worse on the flight itself – there’s often no food at all or else a really awful selection (my latest flight from New York to Vancouver offered a cracked pepper turkey sandwich, a chicken slider combo, and a fruit and cheese plate for sale).

So, I like to pack some Paleo snacks with me when I travel. Here are my top 10 Paleo snacks for air travel:


Top 10 Paleo Snacks For Air Travel

1. Boiled Eggs
These are just so easy and so filling (and cheap!). Take them unpeeled in a sandwich bag.

paleo snacks for air travel - boiled eggs

2. Dark Chocolate
There’s always the fear that you might crave some sugar what with the stress of traveling (especially for long haul flights). So, I like to carry some dark chocolate (100% chocolate is ideal, like the Tcho brand ones, but sometimes I take a bit of 80% or the Enjoy Life chocolate chips for a treat).

paleo snacks for air travel - dark chocolate

3. Bananas
This is another really easy no-mess paleo snack for air travel. I don’t generally eat many bananas at home because they’re easy to overeat due to their high sugar content, but they’re just too convenient for air travel.

paleo snacks for air travel - bananas

4. Apples
I find apples, pears, and other fruits a bit messy, but they can be a nice refreshing option on a long flight.

paleo snacks for air travel - apples and pears

5. Fruit and nut mix
I personally like the sprouted trail mixes if you can find them (many of the California Whole Foods carry these). Make sure you purchase a mix that doesn’t contain added sugar, canola oil, sunflower oil, or any other non-Paleo oils. Check out for a great selection.

paleo snacks for air travel - trail mix

6. Paleo Snack Bars
These are great paleo snacks for anytime and they’re prepackaged to make it easy to travel with. Here are some of our favorites:

7. Jerky and Meat Sticks
This is always a great option for flights. I like Sophia’s jerky chews, but any jerky without MSG or added sugar is fantastic (however, they can be hard to find in stores). Braaitime is another option for jerky (South African style) – you can get them on Amazon here.

paleo snacks for air travel - jerky

Another option is beef or turkey sticks like Nick’s Sticks. You can get them on their website here.

nicks sticks

Yet another option is salmon packs (super nutritious but can smell a bit if you’re opening them on the flight). You can get them on Amazon here.

seabears paleo salmon snacks

8. Coconut oil (and ghee) in a condiment cup
You can add coconut oil and ghee to any tea or coffee you get at the airport or on the plane. It’ll act as a creamer and fill you up.

paleo snacks for air travel - coconut oil and ghee

9. Coconut Butter
Coconut butter (read this article for what coconut butter is) is great to eat straight or spread on some dark chocolate. Note that I’ve had trouble taking a jar of this through security in US airports (they always think it’s liquid when it’s clearly not). I suggest packing it into several small condiment cups to avoid any TSA problems.

paleo snacks for air travel - coconut butter

10. Almond Butter
Just like coconut butter, almond butter is great for eating by itself or with dark chocolate. Artisana even makes small travel packs of almond butter, coconut butter, and some other nut butters.

paleo snacks for air travel - almond butter

11. Cookies?
I’m not a big fan of desserts when traveling as my body is already tired (it’s arguable that fruit is like dessert), but if you feel that you really need some sort of dessert to keep you going, then here are some good options:

Other Paleo Snacks for Air Travel

Of course, you can also cook snacks to take with you like egg muffins, Paleo cookies, cupcakes, and entire meals stored in containers. I find cooking these a bit of a hassle as well as time consuming when you’re stressed and trying to pack in a hurry, but here are some great recipes if you do have time:

Honey Masala Chai Roasted Nuts

Banana Nut Muffins

Chocolate Orange Naked Bars

Fig Newton Knockoffs

My Favorite Bacon Carrot Egg Muffins

Paleo Pancakes (can be used to spread nut butters or coconut butter on – suggested by Jen)

10 paleo snacks for air travel

Do you have a favorite Paleo snack to take on flights?

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite Paleo snacks for air travel are!

Ava Miedzinski - June 9

I had not thought about taking boiled eggs. I don’t usually eat them except in my muffins. I could never think of anything else that would hold them together. I don’t use any oils or honey. But I may just take one agg. I leave tomorrow for summer in Israel. I’ll arrive on Wednesday. So, it will be a long flight.
I made 6 of my coconut and nut flour muffins with dried currants. It is my version of pemmican. I usually eat only one a day, but for a flight, I have no idea if I will be hungry enough to eat more than one. I may need them when I arrive, anyway if I am too jetlagged to go the store and come home to bake and cook. I am also taking some raw mixed nuts (I get the big containers of them at Costco) that I sometimes like to snack on, and I’ve packed a jar of those to eat over the next few months as I was unable to find that kind of variety when I was in Israel last year.
I have tried taking bananas but I find them terribly messy. I can’t eat other fruits raw or any citrus so I am limited to dried fruit. My favorite are currants so I put those in everything.
I could take a small container of yogurt or kefir. I was thinking about that earlier, and I do have some kefir left from my last batch. I just do not think I’ll eat it. Usually, I use it as a dressing for my salads.
I wish I could eat chocolate or drink coffee or milk, but I cannot. I would take a bottle of my soup broth but I am going to drink it all up today. Other than water, it is about the only drink I have unless I make tea. In fact, I will buy some blueberry tea bags to take. I love that tea and don’t have any at home right now.
Thank you for the tips. I will boil an egg and get those tea bags.

    Louise - June 9

    Have a great trip!

julie rodgers - June 11

wouldnt like to sit next to you when you take that hard boiled egg out,dont forget to consider other passengers

    Louise - June 11

    Great point Julie.

    K N - December 17

    Always PEEL the eggs at home…..that way they don’t smell. I go for days and days with peeled eggs. I also travel with nuts, bananas and jerky. But my #1 thing for travel is salad dressing. I travel a lot for business and I can generally find salads with grilled chicken at nearly any restaurant, but the salad dressing is what kills it. So I have 2 TSA sized “lotion bottles” – the ones you buy at the big box store for travel and I put a nice Olive Oil & vinegar Italian dressing in it. Set it in a separate ziploc just to be safe. And for a quick snack on the plane, a baggie of plantain chips and an avocado.

Susan - July 2

I had stumbled across this post while looking for some ideas for food for my upcoming trip. I was wandering thru Whole Foods, picking up some pantry staples and saw the Epics bars. Just letting the world know that they are there and they are tasty 🙂 Looking forward to my flights!

    Jeremy Hendon - July 8

    I do love Epic Bars.

Joyce Kaiser - December 15

I pack very similarly to what’s listed here and in the comments. I always bring some of my own tea because I never know what kind will be at the hotel.

I don’t like to carry on a lot of stuff so I also spend a bit of time researching the restaurants in the area where I will be staying and in the airports through which I will be traveling.

Jacinta HANRAHAN - December 17

I take tins of tuna, but like the boiled eggs you need to be considerate of others. Herbal tea bags is another one. I eat dairy, so some cheese sticks are also yummy.

Julie - December 18

I don’t fly a lot, but I do drive a lot. This is a great list for ideas. In consideration of my tummy & others around me I rarely eat eggs. I miss hard boiled the most. Also, I might not get the name right, but Steves makes a paleo granola that’s tasty. By accident I’ve frozen the tropical and it held together firmly & SUPER yummy!

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