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Paleo Sites You Absolutely Must Read

Jeremy Hendon | May 2

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I like to pretend that I write some good and useful content, but when it comes down to it, there are 4 people who you absolutely MUST read if you’re serious about being Paleo

Must-Read Sites

  1. Chris KresserChris Kresser – With all due respect to everyone else on this list or otherwise, there’s nobody in the Paleo world who is consistently putting out articles and content that is as useful as what Chris produces. Chris is a doctor and all-around brilliant human being who really has no agenda other than trying as hard as he can to get things right and help people out. On top of it all, I’ve yet to hear anyone say anything bad about Chris.

    You can find Chris at, or you can listen to his Podcast.

  2. Mark SissonMark Sisson – By far the most popular person in Paleo, there’s nobody else who has helped more people change their bodies and lives. Any Paleo question you have, he’s probably answered it at some point in a very straight-forward and easy-to-understand manner (all the while backing it up with solid science and experience).

    You can find Mark at

  3. Michelle TamMichelle Tam – As important as the science is, cooking is critical to living a healthy Paleo life, and nobody does it better than Michelle. Both witty and brilliant, Michelle’s site is loaded with food and recipes that are incredibly healthy and yet easy to cook. If you need one recipe site to go to, this is it.

    You can find Michelle at, or you can get her iPad App.

  4. Robb WolfRobb Wolf – Robb is no-nonsense and one of the smartest guys I know. As great as Loren Cordain’s original book was, Robb’s book, The Paleo Solution, really set the standard for Paleo books to follow.

    You can find Robb at, although I personally prefer his Podcast.

Other Sites Not to Miss

The fact that I’ve listed 4 individuals as Must-Reads doesn’t mean that there aren’t a bunch of other great sites out there. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Sierra Lima - November 7

Thanks Jeremy for these sites. It is great to be sent in the right direction for those of us who are fairly new to Paleo. No sense in wasting time with questionable info when we could be spending our time on solid info.

    Jeremy Hendon - November 8

    Thanks and glad you found it helpful!

Jill Fisher - November 21

I also find very informative.

    Jeremy Hendon - November 21

    Honestly, if I were re-making the list, Sarah would be in the top 4.

Joonyaboy - March 18


Stacey Payne - June 18

Thanks Jeremy…The two sites that have absolutely helped me the most during the first months of eating paleo were, and I followed every meal plan to the T on Paleoplan and I got a good start with eating and cooking and what to buy. Well worth the 10 bucks a month…..I also read marksdailyapple, and nomnompaleo is a go to for awesome recipes…..Illl check out the other two! Thanks !! BTW, what do you think about Abel James???

    Jeremy - June 20

    Love Abel. Awesome guy.

Anna Oliveros - June 22

I love cooking and love to eat~NomNomPaleo is perfect for me…thanks Jeremy for the email i’ll check out the other Paleo sites also ^___~v

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