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Group Nature Walks Stave Off Depression and Stress

Jeremy Hendon | May 27
Group Nature Walks Stave Off Depression and Stress

The part of my lifestyle that I have always had the hardest time feeling healthy about is my stress levels.

And I know I’m not the only one.

When I talk to almost anybody, it seems like stress and anxiety (and even depression) are extremely common and extremely difficult to deal with. But the fact is that we already know a lot about how to control these parts of our life. We just don’t do what we already know.

Nature + People = Lower Stress and Depression

Examining Group Walks in Nature and Multiple Aspects of Well-Being: A Large-Scale Study

In the above study from the United Kingdom, researchers examined almost 2,000 participants who took part in group nature walks as part of a UK government-sponsored program.
What the researchers found is that people who regularly engaged in nature walks had “significantly lower depression, less perceived stress and enhanced mental health and well-being.”

Even for folks who’d experienced some sort of recent stressful or traumatic experience, the group nature walks tended provide both relief and relaxation.

Are you surprised?

Me either.

But that’s the point. We already know a lot about how to reduce the stress and depression in our lives. We’ve just got to do it.