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28 Sweet Paleo Cheesecake Recipes

Louise Hendon | February 14

Despite its name, there are a surprising amount of cheese-free (even dairy-free!) cheesecake recipes out there. Here’s our list of the 28 sweetest dairy-free, Paleo-friendly cheesecakes which you will want to make straight away!

Whether you’re addicted to chocolate or looking for more fruit in your life, this cheesecake list has you covered. And if you’re looking to avoid using your oven altogether, we even have some great no-bake cheesecake options too! Personally, I’m excited to try out the passionfruit cheesecake. Or should I make the sweet potato pie cheesecake first? So many cakes, so little time!

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30 Scrumptious Paleo Soup Recipes

Louise Hendon | February 7

Soup is such a hearty and filling meal option and it’s so easy to make. Some of these recipes require little effort, using a slow cooker in which you can make broth overnight! There is no limit to taste with soup, you can add a whole manner of flavorsome vegetables, meat, herbs and spices. I’ve put together this list of Paleo soup recipes for you so you can enjoy yummy broths in your own home.

Included are chicken, seafood, vegetable and other soup recipes including an amazing pork ribs soup which I love. Soup is the perfect simple food which can be enjoyed as lunch at work or a comforting dinner at home with the family. You’re sure to find some great inspiration in this list of scrumptious Paleo soup recipes.

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Paleo Chocolate Brownies Recipe

Louise Hendon | February 5

Since our primitive ancestors were not harvesting brownie trees or hunting brownies in the wild, it’s safe to say that brownies as you know them aren’t exactly paleo. However, by carefully adjusting the ingredients in a typical brownie recipe, you can whip up these tasty treats using only paleo ingredients!

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18 Unique Paleo Bagel Recipes

Louise Hendon | January 31

If you’re like me, you may have thought that bagels would be completely off the cards once you made the decision to go Paleo. Well, they’re not! I’ve collected 18 bagel recipes for your enjoyment.

I have to say, my personal favorite might have to be the pumpkin bagels which would be perfect to enjoy around Halloween or Thanksgiving. These bagel recipes would be great for kids, especially to take in their lunchboxes to school.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or like to keep it simple, there’s definitely something for you in this tasty list of unique Paleo bagel recipes. All you need to bring is the bagel pan for when you will most definitely want to try out at least one of our bagel recipes!

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29 Tantalizing Paleo Ground Turkey Recipes

Louise Hendon | January 24

Turkey is a meat which becomes more popular during the festive season, but it is such an underrated meat that deserves a bit more attention. Turkey is available all year round and here I’ve put together a list of some super tasty Paleo recipes that use ground turkey.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are an amazing time to put these recipes into practice, especially to make use of any leftovers you might have. Enjoy this fantastic bird any time of year with these recipes; from soups to burgers, there’s something for everyone!

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Paleo Chili Con Carne Recipe

Louise Hendon | January 22

Some like it hot and some sweat when the heat is on. Leave out the chili pepper and cayenne for if you like it on the mild side, or throw them in if you want to feel the heat – this paleo chili con carne is delicious regardless of the temperature.

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31 Sumptuous Paleo Shrimp Recipes

Louise Hendon | January 10

Shrimp can be such a versatile ingredient as it cooks quickly and goes well with so many different flavors, so whether you need a quick stir-fry recipe or want to turn your shrimp into comfort food, you will find plenty of ideas here.

Let me share with you my list of Paleo Shrimp Recipes that will let you cater for any occasion but keep things low-carb and paleo-friendly!

Just because you’re eating paleo doesn’t mean it has to be costly – you can use frozen shrimp in many of these recipes which can be kinder to your wallet!

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29 Satisfying Paleo Quiche Recipes

Louise Hendon | January 3

With a variety of great ideas to replace the traditional crust, my list of Paleo Quiche Recipes will open your eyes to the new ideas out there!

I have included mini quiches and those without crusts for people like me who find portion control a bit on the challenging side, as these can help you avoid over-eating.

As some of you will be eating the paleo way as a change-of-lifestyle eating regime, you will find that these quiches can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch and dinner and are portable for work and school.
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25 Magical Paleo Mug Cake Recipes

Louise Hendon | December 27

I sometimes find myself needing a special treat to keep my spirits up, but when you are following a food plan it can be hard to find the right one without breaking the plan.

So I would like to share with you my Paleo Mug Cake Recipes which can give you the treat you need with very little effort! These are all quick and easy and perfect for times when friends drop by unannounced or you need a boost between meals.

Obviously cakes are treats so you wouldn’t be advised to eat them all the time, but now and then something sweet and delicious can be enough to help keep you on track!

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