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Should I Take Antibiotics?

Jeremy Hendon | August 12
Should I Take Antibiotics?

As far as antibiotics go, we never specifically suggest that anybody not take antibiotics that they’re prescribed. It’s a personal decision, and more importantly, it’s a decision you definitely want to consult your doctor/dentist about to be aware of the risks if you decide not to take the antibiotics.

For my part, I avoid antibiotics whenever possible. I’d need to have a pretty bad infection to take antibiotics, just because it does take a while for our gut bacteria to recover properly, and a lot of pathogens can take hold during that time. Some people will suggest “natural” alternatives, but in the end, they’re still antibiotics in the sense that they kill bacteria. So the difference is relatively small.

I know that is a bit of a “waffly” answer, but there really isn’t a right or wrong answer. if you don’t take antibiotics in certain situations, then it’s more likely you’ll get an infection and perhaps need to take them later anyway. On the other hand, they definitely have downsides.

Antibiotics are wonderful and save many lives, but I definitely choose to take them only when absolutely necessary.