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Eating Out Paleo: Paleo Restaurants in NYC – LIC Market

Louise | June 12
Paleo Restaurants in NYC - LIC Market

I stayed with a friend in Long Island City, New York, at the end of May, and ended up eating brunch at LIC Market twice during my stay (it was just that good!).

There aren’t many Paleo restaurants in NYC, but there are many restaurants that serve paleo-ish dishes. However, of course, if you have any allergies, you have to tell the server (and perhaps call them ahead of time if you have severe allergies).

The Menu

paleo restaurants in nyc - lic market, new york city

There are quite a few egg dishes that look great, but the Slow Roasted Duck Hash with crisp potatoes, red onion, peppers, dried cherries & pine nuts with two fried eggs was my top choice. (If you’re wondering why potatoes are ok on a Paleo diet, then please read this article.)

slow roasted duck hash

I also got side dishes of bacon and sausages.

lic market brunch menu

The restaurant has a great atmosphere with rustic tables, bar seating, and a few outdoor tables for the summer.

lic market brunch menu

lic market brunch menu