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Paleo Websites and Blogs

The video above is Paleo Flourish’s top 5 Paleo blogs (that’s my man up there so of course Ancestral Chef is in the top 5 – otherwise, he’d be in trouble!). Down below is my gigantic list of Paleo blogs!

Paleo is Popular!

If you’re new to Paleo, then you might be shocked to learn that Paleo is super popular! Take a look at this Google trend: here. Between the years of 2004 and 2009, the growth in Google searches for Paleo was pretty small. But since 2009, the growth has been staggering! Although that google trend doesn’t directly correlate with the rise of Paleo blogs, it’s probably not that surprising that today there are a ton (and I really mean a ton) of Paleo blogs (see list below)!

In fact, when I decided to create back in mid-2012, I couldn’t even find a single domain name (i.e., the URL) that I liked with the word “paleo” in it – everything was taken. In fact, was around my 100th try for a blog name. I wasn’t too happy with the name at first, but it’s really grown on me. Now, I can’t imagine my blog being called anything else!

Types of Paleo Blogs

I like to think of Ancestral Chef as a great resource for all things related to Paleo foods (from recipes, to cooking advice, to what foods are Paleo, etc.), but there are lots of other types of blogs out there.

The Paleo Science Blogs

I always stress to people that Paleo is all about the science, which is why it’s not a crazy diet! I love reading about the science (in small doses) as do a lot of other people. Luckily, there are some great blogs that really keep on top of the science behind Paleo so that I don’t have to return to my college days of downloading scientific journal articles (on a side rant – why must scientific journal articles be written like gobbledygook?)!

Paleo Motivation Blogs

We can all do with more Paleo motivation in our lives, and these blogs are fantastic for them. From tips on how to start Paleo successfully to how to stay Paleo on the toughest of days, these blogs really take us through how to get through our days healthily and happily.

Paleo Recipe Blogs

paleo recipe blogs

Paleo recipe blogs probably make the up the bulk of Paleo blogs, and it’s no wonder when there’s such great food out there! Some are pure Paleo recipe blogs, like Civilized Caveman Cooking. Others are more of the classic food blog focusing on Paleo, like Nom Nom Paleo. Others still might be a combination of similar diets (e.g., gluten-free, SCD, Paleo, low carb, and Weston A. Price). An example of such a blog might be Elana’s Pantry.

Other Paleo Blogs

Of course, many blogs are also just a fun and interesting record of what the blogger ate and what they did – it’s great fun getting to know them through their blogs! There are also more and more Paleo foods out there that you can buy. Although I love cooking, having a quick and handy snack can be a life-saver some days, and so there’s also a list of Paleo Products and Services (which also includes meal plans and other paleo related websites).

[Addition: And there’s now also a special section with blogs specializing in the Paleo AutoImmune Protocol (AIP), which Eileen Laird from Phoenix Helix suggested.]

List of Paleo Blogs

For the Science behind Paleo:
The Paleo Diet
Paleo Diet
Chris Kresser
Robb Wolf
Mark’s Daily Apple
The Paleo Mom
SCD Lifestyle
Paleo Living

For Paleo Motivation:
Jeremy Hendon’s Blog
The Paleo Network
Everyday Paleo
Paleo Parents
Balanced Bites
Paleo Non Paleo
Healthy Living How To
Frisky Lemon Nutrition

For Recipes:
Eat Drink Paleo
Nom Nom Paleo
Civilized Caveman Cooking
Elana’s Pantry
The Clothes Make The Girl
The Foodee
Cavewoman Cafe
This Primal Life
Paleo Girl’s Kitchen
The Food Lovers Kitchen
Paleo Comfort Foods
Paleo Blocks
Paleo Recipe City
Picket Fence Paleo
Paleo Australia
Paleo Dish
Paleo Diet Food List
NorthWest CaveGirls
Paleo Spirit
Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers
Our Life in Food
Tummy Rumblr
Paleo CBL Noms
Cavegirl Cuisine
Of Goats and Greens
Swiss Paleo
Koko Paleo
17 Recipes
Girl Meets Paleo
TGI Paleo
A Girl Worth Saving
Living in the Ice Age
CrossFit CatCave
Cakes to Paleo
Allergy Free Alaska
Slim Palate
Primally Inspired
What I Gather
The Preppy Paleo
Paleo in PDX
Great Body & Skin
Three Diets. One Dinner
Inspired Eats
The Domestic Man
Jan’s Sushi Bar
My Primal Adventures
Nourish Paleo Foods
From Fries to Fit
Craving Haven
SCD For Life
Paleo Foodie Kitchen
Living Low Carb
Grass Fed Girl
Ditch The Wheat
Against All Grain
Paleo On A Budget
Delighted Momma
What Runs Lori
Paleo Pot
Simply Paleo
Crunchy Mama
Primal Kitchen
Paleo Cupboard
Paleo Periodical
Free Range Human
Bare Food Cooking
Sweet Potato Bun
Sim1 Eats Paleo
Paleo For Anyone

Other Blogs:
Primal Zack
Raw Paleo Diet
Alkaline Paleo Diet
Paleo Diet and Living
Live Primal
Hunt Gather Love
Food for Primal Thought
Fit Female Forty
Brent’s Crossfit Paleo Life
Primal Britain
Bad Ass Paleo
Sarah Gets Strong
The Primal Sexy
Caveman Power
Paleo Diet Lifestyle
Fit Bomb
The Whole (30) Shebang
Jimmy Moore’s Blog
Going Paleo UK
Paleo Runner
Paleo 4 Life 4 Health
Life Is Paleo
Diabetes Management from a Paleolithic Perspective

For Paleo Autoimmune Protocol:
Phoenix Helix
Autoimmune Paleo
A Clean Plate
Alt-Ternative Universe
Both Stacy from and Sarah from also discuss the autoimmune protocol on their blogs.

Paleo Products/Services:
Paleo Pharm
Paleo Plan
Paleo Track
Paleo Works
Grassfed Jerky Chews
Steve’s Original
Honest Chips
US Wellness Meats
Primal Pit Paste
Primal Life Organics
Primal Pacs
Sea Snax
Epic Bars
Sophia’s Grassfed Jerky Chews
Vital Choice

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