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Eating Out Paleo: Tender Greens, Los Angeles, CA

Louise | March 4
tender greens paleo restaurant los angeles

As soon as I landed in LA, my friend drove me to Tender Greens for lunch. It was one of her favorite places and soon became one of mine too. It’s a low-key fast, but high quality, food restaurant that offers some great Paleo-friendly options. There are multiple locations in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and the Bay Area!

The Food

I ordered their Backyard Marinated Steak (grilled medium rare) on a plate, which came with yukon gold mashed potatoes and a side of a simple salad (I chose the butter lettuce one). All for $11. You can substitute grilled veggies for the mashed potatoes. You can also order the steak on top of one of their big salads.

backyard marinated steak tender greens los angeles restaurant review

Vanessa - March 4

I love this restaurant! I almost always get the chipotle bbq chicken over the kale salad. So good!

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