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49 Delicious Paleo Lamb Recipes

Louise | September 10
Paleo Lamb Recipes - 50 Delicious Paleo Lamb Recipes

If you enjoy lamb, then you’ll love this giant list of Paleo lamb recipes we’ve compiled (there are 50 lamb recipes here!).

As usual, click the green button below if you’d like us to email you this entire list so that you have it handy for when you next have lamb you want to cook. Or if you’re ready to peruse the list, then use the table of contents below to jump straight to the section that you want.

Table Of Contents For Paleo Lamb Recipes

Paleo Lamb Chop Recipes

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Moroccan Grilled Lamb Chops with Charmoula

– I Breathe I’m Hungry
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Melissa from I Breathe I’m Hungry
Ingredients: lamb loin chops, olive oil, Ras el Hanout, salt, mint, parsley, lemon zest, garlic, smoked paprika, red pepper flakes, olive oil, lemon juice, pepper.

With a touch of mint and Ras el Hanout seasoning, these lamb chops are so delicious and juicy. (If you’re unfamiliar with Ras el Hanout, it’s a spice mix from North Africa commonly containing ingredients like cumin, nutmeg, mace, ginger, and cardamom.) Serve with the Charmoula sauce for a filling dish that will delight your entire family.

Italian Braised Lamb Shoulder Chops

– Cook Eat Paleo
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Lisa from Cook Eat Paleo
Ingredients: coconut oil or ghee, lamb shoulder chops, sea salt, ground black pepper, tomatoes, tomato paste, yellow onion, dried thyme leaves, dried oregano leaves, ground fennel, fresh thyme.

These braised lamb chops are totally delicious and easy to make. Serve with a batch of parsnip celeriac mash or cauliflower rice for a complete meal that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Easy Broiled Rosemary Lamb Chops

– My Heart Beets
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets
Ingredients: lamb chops, olive oil, sea salt, black peppercorns, garlic, rosemary.

These lamb chops are simple yet delicious. You only need a few simple ingredients to make this dish, but they all complement each other perfectly. You can make these lamb chops in the oven using the broiling function and it takes just 15 minutes from start to finish.

Paleo Garlic & Rosemary Lamb Chops

– The Paleo Effect
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Meghan & Angel from The Paleo Effect
Ingredients: lamb chops, olive oil, garlic cloves, rosemary, sea salt.

This Paleo lamb chops recipe contains similar ingredients to the recipe above, but you should pick this one if you’re looking for a simple recipe where you can cook the lamb chops by pan-frying them.

Lavender Lamb Loin Chops with Grilled Blood Oranges

– Civilized Caveman Cooking
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: George from Civilized Caveman Cooking
Ingredients: lamb loin chops, rosemary, lavender, sea salt, black pepper, garlic, blood oranges, blood oranges peel, lard or ghee, extra virgin olive oil.

Blood oranges mixed with rosemary and lavender is used to make the rub and marinade for these grilled lamb chops. They are so flavorful and juicy and make a perfect dish to serve on those cooler summer nights.

Marinated Herbed Lamb Chops

– That Paleo Couple
Ingredients: lamb loin chops, garlic, fresh rosemary, dried thyme, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper.

This recipe makes enough delicious lamb chops to feed the whole family. With red wine vinegar, thyme and fresh rosemary, they’re perfect paired with some sautéed leafy greens or a simple leafy salad.

Rosemary-Garlic Lamb Chops

– Jan’s Sushi Bar
Ingredients: lamb loin chops, fresh rosemary, garlic, kosher sea salt, ground black pepper, red pepper flakes, olive oil.

Using rosemary, garlic, and red pepper flakes to make a tasty rub for the lamb chops, and then throwing them on the grill is an easy way to make a delicious dinner.

Greek Marinated Lamb Chops

– Health Starts in the Kitchen
Ingredients: olive oil, red wine vinegar, dried majoram, dried oregano, dried parsley, sea salt, ground black pepper.

These lamb chops are marinated in a Greek inspired sauce made from red wine vinegar, marjoram, parsley and rosemary to make a perfect main dish for dinner. Serve with roasted vegetables for a great meal.

Lamb Stew over Charred Eggplant Puree (Contains Dairy)

– Seasonal and Savory
Ingredients: bacon fat (or ghee), lamb shoulder chops, white onion, tomato paste, salt, ground black pepper, garlic, white or cremini mushrooms, water, eggplants, salted butter, ground white pepper, lemon juice, cheese.

Totally tasty and oh so creamy, this lamb stew with eggplant puree is totally delicious and actually really easy to make. It makes a wonderful dish for a cool summer night.

