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Paleo Barbacoa Recipe – Guest Post

Louise | April 22
Paleo Barbacoa Recipe - Guest Post

Sydney is the cook and writer behind the blog Paleoptimistic as well as the @paleoptimistic Instagram and Twitter accounts. She strives to put an optimistic spin on life whether it be teaching Spinning® classes or concocting something yummy in the kitchen. She started Paleo with her fiancé to help him conquer his Crohn’s Disease (which is currently in remission thanks to Paleo!), as well as to help them both treat their ADHD without medication. For more inspiration and motivation on following a healthy lifestyle, check out Sydney’s blog ( and follow her on Instagram and Twitter (@paleoptimistic)!

This Paleo barbacoa recipe is simply divine – you can make this barbacoa recipe with venison, which is what Sydney used, or you can use another meat of your choice (Chipotle serves a beef barbacoa)!

There is also a recipe below for a sweet potato rice side dish, and she recommends serving the barbacoa with the sweet potato rice, some sauteed vegetables, and some guacamole.

Paleo Barbacoa Recipe

If you’re unfamiliar with barbacoa, it’s generally used to describe slow cooked meat from Caribbean or Mexican cuisines. The word ‘barbecue’ is most likely derived from barbacoa, so you get the general idea!

This recipe (like many barbacoa recipes) is fantastic served with some guacamole so make yourself some fresh guacamole to go with it(Sydney’s guac recipe is here).

paleo barbacoa recipe

paleo barbacoa recipe

Paleo Venison Barbacoa Burrito Bowls - Guest Post

Paleo Barbacoa Recipe

  • Author: Louise Hendon
  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 5 hours
  • Total Time: 5 hours 30 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x
  • Category: Entree
  • Cuisine: Mexican


This recipe is slightly high maintenance, but it doesn’t disappoint! My whole family was ranting and raving about this for weeks. ~ Sydney


  • 12 16oz pre-canned venison (if you don’t readily have canned venison, you can use 2-4lbs chuck roast or other meat of your choice) cook on low for 4-6 hours

For the Marinade: MAKE 24 HOURS AHEAD OF TIME (double this if you use 2 cans of venison)


  1. Make the marinade 24 hours ahead of time (see below).
  2. Cook the chuck roast if you do not have canned venison on hand (2-4 lb chuck roast on low in a crock pot for 4-6 hours or until cooked through, pour half of the prepared marinade over chuck roast while it cooks).
  3. If you’re using venison you’ve canned yourself, then when serving, place the venison along with the marinade you poured into the cans the night before in a skillet. Break up the venison pieces and heat until softened.
  4. Make your own burrito bowl with the barbacoa, a scoop of sweet potato rice (see recipe below), guacamole, sautéed veggies, and your favorite salsa over a bed of lettuce! Drizzle some marinade/sauce over the top as a dressing & enjoy!


  1. Simmer the apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and honey in a sauce pan until combined.
  2. Blend the vinegar and honey mixture, macadamia nuts, cilantro, garlic, onions, coconut sugar, black pepper, and cumin in a food processor until a pesto-like consistency is reached.
  3. Pour your ‘pesto’ into a bowl and stir in the avocado oil.
  4. If you’re cooking the meat, add half the marinade into the crock pot with the meat. If you’re using venison you’ve canned, then displace half of the residual juice in the venison can(s) and fill them with the marinade. Re-cap, and shake shake shake!! Place can(s) in refrigerator to get happy overnight. Store the remaining half of the marinade in a container to use as sauce when serving.
Paleo Venison Barbacoa Burrito Bowls - Guest Post

Sweet Potato Rice

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 6 servings 1x
  • Category: Side Dish
  • Cuisine: American



  1. Peel, spiralize, and pulse the sweet potatoes in a food processor until ‘rice-like’ shapes are produced.
  2. Heat up a large skillet with coconut oil, toss in sweet potato ‘rice’ and cook, stirring occasionally for 3 minutes.
  3. Add the bone broth and cook for 5-10 minutes or until soft. Once the rice is finished, stir in the cilantro and lime juice.