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Paleo Friendly Restaurants in NYC – Hu Kitchen

Louise | June 18
paleo restaurants in nyc - hu kitchen, new york city

Paleo Friendly Restaurants in NYC – Hu Kitchen

While there are many Paleo friendly restaurants in NYC, there aren’t many places where you can just order pretty much blindly anything off the menu and still be overjoyed at eating delicious and Paleo food! Hu Kitchen, on 5th Avenue, is the only place in NYC where the entire menu is pretty much Paleo (from the cooking oils to the no-grains)!

I know the name sounds like some random Chinese restaurant, but the Hu actually stands for Human, and they don’t serve any Chinese food!

hu kitchen new york city paleo restaurant Located on the iconic 5th Avenue near Union Square (it’s between 13th and 14th streets), Hu Kitchen always seems to be under a scaffold! Luckily it’s pretty easy to find still as they have a big “Food For Humans” sign up on the scaffold (as you can see from the photo above) and funny chalk boards outside (as you can see from the photo below): hu kitchen new york city paleo restaurant nyc

The Food at Hu Kitchen

hu kitchen new york city paleo restaurant nyc hu kitchen new york city paleo restaurant nyc hu kitchen new york city paleo restaurant nyc

As you can imagine, the food here is AMAZING (the Hu Kitchen menu is here)! There’s a large cold bar with tuna salads, chicken salads, grass fed beef meatballs, wild caught fish made into sticks, kale salads, apple and fennel salads, and more. The selection is daunting, and be prepared to salivate as you gaze and decide.

What really impresses me is that everything is made with Paleo oils (they even make their own mayo!), so no canola oils and no sunflower oils or any other seed oils!

I went for a grass fed beef meatball topped with their own (no high fructose corn syrup) bbq sauce, some organic Thai chicken salad (which I loved), a wild fish stick made with wild hake, and some fennel and apple salad (pictured above). hu kitchen new york city paleo restaurant nyc

There’s also a great hot food section offering foods like the wild meatloaf (made with boar, elk, and Berkshire pork) with roasted sweet potatoes that’s pictured above (that’s what Jeremy ordered). Their hot bar also has vegetarian grain-free and dairy-free lasagna as well as organic rotisserie chicken. Additionally, there’s a hot bowl option where you can get veggies topped with beef, chicken, or wild mushrooms.

Desserts at Hu Kitchen

Perhaps what makes Hu Kitchen sweeter is their large selection of Paleo desserts. For $3-4, you can satisfy any sweet cravings with one of their amazing desserts to go! They even make their own chocolate bars (with no soy lecithin). Hu kitchen crack bar dessert new york paleo restaurant nyc

Pictured above is their crack bar, and their apple “cheesecake” is amazing (just a blend of apples and eggs with a nut crust).

I highly recommend a visit to Hu Kitchen if you’re in NYC – it’s amazing to be able to get such great food without having to worry about anything! I visited Hu Kitchen many times when I lived in NYC even though it was really far from where I lived – it was always well worth the trip.

(Note that Hu Kitchen does have quinoa in a few dishes and that they sell a few snack products with grains as well as oatmeal, but there are so many Paleo options that I’ve never even noticed where the options with grains are.)

Chrissy Jee @ The Dumpling Mama - June 23

I went to Hu once and loved it! There is such a freedom to order on the menu. I was doing Chris Kresser’s “reset” when I visited so I wasn’t eating eggs and couldn’t try any of the desserts. I am very much looking forward to going back to try these.

Linh Kieu - August 22

My boyfriend and I just started, a new Paleo supper club in NYC. We started the supper club because we want to promote “clean eating” without sacrificing flavors. Please check us out and hope you will join us or help spread the words!

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