Thai Green Curry Lamb Loin Chops

– What Great Grandma Ate
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Jean from What Great Grandma Ate
Ingredients: Thai green curry paste, garlic, ginger root, fresh basil, avocado oil, coconut aminos or gluten free tamari sauce, fish sauce, maple syrup, lamb loin chops, coconut oil.

These lamb chops are marinated in a Thai green curry paste mixed with ginger root and basil for some amazingly tender and juicy pieces of meat. Best served with a side of roasted vegetables or cauliflower rice, they are easy to make for a late lunch or dinner.

Herb-Marinated Lamb Rib Chops W/Sautéed Spinach, Sweet Potato Mash, & Rosemary-Pinot Drizzle

– Honey, Ghee and Me
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Natalie from Honey, Ghee and Me
Ingredients: fresh oregano, fresh rosemary, fresh mint, garlic, Dijon mustard, salt, black pepper, olive oil, lamb rib chops, spinach leaves, lemon juice, sweet potatoes or garnet yams, fresh thyme, ghee or butter, chicken broth or milk, pinot noir.

Marinating these lamb chops only makes them taste even better. Marinated in Dijon mustard, fresh mint, oregano and rosemary and served with a side of sweet potato mash and sautéed spinach for a wonderful restaurant-quality meal.

Grilled Cumin Crusted Lamb Chops Recipe

– Paleo Flourish
paleo recipe Grilled Cumin Crusted Lamb Chops
Ingredients: lamb, cumin powder, paprika, chili powder, salt.

These cumin and paprika crusted lamb chops are really easy to make, and of course they taste delicious. In fact, you might enjoy these so much that you’ll want to fire up the grill more often.

One Pot Braised Lamb with Caramelized Onions and Rosemary

– Colorful Eats
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Caroline from Colorful Eats
Ingredients: lamb loin chops, olive oil, sea salt, garlic, fresh rosemary, sweet onion.

These mouthwatering lamb chops use fresh rosemary and caramelized sweet onions to make a main dish that only uses one pot. This super simple meal serves well with cauliflower mash or rice.

Paleo Lamb Shanks Recipes (Includes Leg of Lamb Recipes)

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Citrus Braised Lamb Shanks With Green Harissa

– Running to the Kitchen
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Gina Matsoukas from Running to the Kitchen
Ingredients: lamb shanks, extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper, carrot, celery, yellow onion, shallot, garlic, rosemary, thyme, tomato paste, orange juice and zest, lime juice and zest, lemon juice and zest, vinegar, chicken broth, baby spinach, cilantro, parsley, mint, garlic, jalapeno, cumin, coriander.

A braised lamb shank recipe with a refreshing green harissa sauce (made from spinach instead of the traditional roasted red peppers) is a delicious main dish to serve. This Paleo lamb shanks recipe does takes a little while to cook, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Greek-Inspired Slow-Roasted Leg of Lamb

– The Paleo Mom
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Sarah from The Paleo Mom
Ingredients: leg of lamb, lemon zest, fresh oregano, garlic, salt, pepper.

A simple yet totally tasty leg of lamb recipe that is slow roasted with lemon zest and oregano. If you’re looking for a simple Paleo (and AIP) leg of lamb recipe, then it doesn’t get much easier than this one!

Mint and Honey Boneless Leg of Lamb

– Everyday Maven
Ingredients: boneless leg of lamb, garlic, mint leaves, rosemary, avocado oil, honey, Dijon mustard, kosher salt, ground black pepper, red pepper flakes.

This boneless leg of lamb is succulent and delicious with a honey and mint baste. Sweet with a tad of spice, this recipe could become a new favorite in your house.

Slow Cooker Garlic Lamb Shanks with Lemon Dressing

– Comfort Bites
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Jo from Comfort Bites
Ingredients: lamb, garlic, salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon zest, salt, oregano.

Drizzle this lamb shanks recipe with a luscious lemon dressing for a totally delicious dish that will have your family wanting more. It is so easy to make in the slow cooker – just put it in and come back when it’s time to eat.

Paleo Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb with Parsnip Fries Recipe

– Paleo Flourish
Paleo Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb with Parsnip Fries Recipe
Ingredients: sea salt, olive oil, lamb, carrots, celery, onion, chicken stock or water, red wine, rosemary, garlic.

Slow roasting lamb is always the best way to go and this delicious leg of lamb recipe is no exception. Roasted with celery, carrots, and onion, this recipe is delicious and easy to make. Serve with a side of parsnip fries for a hearty meal.

Paleo Rack of Lamb Recipes

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Pecan Crusted Rack of Lamb

– The Primal Desire
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Holley & Raj from The Primal Desire
Ingredients: rack of lamb, ghee, onion, mustard, pecans, garlic, lime zest, salt, pepper.

