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Review of CoBionic Foundation Prebiotic Fiber

Becky | November 16
Foundation Prebiotic Fiber Review

Have you been dealing with various health issues, like bloating, leaky gut, dull skin, fatigue, and even brain fog?

If any of these ring a bell, you should consider adding CoBionic Foundation Prebiotic Fiber in your diet.

So, what exactly is Foundation, and how could it help with all of these issues? Let me explain…

What is Foundation? Who’s behind CoBionic?

CoBionic Foundation is the world’s first full-spectrum prebiotic superfood blend. That means it’s a complex and comprehensive blend of all the different prebiotic fibers and resistant starch designed to feed your good gut bacteria.*

In other words, Foundation serves as food for probiotics. If you’re taking a probiotic supplement without adding prebiotics, there’s a good chance all those micro-organisms are just going to starve to death.*

So why can’t we just eat fibrous vegetables to get the prebiotics we need? Truth is, it’s actually very hard to eat enough fibrous foods to feed the trillions of good microbes in your gut. And unless you’re a fan of peeling, chopping, and preparing, it’s quite the task, too.

Here’s where CoBionic Foundation makes things super easy. Just add a scoop of the white, berry-flavored powder in your smoothie, tea, water, or anything else, and you’re good for the day.

CoBionic was founded by Louise and Jeremy Hendon, and as you may already know they take nutrition and gut health seriously. CoBionic Foundation is 100% natural, made without fillers or artificial ingredients.

Foundation is also gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, paleo and keto friendly, and vegan. It dissolves easily in any liquid, without lumps or chalky aftertaste.

Can anyone enjoy Foundation?

Generally, yes. We all need to support our good gut bacteria, and Foundation is made of all-natural ingredients.* As with any supplement, children, pregnant or nursing women, and people with medical conditions should check things with their physician before starting a new supplement.*

My kids love Foundation – they think it tastes like a strawberry milkshake!

Is Foundation FDA approved?

CoBionic Foundation has not been inspected by the FDA. It is not used to treat any medical conditions, and only drugs used to treat medical conditions would need to be FDA approved.

Foundation is manufactured in the United States, at a facility that has been certified to meet the highest quality cGMP standards.

Can I use Foundation as a meal replacement? Will it help me lose weight?

Sorry – Foundation is not designed to be a meal replacement. And honestly, you should aim to get your daily calories by eating real foods. 🙂

However, if you are trying to lose weight, Foundation can be helpful! A healthy, balanced gut is one of the key elements for successful weight loss. Adding prebiotic fiber in your diet can help you feel fuller and curb cravings.

To be more specific, this is what Foundation can do to support your weight loss journey:

  • Balance your gut microbiome – a healthy gut plays an important role in prevention and treatment of obesity [1]
  • Increase fullness – adding prebiotic fiber in your diet can help enhance satiety [2]
  • Reduce inflammation – if you’re suffering from chronic inflammation, losing weight can be harder for you. Prebiotics support more protective intestinal bacteria [3]

When, and how should I take Foundation?

This is completely up to you!

Some people like to add a scoop of Foundation in their morning smoothie every day. Others prefer making an afternoon shake with Foundation and water or almond milk every other day.

Sometimes I mix a scoop of Foundation in coconut yogurt – you could even sprinkle it on top of your breakfast granola.

Experimenting with different recipes and amounts is how you find your perfect balance!

What exactly is in Foundation?

I’m glad you asked! This is one of my favorite parts to talk about. Foundation doesn’t contain any fillers or artificial junk – just 100% natural ingredients that help your good gut bacteria thrive.

Here are the ingredients:

Comprehensive Prebiotic Blend:

  • Inulin (DP ≥ 23) (from Chicory Root)
  • Acacia Gum
  • Psyllium Seed Husk Powder
  • Green Banana Flour
  • Glucomannan (from Konjac Root)
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract — 11280 mg

Anti-Inflammatory Blend:

  • Fermented L-Glutamine
  • Monk Fruit Extract
  • Beet Root Powder — 840 mg

Other ingredients:

  • Natural Flavor
  • Citric Acid

What do all these ingredients do? What are the benefits?

There are tons of studies on the benefits of all of these ingredients that you can find by doing a quick search online. But here’s a recap of some of the most important things.

High-DP Inulin:

Inulin is extracted from the chicory root. It’s a soluble fiber, and according to studies it is one of the best prebiotic fibers to support beneficial gut bacteria, but ONLY if the “Degree of Polymerization” is high.

