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(Updated 2019)

34 Easy Paleo Kale Recipes That Will Make Your Diet Even Healthier
If you'd like to make the most of your Paleo diet and get as many health benefits as possible, it's[...]
Paleo Fruit Punch Smoothie
This Paleo Fruit Punch Smoothie is a deliciously fruity smoothie that is perfect for breakfast, a snack, or anytime you[...]
Paleo Sunshine Smoothie
This recipe for Paleo Sunshine Smoothie tastes like summer in a glass. I enjoy this smoothie especially in the winter[...]
Paleo Pina Colada Smoothie Recipe
A smoothie is the perfect summer breakfast because all you need to do is collect the ingredients and blend them,[...]
23 Healthy Paleo Avocado Smoothie Recipes [Includes AIP and Primal]
We love good smoothies, and these Paleo avocado smoothie recipes are amazing. Avocados are not only a great source of[...]
Paleo Pear Ginger Green Smoothie
Nothing beats a cool refreshing smoothie in the heat of summer. Start your busy day off right with this quick-prep[...]
Paleo Chocolate Avocado Smoothie Recipe
Why must smoothies be a breakfast/brunch recipe? I always hear of people saying they had a smoothie for breakfast, but[...]
Paleo Raspberry Milk Smoothie Recipe
I love raspberries! They are my favorite fruit because they are tangy and fresh, and not too sweet. If you[...]
Paleo Banana Beet Smoothie Recipe
Make this sweet Paleo banana beet smoothie featuring a special ingredient to boost your overall health. It’s Not Easy Being[...]
Paleo Red Velvet Smoothie Recipe
If you’re anything like me, when you’re trying to get out the door in the morning and you don’t feel[...]
36 Sensational Paleo Spinach Recipes
Popeye may have realized it first, but spinach has to be the original superfood. Packed with iron and vitamins, it’s[...]
30 Super Paleo Shake Recipes
Shakes are such an easy dish to make. They're quick, they're nutritious, and they can fill you up for hours.[...]
Blueberry Coconut Yogurt Smoothie Recipe [Paleo, Keto, AIP]
Blueberries are a delicious and nutritious berry to use on any diet. They're also delicious and full of antioxidants. That's[...]
Cinnamon Chocolate Breakfast Smoothie Recipe [Paleo, Keto]
Enjoy this delicious chocolate smoothie recipe for a fast and nutritious Paleo and Ketogenic breakfast. I used stevia as the[...]
What is a Smoothie Bowl [+ How to Make a Smoothie Bowl]
Smoothie bowls are all the rage on Instagram - they definitely make pretty photos that fit well in a square[...]
22 Beautiful Paleo Smoothie Bowl Recipes
Smoothie bowls are so fun to create and to enjoy. But some ingredients that are often used in smoothie bowl[...]
66 Paleo Sweet Potato Recipes [AIP, Dairy-Free, Primal]
Sweet potatoes are a nutritious and delicious addition to any meal, but it can get boring just baking or nuking[...]
Paleo After-Workout Peach Banana Protein Shake Recipe
I often forget just how refreshing and delicious peaches are, and they are fantastic in smoothies like this one. The[...]
High Protein Shake Recipe with Raw Eggs, Blueberry, Avocado, and Green Tea [Paleo, Dairy-Free]
I know some of you are into CrossFit, HIIT, Spartan racing, weight-lifting, and various other intense forms of exercise -[...]
Carrot Apple Banana Smoothie Recipe [AIP, Paleo, Dairy-Free]
This paleo smoothie is seriously delicious. Enjoy for an easy and fast breakfast or brunch meal. I like adding coconut[...]
Paleo Viet Avocado Shake (Sinh to Bo) Recipe [AIP, Paleo]
My friend was telling about an amazing vietnamese avocado shake and so I had to look it up and make[...]
Raw Egg Protein Smoothie Bowl Recipe [Paleo, Dairy-Free, High-Protein]
If you're a fan of smoothies, but not a fan of eating meat, then this is a great recipe for[...]
Strawberry Banana Mint Smoothie Recipe [AIP, Paleo, Dairy-Free]
This strawberry banana mint smoothie recipe is AIP-compliant (autoimmune Paleo protocol) and dairy-free. Smoothies are such an easy breakfast recipe[...]
Blueberry Mint Smoothie Recipe [AIP, Paleo, Dairy-Free]
I didn't have any fresh mint handy when I was making this recipe, but I remembered having mint tea leaves[...]
Avocado Green Smoothie Recipe [AIP, Paleo, Dairy-Free]
This smoothie is super filling and AIP-compliant (autoimmune Paleo protocol) - it's also an amazing way to get extra greens[...]
Wicked Paleo Smoothie Recipe
I was at Wicked Spoon Buffet in Las Vegas for brunch a few days ago when I tried this delicious[...]
Paleo Kiwi Banana Avocado Smoothie Recipe – Guest Post from
Alina Muresan is a RHN holistic nutritionist who specializes in family nutrition and health. Visit her website, to find[...]
47 Great Paleo Drinks Recipes
Post by Lucha: World traveler, culinary student and Media Director at Paleo Flourish Magazine. Lucha will try most food but[...]
Paleo Pear Coconut Chia Smoothie Recipe – Guest Post from
Alina Muresan is a RHN holistic nutritionist who specializes in family nutrition and health. Visit her website, to find[...]
Paleo Coconut Water Green Smoothie Recipe
I've been trying to add more resistant starch into my diet, and one of the easiest ways to do this[...]
Paleo Chocolate Green Smoothie with Brazil Nuts and Berries Recipe
It's so easy to start the morning with one of these, and I've been adding some potato starch into it[...]
Refreshing Cucumber Celery Lime Smoothie
Would you like a splash of vodka with that? Yes, please! I actually made this as a refreshing non-alcoholic drink,[...]
Greek Yogurt Raspberry Smoothie (Contains Dairy – Primal Only)
I've been reading about smoothies, and it seems that the word "smoothie" (meaning a smooth talking person) first appeared in[...]
Chocolate!! Avocado Paleo Smoothie Recipe
Why must smoothies be a breakfast/brunch recipe? I always hear of people saying they had a smoothie for breakfast, but[...]
Almond Butter Chocolate Shake
A friend had asked about a quick breakfast option that wasn’t eggs yesterday, and I had suggested shakes/smoothies.  So they[...]
Blueberry Chocolate Gelatin Smoothie
I’ve been quite excited about all the gelatin I recently bought.  I’ve experimented with jello already (see here for the[...]