This pecan crusted rack of lamb is even more delicious than it sounds. Literally crusted with crushed pecans, zest of a lime, and garlic, it is mouthwatering good.

Wookey Ranch Lamb Riblets

– The Nourished Caveman
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Vivica from The Nourished Caveman
Ingredients: lamb riblets, cumin, cayenne pepper, sea salt.

This quick and easy lamb riblets recipe is super tasty with a tad of spice. Easy to whip up on a busy night or when unexpected dinner guests show up.

Slow-Cooked Rack of Lamb with Tzatziki Sauce [Contains Dairy]

– Honey, Ghee and Me
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Natalie from Honey, Ghee and Me
Ingredients: lamb, olive oil, lemon juice, fresh rosemary, salt, black pepper, greek yogurt, cucumber, fresh dill, garlic, red wine vinegar, dill sprigs, lemon wedges.

A rack of lamb recipe that uses fresh spices, Greek yogurt, and cucumber to make a refreshing tzatziki sauce for an extra flavor boost. This recipe is simple to make and would taste great with a refreshing salad.

Pistachio-Mint Pesto Lamb Riblets

– Cavegirl Cuisine
Ingredients: mint leaves, parsley leaves, onion, pistachios, avocado oil, lemon zest, sea salt, lamb riblets, orange, garlic.

These delicious lamb riblets are just as good as the regular ones, only they cook a little faster. Topped with a mint and pistachio pesto, this recipe is a definite must-try.

Macadamia, Garlic & Parsley Crusted Rack of Lamb

– Eat Drink Paleo
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Irena from Eat Drink Paleo
Ingredients: lamb, macadamia nuts, garlic, parsley, olive oil, sea salt, salt, black pepper, ghee or coconut oil, cherry tomatoes, olive oil or macadamia oil, balsamic vinegar.

It’s all in the crust with this rack of lamb recipe. Made from macadamia nuts, garlic, parsley, and salt and pepper and served with roasted balsamic tomatoes. This is a beautiful yet easy dish to make for dinner to impress the whole family.

Roasted Rack of Lamb with Figs and Fennel

– Swiss Paleo
Ingredients: lamb racks, fresh figs, fennel bulbs, olive oil, salt, pepper, apple cider vinegar, honey.

A rack of lamb seared then baked with figs and fennel glazed with honey, olive oil and vinegar make this delicious and easy recipe. It is best served as soon as it comes out of the oven.

Paleo Grilled Lamb in Mint Cream Sauce

– The Primal Desire
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Holley & Raj from The Primal Desire
Ingredients: rack of lamb, dill, mint, red pepper, lemon juice, coconut cream.

This rack of lamb is covered in a creamy mint sauce for a tasty main dish. There’s no dairy in this recipe as the creaminess comes from coconut cream.

Paleo Lamb Tagine Recipes

Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -

Slow Cooker Mutton Tagine with Lemon and Olives

– Delicious Obsessions
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Jessica from Delicious Obsessions
Ingredients: mutton shoulder meat, saffron, ground turmeric, ground ginger, ground cayenne, black pepper, ground cumin, Celtic sea salt, ghee, parsley, cilantro, olives, lemons, lemon juice.

I’m always a fan of using the slow cooker to make your meals, and this mutton tagine recipe does just that. Add in the spices and you get a delicious yet easy meal.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Fennel and Dates

– A Girl Worth Saving
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Kelly Bejelly from A Girl Worth Saving
Ingredients: fennel bulb, olive oil, red onion, garlic, lamb shoulder, ground ginger, ground cumin seed, ground coriander, cayenne pepper, sea salt, dates, water, cilantro.

This is more of a traditional Moroccan lamb tagine recipe, and Kelly even shows you how to make in a tagine (the pot that this famous dish is named after).

Paleo Lamb Skewers Recipes

Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -

Moroccan Inspired Lamb Skewers

– Strictly Paleoish
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Peter from Strictly Paleoish
Ingredients: lamb, Ras El Hanout spice blend.

A dish with only two ingredients cannot be any simpler. All you have to do is buy some delicious Ras El Hanout spice mix. It’s a good spice mix to have around the house anyway!

Seekh Kebab

– My Heart Beets
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets
Ingredients: yellow onion, ground lamb meat, garlic cloves, ginger, Thai bird chili, fennel seeds, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, sea salt, mint, cilantro, ghee.

If you are looking for a reason to fire up the grill, then these lamb kebabs should give you plenty of reasons. They are very easy to make and can even be prepared in advance for a quick dinner. Add some veggies to the grill when you’re cooking the kebabs and you’ll have a complete meal ready in no time.

