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The Problem with Gluten-Free and “Paleo” Breads

Jeremy Hendon | January 14
The Problem with Gluten-Free and

It’s always very hard to answer questions of what you should or shouldn’t be doing, because it depends a lot on who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish.

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to try to recreate old non-Paleo foods.

But I know from much experience (myself and others), that it’s often an easy way to ease yourself into big dietary changes.

gluten-free breadIn other words, I don’t eat things like bread at all anymore, but it took me a long time to get here.

I encourage you to try re-creating foods as little as possible, but I completely understand that it’s very hard at first.

Most Gluten-Free and “Paleo” Breads are Terrible

With that in mind, there are very few Gluten-Free or “Paleo” breads out there that are worthwhile from a nutrition or taste standpoint.

On the one hand, most Gluten-Free breads are mostly still made from grains like rice.  That’s definitely an improvement over wheat, since rice is far less toxic.

However, it’s not great, since rice can still be irritating to your gut and slightly inflammatory.

On the other hand, there are a few “Paleo” breads that are made mostly from nuts and seeds.  Unfortunately, nuts and seeds are not very elastic by nature, so those breads tend to be hard, dry, and not very tasty.

The short answer, then, is that those sorts of breads are definitely better than traditional bread, but I’d try to move away from them as quickly as you can.

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Gina - January 14

I have found a bread recipe that uses only golden flaxseed meal – no other grains or nut flours. It has saved my breakfast, because I love eggs over easy and don’t like to waste a drop! I was supplementing with flaxseed meal for the fiber and hormone balancing effects, so now, all I have to do is eat one slice of toast per day. But I agree, all the other gluten-free or Paleo “breads” I’ve tried are crap.

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