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Poor Diet Plus Poor Sleep Leads to Gut Dysbiosis

Jeremy Hendon | November 27
Poor Diet Plus Poor Sleep Leads to Gut Dysbiosis

Want to know how to REALLY screw up your gut bacteria?

Don’t just go to bed late and get too little sleep. And don’t just eat processed foods that are high in both fat and sugar.

Do it all at once.

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Eating Junk Food Plus Sleeping at the Wrong Time Destroys Proper Gut Bacteria

Circadian Disorganization Alters Intestinal Microbiota

There are rarely any easy answers in health and nutrition, although most marketers and gurus would love to tell you otherwise. In this case, it’s the combination of eating junk food along with not sleeping at night that is lethal.

This particular study was performed on mice, but it’s pretty good evidence that sleep disruption and junk food may have individual impacts, but they also have much larger collective impacts.

With just a bad diet alone, the mice didn’t show much evidence of having their gut bacteria disrupted. Same is true for mice that eat well but that are forced to stay awake at night and sleep during the day.

However, when you put the 2 conditions together, the mice showed very significant disruptions in their gut bacteria.

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