Garlic and Herb Greek Lamb Kebabs

– And Here We Are
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Ariana from and Here We Are
Ingredients: fresh herbs (parsley, cilantro, fresh mint, oregano, thyme), garlic, sea salt, olive oil, lemon juice, cumin seed, cayenne pepper or chili flakes (optional), lamb shoulder.

Kebabs are such a versatile food; you can add anything to those skewers. This garlic and herb lamb kebabs is no exception. The meat is easy to prepare and you can kebab them with a variety of vegetables for a tasty meal.

Lamb, Red Onion and Herb Koftas

– Comfort Bites
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Jo from Comfort Bites
Ingredients: lamb mince, red onion, garlic, mint leaves, parsley leaves, salt.

If you haven’t come across the term kofta before, they’re a common dish found in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisines. The name just means a meatball or meatloaf type dish made from minced meat and spices. This Paleo kofta dish from Jo is made from minced lamb meat mixed with red onion, garlic, mint, and parsley, and it’s pan-fried and served with a green salad for a delicious yet easy meal.

Paleo Lamb Curry Recipes

Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -

Rogan Josh (Lamb Curry)

– Slim Palate
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Josh from Slim Palate
Ingredients: lamb shoulder, avocado oil, onion, garlic, bay leaves, cardamom pods, cinnamon, ground cloves, coriander, cumin, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper.

This lamb curry has tons of flavor from all the amazing spices in this recipe. Enjoy it with some cauliflower rice for a Paleo Indian dinner.

Lamb Korma

– I Heart Umami
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: ChihYu from I Heart Umami
Ingredients: lamb stew meat, coconut oil, shallots, mushrooms, korma paste, full fat coconut milk, baby spinach, lime juice, coconut yogurt or Greek yogurt.

This homemade lamb korma is made with lamb stew meat, baby spinach, mushrooms, garam masala powder and fresh ginger to make a curry that is not only totally delicious but Paleo and Ketogenic-friendly.

Scrummy Coconut Lamb Curry

– Eat Drink Paleo
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Irena from Eat Drink Paleo
Ingredients: coconut oil, lamb, brown onion, red chilli, celery sticks, garlic, garam masala powder, turmeric powder, fennel seeds, ghee, coconut milk, tomato paste, water, sea salt, carrots, lime or lemon juice, coriander.

This lamb curry is creamy without the dairy. It uses coconut milk as well as a ton of spices to create a flavor that will delight your taste buds.

Paleo Lamb Burger Recipes

Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -

Lamb & Leek Burgers with Lemon Cream

– Meatified
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Rach from Meatified
Ingredients: ground lamb, leeks, coconut oil, garlic powder, sea salt, coconut cream, lemon zest.

With leeks mixed in the ground lamb and a refreshing lemon crème on top, these tasty burgers are a delicious idea for lunch or dinner. They are super easy to make – just mix the ingredients together and cook.

Rosemary Lamb Burgers with Pesto

– Savory Lotus
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Katja from Savory Lotus
Ingredients: ground lamb, unrefined sea salt, fresh rosemary, coconut oil, basil, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, sea salt, pumpkin seeds, salad greens, white wine vinegar, pepper.

Fresh rosemary is used in these juicy lamb burgers. Top with fresh pesto made with basil, lemon juice, and pumpkin seeds and serve with salad greens for a wholesome and light meal.

Lamb Burgers with Feta & Black Olives + Grilled Zucchini [Contains Dairy]

– Eat Drink Paleo
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Irena from Eat Drink Paleo
Ingredients: ground lamb, brown onion, garlic, tomato puree/paste, sea salt, black pepper, feta cheese, black olives, coconut oil, zucchinis, olive oil, cos lettuces, semi-dried tomatoes, gherkins, lemon juice, kimchi or sauerkraut.

These ground lamb burgers are totally delicious with olives, feta cheese, and garlic mixed in with the meat. If you want to stay dairy-free, then you can omit the feta cheese used in this recipe. Irena suggests serving these burgers with some grilled zucchini and a Greek salad.

Greek Lamb Burger [Contains Dairy]

– Ari’s Menu
Ingredients: ground lamb, ground beef, feta, onion, oregano, thyme, garlic, salt, pepper, red onion, fresh greens, tratziki, parsley, olives, green onion.

A lamb burger mixed with feta cheese and topped with sliced olives and fresh parsley makes a delicious dish to serve your family. It’s a quick meal for those busy nights.

Easy Lamb Sliders

– Steph Gaudreau
Ingredients: ground lamb, onion, garlic, dried dill, salt, black pepper.