Acacia Gum:

Acacia Gum Fiber (or gum arabic, or Senegal gum, as it’s also known) is a natural gum consisting of the hardened sap of the acacia tree. Studies have found women taking it experienced “significant reduction in BMI and body fat percentage.”

Psyllium Seed Husk Powder:

Psyllium Seed Husk Powder helps feed your gut microbiome, but the fiber found in the powder also soaks up water in your gut and promotes regularity, which makes this powder great for improving overall gut health.

Green Banana Flour:

Green Banana Flour is – just as you’d expect, a natural flour made from dwarf green bananas. These bananas are extremely rich in resistant starch and fiber. According to studies, green banana flour helps fight intestinal inflammation and also is an important ingredient when it comes to feeding a wider range of microbiota.


Glucomannan is made from the roots of the Konjac plant, and it’s originally from Southeast Asia. Besides increasing satiety, studies have shown that glucomannan can improve carbohydrate metabolism, promote a healthy colon, and even lower cholesterol.

Artichoke Leaf Extract:

Artichokes have been known and used for their potential medicinal properties for hundreds of years. Artichoke leaf extract has been shown to increase bile production, lower cholesterol and improve symptoms of IBS.

Fermented L-Glutamine:

L-Glutamine is a vital amino acid that heals all tissue in the body. It has been used to help people lose weight, burn fat, and generally improve their overall health. L-Glutamine can help heal leaky gut by rebuilding the intestinal walls.

Does Foundation come in different flavors?

Sorry, no. Currently Foundation is only available in the mixed-berry flavor, but I can tell you it tastes delicious! I’ve used it for a long time, and I still look forward to drinking it every day!

How much does CoBionic Foundation Prebiotic Fiber cost? Can I get it in my local store?

Foundation is not in stores (yet), but you can purchase it from Amazon, or directly from the CoBionic website shop.

You’ll get 25% off the list price when you order from their shop, and if you decide to get the subscription you’ll save over 33% more!

CoBionic offers free shipping on all US orders. If you’re outside of the US, I recommend checking Amazon (the US version). They are shipping CoBionic products to many international locations for a smaller shipping + customs fee.

But is CoBionic Foundation worth the money?

Based on my experience, absolutely yes. Adding Foundation Prebiotic Fiber in my diet has made a huge difference for me. I feel that my gut is much more balanced, my digestive issues are history, and overall I just feel more energetic and healthy.

But don’t just trust me! Here’s what other people have said about Foundation:


Just try it!

I run across a lot of different pills and powders as a health coach but I don’t give them much thought. However, CoBionic is a household staple for us. It is not only delicious but amazing for my family’s gut.

Knowing that our gut health is connected to our brains  and moods is enough reason right there to consume it everyday. It isn’t just a “health supplement”.

Keeping our bodies on the up and up gives our home peace, my children focus in school and Ken and I energy to keep working and be present parents.

Jeremy and Louise have done the hard work so that we can enjoy the benefits of quality ingredients that are safe to consume every day.

Common Questions

Are there probiotics in Foundation?

No, Foundation Prebiotic Fiber doesn’t contain any probiotics. Instead, Foundation is designed to help your probiotics work even better. Foundation contains prebiotic fiber – this is what your gut’s good bacteria need to survive and flourish.

I highly recommend taking probiotics, but the problem is those probiotics won’t keep surviving if you don’t feed them with a comprehensive range of prebiotic fibers (and that’s what Foundation provides).

Is Foundation vegan / dairy-free?

Yes, Foundation Prebiotic Fiber is completely vegan and does not include gluten, dairy, soy, added fillers or artificial colors.

How many servings in a bottle?

This actually depends on how much you take every day. CoBionic lists 20 servings (scoops) per bottle, but some people take just 1/2 a scoop per day, while others take 2-3 scoops per day.

How do I store Foundation?

Close the lid tightly, and keep the container in a cool and dry place. Refrigeration is not needed.

Becky Williams is a Certified Health Coach from the Health Coach Institute, and a Certified Ketogenic Living Coach.

Becky loves helping people feel and look amazing, and she uses a whole foods approach to help her clients reach their goals.

She has helped thousands of people lose weight and heal themselves from the inside out.

And as a mother, she wants to make sure her children also learn the fundamentals of healthy eating.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.