These lamb sliders are tiny yet delicious with dried dill, onion, and garlic all adding lots of flavor in the mixture. They are super easy to make and taste great on top of a Greek salad or wrapped in a Paleo-friendly bun.

Lamb Burgers with Rosemary Pesto Sauce

– Real Simple Good
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Justin and Erica from Real Simple Good
Ingredients: unsalted sunflower seeds, garlic cloves, lemon (juice), fresh basil, fresh spinach/arugula or baby kale, rosemary, salt, pepper, olive oil (or avocado oil), ground lamb.

These lamb burgers are served with a delicate rosemary pesto sauce for a tasty way to enjoy lamb.

Paleo Gyros

– Jay’s Baking Me Crazy
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Jessica from Jay’s Baking Me Crazy
Ingredients: onion, garlic, ground lamb, ground beef, cumin, thyme, oregano, rosemary, pepper, salt.

These Paleo friendly gyros will replace your favorite Greek restaurant food any day. They are easy to make and super delicious, so you might find yourself making this recipe often.

Shami Kebab

– My Heart Beets
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets
Ingredients: onion, garlic cloves, knob ginger, Serrano pepper, water, ghee, meat masala, salt, ground meat (beef, lamb or goat), almond flour, cilantro, egg.

These ground meat patties are super easy to make and work perfectly as appetizers for a party. They’ll have your guests begging for more.

Other Paleo Lamb Recipes

Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -

Smoked Lamb Shoulder Roast

– The Healthy Foodie
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Sonie from The Healthy Foodie
Ingredients: lamb shoulder, fresh rosemary, Himalayan salt, ground black pepper, cherry wood chips.

This Paleo smoked lamb shoulder recipe is easy to make and totally delicious. Serve it with an easy salad for a full meal that will satisfy the whole family.

Pressure-Cooker Lamb Stew

– The Paleo Mom
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Sarah from The Paleo Mom
Ingredients: lamb stew meat, acorn squash, carrots, yellow onion, rosemary, bay leaf, garlic, broth, salt.

If you’ve got a pressure cooker, then this is a really easy recipe to throw into the pot and make. Dinner will be ready in no time!

Fried Lamb Liver with Caramelised Onions & Grapes

– Eat Drink Paleo
Ingredients: lamb liver, butter or ghee, red onion, sea salt, black grapes, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce (optional), sea salt, black pepper, butter, garlic, baby spinach, lemon juice.

Eating offal is a turn off for many people, but this delicious lamb liver recipe with caramelized onions and grapes might change your mind. The sweet and fragrant flavors blend well with the earthy tone of liver, making a wonderful meal to enjoy.

Healing Beef and Lamb Heart Stew

– How We Flourish
Ingredients: beef soup bones, lamb heart, water, vegetables, salt.

Eating the whole animal is something that’s encouraged as the organ meats are full of vitamins and minerals. If you’ve got some lamb heart handy, then this recipe is something you really must try.

Lamb Galette with Burst Tomatoes and Figs

– Fresh Planet Flavor
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Rachel from Fresh Planet Flavor
Ingredients: coconut oil, cherry tomatoes, onion, figs, ground lamb, ground coriander, ground cumin, ground ginger, cinnamon, salt, almond flour, arrowroot flour, coconut flour, salt, coconut milk, coconut oil, egg, parsley, oregano, red chili flakes.

A galette is a French term for a tasty pie with a pastry outer shell and a delicious inner filling (which can be savory or sweet). This lamb galette is a savory but holds a sweet flavor with the added figs in it.

Tandoori Lamb Meatloaf

– My Heart Beets
Paleo Lamb Recipes #paleo #lamb #recipes -
Photo Credit: Ashley from My Heart Beets
Ingredients: ground lamb, onion, garlic, serrano pepper, organic tomato paste, paprika, coriander powder, turmeric powder, sea salt, ground black pepper, cumin powder, ground cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, eggs, mint, water, garlic powder.

Most of the meatloaves you’ve eaten were probably made from beef or pork meat, but if you’ve got some ground lamb handy, then you might want to give this tasty Paleo lamb meatloaf recipe a try. It’s filled with lots of Indian spices for a really flavorful meal.

Greek Meatballs with Avocado Tzatziki Sauce

– Primally Inspired
Ingredients: ground lamb, red onion, garlic, lemon zest, fresh oregano, dried oregano, ground coriander, ground cumin, sea salt, pepper, avocado, cucumber, garlic, red onion, lemon juice, fresh dill.

These Greek inspired meatballs taste awesome, especially when dipped or smothered in the avocado tzatziki sauce.